7 Problems and Solutions of Pasta Maker

Pasta makers have become an exoteric kitchen appliance at present. This machine is considered to be the source of enjoying authentic homemade pasta. Its popularity is sky high nowadays. A bunch of people who are extremely pasta fanatic is consistently using this machine with immense gratification. So, one need to know the major problems and solutions of pasta maker to use it properly.

Thousands of pasta maker reviews prove the increasing popularity of this machine. The facilities of adding excellent flavors and ensuring hygiene issues have made this gadget beyond comparison. There are several kinds of pasta machines.

Some are manual, some are handy, and some are electric. Durability, comfortable using, appropriate price these features turn pasta machine into the best pasta machine.

7 Major Problems and Solutions of Pasta Maker

Here the question arouses whether this device is serving the customers a complete satisfaction or not? The answer is probably negative. We all know every substance has its draw backs. In this world, nothing is free from errors, and pasta machines are no exceptions. So, while using a pasta machine, obstacles will indeed appear. The most occurred problems and solutions regarding them are as follows:

◆ Dough Issues:

Whenever we use a pasta machine whether the machine is electric or manual, issues with dough will indeed occur. The most famous issue regarding this is horizontal ridges of dough. It is pretty normal unless you want the exceptionally smooth dough.

Clunking causes the horizontal ridges. When the gear is at largest setting and the teeth of it mesh, you can witness an audible sound. This very phenomenon is the reason behind the horizontal ridges.

Even the best pasta rollers many often lack to maintain this problem. To get rid of this appearance, you have to put your dough in 90° angles. This will visibly reduce these horizontal ridges. Another problem regarding dough is being sticky to the machine.

In that case, you may massage some oil to your machine’s rollers. We often witness dough debris from other colors. At first, you may not notice it, but after some time it will be prominently visible.

This problem is quite impossible to reduce. But don’t forget every problem has solutions. You can try for some pasta machine brands that are specially manufactured to mitigate this issue. Or you can use attachments like the Kitchen Aid Pasta Roller and Kitchen Aid Ravioli.

◆ Maintenance and Cleaning Complications:

To ensure proper hygiene, proper maintenance is a must. But the materials used for pasta makers are not water friendly. Water may fade the color of your beautiful device. So, you can’t use water regarding the cleaning process.

But the machine needs to be cleaned, right? It is kind of impossible to even imagine using a dirty gadget for making your desired pasta. In that case, you may use dry brush or clothes to clean your gadget. But the biggest problem comes with the electric ones.

As the electric pasta makers allow various attachments, every time while cleaning you have dispatched all the attachments. It’s so disgusting. But you don’t have options.

Even the best electric pasta makers don’t ensure easy cleaning features. But the manual pasta makers are quite easy to clean.

◆ Broken or Loose Parts:

This very phenomenon of breaking parts is mostly observed in the manual or handy machines. Sometimes, while using the handle, it just got broken. Yes, we can understand the utter shock of watching the handle of your device lying on the ground being broken. But this dreadful thing happens very often.

You can use duct tape or glue to fix it back. You can also put a tiny magnet in the hole that connects the pasta machine body and the handle. That’s not all. May be you got to experience loose parts. This complaint is basically for the handy ones. You can attach the motor to a handy pasta machine, but there is a severe possibility of the loose connection.

This may lead you to get uneven pasta. Professionals can set up the motor perfectly. So to alleviate this problem, you may seek for professional’s help.

◆ Speed Problem:

We should rather name this issue as deception. Many companies promise an exceptional speed but often last in regular products. The manual pasta makers take so much time that you may bereave of your hunger or desire to have pasta. This problem is a universal pasta maker problem.

In the case of using the electric pasta maker, you can take your device to your retailer. They may fix the problem. But before taking it to the retailer, you can try using the lessened dough. It may work.

◆ Being Ridiculously Noisy:

It is natural for the manual machines to make noise. Due to the loose parts, it causes an embarrassing noise. But sometimes the electric ones also produce noise. It’s easy to reduce the noise of manual machines by oiling its parts. But in the case of the electric ones you can’t use oil. And this noise factor is a sign of your gadget being unhealthy. You need to consult the experts as soon as possible.

Over Priced:

Many people have found these machines being excessively overpriced. Especially the electric machines come with a very high price. Some machines even cost $551. Seriously? Yes, we love pasta, but it is insane to pay $551 for a pasta making gadget. I find it ridiculous. But you can find products within your budget if you acquire knowledge on several brands.

◆ Electrical Problems:

Handy pasta machines with attached motors and electric machines may have some electrical problems. Sometimes the machine stops working during the pasta making process without providing any alarm.

It may happen due to being overheated. Switch off the machine and let it be cool down. This will pass the problem of kitchen appliance. Sometimes, the indicators stop being lightened up. It causes because of incorrect connection of the power plug. Power the plugin correct order and indicators will work fine.

To conclude

While using a gadget, it is natural to face some problems. But patience and proper knowledge can cut off the problems easily. Above all, you need to ensure a proper maintenance to keep your product healthy. Often we face complications while adjusting parts of a machine. And if improperly adjusted, we cannot blame the seller for its destruction. So if you understand the problems and solutions of pasta maker properly, making pasta recipes will be easy.

Caution is another virtue can helps using a machine for the highest possible years. But we cannot always be cautious. We are human. We have problems to consider, the urgency to face. Anyway, if you are a new user of any machine, you should read the manual a least once before using it. Often, such small details are given there that may result in getting us great user experience if we keep them in mind.

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