Philips HR2357 Pasta Maker Honest Review

Philips is the most advanced automated and electric pasta maker. It is considered to be the perfect pasta maker in terms of the features the manufacturer has included in this machine. And this Philips HR2357 pasta maker is smart looking and includes the best cutters and rollers.

Along with four defaults shaping disks of pasta it comes with the cleaning tool for each of them. It also includes two measuring cups and a drawer which is attached to the machine that holds all the accessories. It also provides a colored recipe book which includes 20 pasta dishes recipe.

Philips mixes, kneads and extrudes the dough for you. It has the easiest operating system than most of the pasta maker because you really don’t need to touch anything except the buttons. It makes pasta faster and the estimated time is only 15 therefore it saves your valuable time.

Philips HR2357 Pasta Maker Honest Review

The design is kitchen friendly and it is known for its easy usability and productivity. This pasta maker is the greatest contribution of technology in the field of pasta making.

Special Features

Almost everything about Philips Pasta Maker is special. The automatic pasta making process of this machine is significantly different from all other electric pasta maker. Power on light is an additional help and it also automatically signals when the pasta making process is finished. It is really healthy and hygienic because you don’t have to touch anything.  The machine doesn’t move fro its position while making pasta and the capacity of holding the accessories saves up the space in your kitchen.

One of the special features is that it mixes, kneads and extrudes all at once. You just stand there and the pasta is served on the plate. The machine is an example of perfect engineering and its robust materials creates 1600 pounds force. For this reason it makes pasta within 15 minutes and also it guarantee perfect texture and taste of the pasta. A variety of attachments also allows you to experiments different types of pasta.

Design of the Philips HR2357 Pasta Maker

Philips Pasta Maker has a smart design. It is very beautiful and white in color. Philips is made from aluminum and hand plastic which suggests its building quality. The design is really perfect and the machine is very compact. The quality is ensured by the company. The disks are made to give the perfect shape for pastas. The four default shaping disks are- Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Lasagna and Penne.

The disks offer the capacity of controlling the thinness of the pasta. You can also have additional accessories that are available in the market if you want. It has a 200 watts powerful motor to operate the machine. Its gives enough power to knead, mix and extrude the pasta.

It has an automatic shut off system therefore it enables you to make pasta automatically. It has a detachable shaft, LED display and non-slip feet which makes it stable. You can control the whole process of pasta making just by clicking the buttons.

How to Use the Philips HR2357

Philips Pasta Maker is a machine that makes pasta for you before you even know it. To make pasta you need the ingredients first. Take some flour in the measuring cups and eggs in another measuring cup. You need to add some water with eggs in the same cup.

You can experiment with the color, taste and flavors of the pasta by changing the ingredients. To make pasta dough you don’t have to do anything unlike other electric pasta maker. Philips HR2357 Pasta Machine enables you automatic mixing. So, put the buttons on including your desired modes and put the ingredient in the machine.

Then turn on to see the ingredients mixing with each other and making pasta dough for you. You may need to add some extra water if necessary. After kneading when the pasta dough is ready just turn on the extruding mode and the pasta will start coming out. Before all of this you need to attach the shaping disk to the machine.

In order to do that loosen the two cranks, open the shaft and attach the cutter to it and tight the shaft again. Put a plate below the cutting tool and you will have fresh and delicious pasta.

How to Clean

Very few pasta machines provide cleaning tools like Philips Pasta Maker. The cleaning tools are attached with the cutters. You need to detach it while making pasta with them. After the process of pasta making is finished you can insert the cleaning tools to the cutters and it will exclude the extra dough that is sticking with the cutters.

Types of Pasta It can Make

You can make Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Lasagna and Penne with the cutters that come with the machine as default cutter. Also, you can also buy other attachments to add it extra grandeur. You can make angel hair, Linguini, Reginettte and many other traditional variations of pasta if you buy the necessary attachments.

You will have a recipe book as mentioned earlier providing and enabling you to make 20 different dishes of pasta. Pappardelle, Tagliatelle and Thick spaghetti cutters are also available and frequently bought together by the valued customers to add some variety in the shape of pasta.

You can also make egg noodles with this magnificent machine. If you want to bring a variation in the flavors and taste it will provide you with great service. You can put different ingredients in the machine and it will mix, knead and extrude your desired pasta.

Brand and Other Products

Philips has so far produced various kitchen tools for making the kitchen smarter. Philips Pasta Maker is one of them. It is made in China and mainly designed for having the taste of delicious Italian pasta. Material like aluminum and hand plastic are used which emphasizes on the fact that the company is concerned about their customer so that they don’t get disappointed.

Philips is very popular amongst its customers and those who use their products know about the quality of the products. Philips also has launched Philips Smart Pasta Maker, Philips Compact Pasta Maker, Philips Avance XL Digital Airfyer and many other smart kitchens utility. But Philips is the smartest of them all.

Price and Warranty

Philips is giving one year of warranty in case of this machine. It is available on the Amazon and you can have it only at 288.8 dollars. The previous price was 399.99 dollars which has been cut down. So, you can save 61.10 dollars and bring a perfect pasta maker at home. The warranty and the price is a serious issue.

The price is high yet it is affordable. Anyone would like to spent money on such a smart machine with amazing features. The warranty is one year only and many have complained about it. The building quality and services provided by it clears the confusion whether to buy the machine or not. It has a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5. So, this machine might suit your choice.

Pros and Cons

Philips HR2357 Pasta Maker is known for its advanced technology and easy accessibility. It makes pasta within the time water takes to boil. That is the most stunning aspect of this machine. The operating system of the machine is also unique. No other Pasta Maker has this kind of smart operating system.

The cleansing of the cutters is also faster and easier. But there are some other facts to consider before buying this machine. The machine is huge in its size and takes a lot of space in your kitchen. The price is high and there is no balance of warranty with the price. The cutters may be very easy to clean but the remaining dough that sticks inside the machine is very difficult to clean. Cleaning the whole machine can get messy.

Also the cutters are blocked with dough therefore broken noodles comes out of the cutters. The hand plastic made cutter makes it vulnerable and one can break it easily. Also, the pasta dough should be kept 30 minutes for producing better pasta. But it makes pasta within 15 minutes. Apart from these issues the Philips is really a necessary tool for your kitchen for saving u time and making pasta very fast.

Customer Reviews

346 customers have reviewed Philips Pasta Maker so far. They have shared their practical experience with the machine. Most of them give optimistic and satisfactory review about the durability, accessibility and productivity of the machine. They are quite satisfied with the fact that it saves their valuable time.

They praised the accessories that are provided with the pasta maker and also mentioned that very few electric pasta makers offer four default cutters. Some customers have expressed their mixed feelings about this machine. They praised some aspects and criticized some others. They have mainly complained about the price and warranty. Also, they have mentioned that the cutters get broken and sometimes the shape of the pasta is not regular.

They have also mentioned that the warranty service provided by the manufacturer is disappointing. But those complains are quite few in numbers. Majority of the customer has viewed this Philips HR2357 pasta machine as an effective and perfect pasta maker.

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