Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

How to Use Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine:

If you want the strongest Pasta Machine ever made from stainless steel, HIC Harold Import Co offers you a challenging one. It’s Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. We won’t take long to tell its features. It offers 9 different colors to match your kitchen decorum. Honestly, is it impressive or not? You can pick Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, Black, Copper, Silver, and Even Pink. We know we won’t eat its colors. You know which one will perfectly match your colorful, clean and lovely kitchen.

Marcato Atlas is made in Italy. We are not trying to tempt you saying that as it is from Italy, it will certainly produce Italian pasta beyond doubt. You can make your own no-one-in-the-world-ever-tested pasta by this machine. It all depends on what ingredients you use and how you use them, you know. But if you have anItalian Pasta recipe book, well, you are complete in your package.

Atlas Pasta Machine offers

What else Atlas Pasta Machine offers? You get 10 fine thicknesses from your past dough. Make it like a paper, or bullet prove flour jacket; it’s all your choice. Just ready your hard worked pasta dough; roll it through Atlas,best pasta roller, and then cut it through the same best pasta maker. There is a bit more to say. That is, with this pasta maker kitchenaid, you can have3 different pasta shapes, andif you like, or if you need, you can have all12 cutting accessories available and made for Atlas. They come separately. Of course, you can buy them separately only if you want.

Best Pasta Machine

What are those features we expect from a pasta maker that make it the best? There is no straight answer, is there? It always depends. It depends on how long and how well it serves. It depends on how many ways it can be used and how easily it can be used. It depends on how much time it saves. How easy to keep it clean and so on (you know, you may have more demands in your mind). Talking about Marcato Pasta Machine, we can assure you that you cannot destroy the machine unintentionally of if not accidentally in 10-years. For it offers you a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years. If anything goes wrong with its parts, you get a replacement. It’s all stainless steel. Your dough cannot eat it, nor can your foodie self or family member/s.

Best Electric Pasta Maker

Marcato8320 is not an electric pasta maker. But it is almost an electric one. What do we mean? We mean that you can replace its hand roller part with an electric motor and thus you get a Best Electric Pasta Maker, almost the best, frankly speaking (for there is Phillips that can make you dough in its stomach itself which you cannot expect from Marcato 8320). But Phillips used plastic, Marcato is all steel. So, there is no comparison. They are best in their own ways, by dint of their own features. You have to buy the electing roller separately. You will get a manual on how to attach it. It’s very easy. And once done, you will just have to place you dough rightly and press a button to get it rolled and thereon shaped.

Accessories for Pasta Maker

You can buy a Dispenser, a Pasta rack (drying rack), a bike (not to ride on it, but to run of pasta sheets with 9 wheels, and a homemade ravioli (if you like). Besides, you will need a dry brush to keep you tools clean. Cleanliness is a must, you know.These are just some helping hands. If you love pasta, if you often intend to taste pasta, you will need them by and by. It’s a fact. You can avoid spending for them at the very beginning though. The rack will help you drying as much as 2 Kg of pasta sheets or raw pasta. However, this is just a briefing on Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. You can read more to know the product details and other things like warranty and so on.


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