Philips Advance Pasta Maker Certified Refurbished Certified Refurbished

Pasta, it itself sounds so delectable that we start imagining of having a pasta bowl before us. Just think about a maker which is all-in-one worker for you all pasta recipes! Homemade pasta will remind you that pasta has been never been so tasty and delicious that this. When you are puzzled what to cook, pasta is the only resolution to your perplexity. No people will deny pasta as a juicy pasta platter made with the Philips Advance Pasta Maker  makes people forget about all world-weariness.

The brand Philips is such a well-known brand that there will hardly be people who would not know about the brand and its vicinity. Pasta and Philips, when comes together, don’t you think that something astounding would happen? Yes, Philips Advance Pasta Maker brings the best ever pasta saucer before you.

Philips Advance Pasta Maker Certified Refurbished

It works for your orders as you are the Angel with the magic stick. So it is your time to bring the pasta world in your own kitchen.

The Pasta Maker and the Attachments

The Philips Pasta Maker is undeniably one the best pasta maker. You are having the best pasta maker out there. Why? It is because you there is not measuring, mixing, sifting, cutting, rolling required!!! Yes. You read it right. This brand provides you a pasta maker that will lead you to be the Queen and it will do all the work you needed to do by yourself. You can make Spaghetti, Spicy Sausage and Broccoli Pasta, Fettuccine and Angel hair.

You are done? No, because this Pasta Maker can make thick Spaghetti. If you want to try different pasta dishes like Penne or Lasagna, then also you are welcome. With this pasta maker now you can also make Peppardelle and Tagliatelle! You are getting 8 different shaping discs with this to shape you pasta and make whatever pasta appetizer you want to make.

So this pasta maker is like an award to your kitchen. You would be surprised to know that this machine has Automatic Weight scale. That means you do not need to measure any ingredients. The parts of the machine are dishwasher-safe. So you do not get any difficulty in washing the machine. In the base of the Philips Pasta Maker, you get a storage drawer. This will help you in keeping stuffs in it and to manage the kitchen. With this awe-inspiring pasta kit, you get 2 cleaning tools.

One of them is flat cleaning tool and the other is round cleaning tool. The flat cleaning tool will help you to clean the outer parts and the parts that are easy to clean. And the round cleaning tool will help you cleaning the parts that are difficult to clean. 3cleaning caps are provided with the pasta maker to make cleaning and washing task easy for you. The finest part of the pasta maker, as it is said before, that you do not need to get in bewilderment that if the measurement of the ingredients are perfect or not.

And for this measurement hitch, the pasta maker brand offers you with a water cup to measure the amount of the water and a flour cup for the perfect quantity of the flour for the pasta dough. The machine is electric, so for your better understanding Philips is providing you a manual book, so that you do not feel any complexity about what to do and what to not.


  • Includes 8 different shaping discs. You can make angel hair, spaghetti, fettuccine, tagliatelle, penne, lasagna, pappardelle and thick spaghetti.
  • Includes 2 different cleaning tools – flat cleaning tool and round cleaning tool.
  • Maker’s parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Auto weight scale. You do not need to measure anything.
  • Storage drawer in the base of the maker
  • 3 cleaning caps
  • 2 measurement cups – flour cup and water cup
  • Includes user manual

Types of Pasta

It is always important for you that how dominant this pasta maker is and how powerful it is. You also need to know that how fast it extrudes the pasta for you. No offense, the review says that this brand supplies the best pasta machine. Form professional to beginner; everyone will love this product for its easy-to-use fact. You are lucky if you have one because with this pasta maker, in only 15 minutes or less ready-to-cook pasta appears before you. Yea only 15 minutes. So, if you get a Philips Advance Pasta Maker, then a delicious and lip-smacking pasta bowl will only cost you 15 minutes from now on.

You want the process of making best pasta ever? Just add up few needed ingredients such as water, flour and egg. All you need to do now is pressing some buttons. And fresh and healthy homemade pasta appears before you in a smooth and consistent texture. It is that simple! The 8 special shaping discs help you to make –

  • Fettuccine
  • Spaghetti
  • Penne
  • Lasagna
  • Thick Spaghetti
  • Angel hair
  • Tagliatelle
  • Pappardelle

With this Philips Pasta Maker, you do not need to be professional chef to attain perfect pasta that tastes restaurant-like. It is so easy that even the children can start to make pasta if they want to.

Process of Making Pasta

Making pasta is so graceful that you would like to make pasta every day. You have to open the lid of the machine and have to add the flour into the mixing chamber. Then you have to close the lid of the machine and here you need to select or choose program 1 or 2. The program 1 is for one to three servings, program 2 is for three to five servings or for a large batch. The program 2 can make 1.3 pounds of pasta. Now you have to press the START button. When you will see that the flour has turned around a few times, you need to pour all the liquid ingredients throughout the holes in the lid. The machine will blend the dough by mixing paddle.

When you will get your dough ready, the machine will extrude the dough by a disc which is on the front panel. The pasta machine will not cut the dough as it comes out. So, here, you need to be ready to do the cutting manually with any dough blade, kitchen scissors or sharp knife. You can use the flat cleaning tool as a dough blade. You can cut the strands as they come out. Otherwise you have to cut the long strands after coming completely out of the machine.

If you want to alter the taste of regular pasta ten you can change the types of flours or other ingredients. You can make pasta with or without eggs, with carrot juicy or beet juice. Other ingredients such as tomato juice, squid ink, spinach juice and herbs can be added to the pasta to make a change in its appearance and flavor.  Always remember the fact that the Philips pasta maker does better work with the drier dough.

Cleaning Up

The cleaning up of this pasta maker is a little bit tough work. The key parts are prepared for dishwashing. So you have to wash them well. Also, you will be given 2 different cleaning tools, one is flat cleaning tool and the other is round cleaning tool. For the flat part of the pasta maker, you can use the flat cleaning tool. But the parts which are difficult to clean should be cleaned by the round cleaning tool. The pasta maker also includes 3 cleaning caps for better cleaning. Other than the key parts, other pops right out of the maker for trouble-free access with hand cleaning.

Reviews and the Brand

As, Philips, the brand gets the high reviews than any other pasta maker brands, so you can never be displeased with this maker. Whether you are a novice maker of pasta or a pro, you will definitely be benefited from the quick and easy stirring up of the fresh and healthy pasta within 15 minutes or less. This is addressed as “a magic machine” in one of the reviews. It is never about funds.

Your love and respect, these are things what a pasta maker brand earns though their hard slog, service and effort.  And it also provides you 1 year warranty.

Philips Advance Pasta Maker is a Certified Refurbished Product which is certified and texted by the manufacturer and by a third-party refurbish for looking and working like new, with limited to have no signs of wear.


  • Auto weight Scale
  • 8 different shaping discs
  • Makes pasta fast
  • Storage drawer
  • Easy to use


  • Cleaning is difficult
  • Makes noise
  • Expensive
  • Does not come with recipe book

Winding up

You will never get a pasta maker that makes your work so easy like Philips Advance Pasta Maker does. This pasta maker will make every bite of pasta so scrumptious that you would never like to swing to another pasta maker. Bring a Philips Advance pasta maker and make any pasta dishes you want. No more going to restaurants and cafes. Now it is homemade pasta time with Philips Advance Pasta Maker.

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