Gourmia Pasta Maker

Gourmia Pasta Maker

Notes on Gourmia Pasta Maker

Gourmia has launched as many as 6 pasta and relevant kitchen aids in the market. There are just several GourmiaPasta Makers with different features and price range. Gourmia GPM630 One Touch, Gourmia GPM100 Electric, Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric, Gourmia GSS9210 Spiral Slicer, Gourmia GSS9275 Tri-Blade Spiral Slicer, Gourmia GES580 Electric Spiralizer are the products. Not all of them are pasta makers. But they are connected with you ready dish of Pasta either with dough, or with vegetable. Our focus here is the best pasta makerGourmia has. So, let’s not waste your time on relevant items.

Latest Pasta Maker

Let us focus on Gourmia GPM630 One Touch GPM630, the automatic pasta maker. Launched in October 30, 2016,it’s the latest pasta maker from Gourmia only in black color (black and white combined). The black is smart. Anyway, we will come to its beauty later on. Right now we want to brief its features. It has a DC Motor inside, a 120 volt motor. It has asteel frame along with other food grade plastic parts, pretty strong to seat on. It comes withLCD Touch Control Panel. Do you love it? Touch is everywhere now. So it may not seem anything special. But in the market of best electric pasta maker, touch is a modern addition. Most of the pasta lovers still use hand rolling stealth pasta maker. Some use power switch machines. But touch has just arrived. Very few people has replaced their old one, or bought this new one.

Automatic Pasta Maker

By automatic, we do not mean that you tap on button on your smart phone and get a ready dish of pasta in 10 minutes. We are sorry if it hurts you. Nothing so advanced has yet been launched in the market, but they are of course in the labs. You just have to wait a few more months for that (1 year at best). But in the meantime, this service can be afforded from online delivery restaurants, of course.

But, what do we mean by Automatic Pasta maker? If you put the necessary ingredients into Gourmia GPM630 and touch its power button (of course plugged into power supply), it will produce your dough and thereon your pasta, the raw, flavored pasta.But it has another amazing automatic feature. It automaticallyoffs the motor if you forget to power off its power supply and open its lead. So, there remains no risk of being electrified in case you or any one in your family accidentally opens container forgetting to switch off the machine.

Special Features of Gourmia GPM630

It is CertifiedETL. So, eat good food and live happily. Not all the machines in the market bothers certifications, perhaps dare not to. This kitchenaid pasta roller has 13 shaping discs. You can hardly use them once in 2 weeks. You will forget the test of the first shape long before you test the 10th, and you still have 3 more to go through.

Besides, this is best pasta machine because it’s a Multi-functional Machine. It mixes; it kneads, and it extrudes. It makes doughs, pastas, dumplings, won-tons, and something more(it makes sausage as well). Frankly, Gourmia is offering too much in its pasta machines for home, aren’t they? And it’s not a million dollar product. How can such kitchenaidraviolibe so economic? Perhaps, the CEO of the industry is a foodie him/herself. He/she knows the pain of every foodie. We foodie need so many kitchenaids that each of us need to be a Bill Gates, or a Michael Bloomberg. However, there is much more to say about Gourmia Pasta Maker. You can move to our review page if you have enough time for that.

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