Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro Review

Pasta makers are becoming into household instruments day by day. There are many companies which manufacture pasta makers but Cucina Pro brings something different to the whole pasta making experience. Pasta Maker Deluxe Set includes a pasta maker and additional attachments for spaghetti, fettuccini, angel hair, ravioli and lasagnette.

This article will introduce you with this amazing pasta maker and if you love to roll your own pasta , it’ll be hard for you to resist it . The set is completely built with chrome coated steel , which means it’s easy to clean , won’t rust and last for a long time.  Also the machine is very stylish and handsome looking.

Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro Review

This magnificent pasta maker can be operated both manually and electrically , which gives the users freedom to craft the pasta of their desire any way they feel comfortable .

About The Machine

Arguably the best pasta machine set , Cucina Pro is easy to use, good looking , easily cleanable and additionally , priced inside the range too.The dimensions of this product is  8* 7.8* 6 inches and it weights 16 pounds . This is by far, one of the best user friendly machines out there in the market . The machine set comes with a manual and a recipe booklet ,so it’s really friendly for the professionals and beginners alike.  Cucina Pro pasta maker started it’s journey in 2007 and it is not showing any sign of slowing down.

The machine set includes a hand roller and other accessories . The main body of the unit is there to flatten the dough according to the user’s liking . There are seven thickness settings and beginners are advised to start with the most thick and work their way down to the desirable density.

The other  attachments contain three types of cutter , a holding clip , a cleaner and a mixer . The three cutters lets the users to make five different kinds of pasta. Attachment 1 is for round spaghetti and lasagna noodles , attachment 2 is for fettuccini and angel hair pasta and the third attachment is for ravioli .

This is the best pasta machine for home . It is a compact set so easily fits in most of the cabinets. Also , its chrome coat looks good on counter tops too. In pasta maker reviews of different marketplaces , Cucina Pro is one of the most popular product, which signals it’s huge popularity among the pasta enthusiasts.

What makes it special

The accessories included in the set are the most sought after in order to make a large variety of pasta shapes and flavors.  The inclusion of these accessories make this set one the most versatile pasta maker set in the market without any doubt.  Every pasta lover who loves to make their own pasta has their own choices of the machines.

Some like the non electrical machines , some like electrical pasta makers. Cucina Pro is a non electrical pasta maker set which will enhance the enjoyment of the purists  of pasta making. But, it can also work with electric , so if anyone wants to lighten the work , they need only to attach a motor and it will continue to work superbly . The versatility of this machine sets it apart from all other pasta makers .

Using  the machine

Cucina Pro is the perfect machine for the professionals as well as beginners. Here’s the instruction for the starters about to use the machine set for the first time.  At first , you need to clean the machine by a clean dry cloth or dry paper towels. After cleaning , the attachments must be placed in the according positions .Attaching them is quite easy . All the attachments have sliding tracks on ends.

The tracks are interlocking with the tracks of the roller. Just set them accordingly and you’ll see them fit in perfectly and ready to use. After preparing the dough , the users will need to set the thickness setting of the roller according to their need . Beginners are advised to start from the thickest setting and then gradually go through the remaining settings.

Users will need to manage their pasta-making in stages by portioning out the dough into small portions, so that the unprocessed pasta isn’t sitting out, drying up, and becoming brittle. The dough should be dry but pliable which will ensure the best quality of pasta.

After the dough is made and portioned, use the roller to roll it. You need to roll the past sheet  for quite a few times until it takes perfect thickness. After the sheet is done, out one side of the sheet into the cutter and roll the handle counter clockwise and you’ll start to witness the magic of Cucina Pro pasta maker.  Another thing one should check that the pasta mustn’t have a chance to stick to itself once made.


The machine set is made from chrome coated steel . It doesn’t emit any bad metallic residue and is very easy to clean . After disassembling the attachments , use a dry paper towel or a damp rag and all the remnants of flour will get out with it.

The set includes a cleaning brush which can clean itself. Do not wash it directly by water or in the kitchen sink. The pasta maker is built in a way which makes it very easy to clean. This works as an added bonus for the people who prefer freshly baked homemade pasta over the stale ones from the stores.

Five kinds of pasta , just one Cucina Pro Pasta Maker Delux set

This fantastic set enables it’s users to produce a fantastic fiver different kinds of pasta. Users can make spaghetti and lasagna noodles , fettuccini and angel hair pasta and ravioli by this amazing piece of machinery . The machine lets it’s customers to discover the enjoyment of manufacturing different kinds of pasta according to their needs.

A real gem of the kitchen

Cucina Pro Pasta Maker set not only prepares pasta, it can prepare some other food items too. Seems like it’s versatility is limitless, right? The best pasta roller of this generation, Cucina Pro can  prepare dumpling sheets for Chinese foods. It can also spread sheet for a pizza and can make Indian bread called as roti. The different shaped cutters can also help to make different kinds of modified food items. It really is quite a talented machine.

The brilliant manufacturing company of this machine

This amazing machine set is brought to you by Cucina Pro . To all the culinary arts lovers around the world ,this is a famous company . They offer products of many different descents such as Scandinavian , French , Italian , Chinese and Mexican etc .

Cucina Pro emphasizes on making affordable machines for all classes and cultures . They have been in this business for decades and their popularity has increased because of their insistence on quality .

Other products of the company

Cucina Pro specializes on manufacturing gourmet cooking instruments. Apart from pasta makers  they also manufacture waffle makers, pizzelle bakers, krumkake bakers ,crepe makers , coffee makers and skillets etc .

How much it’ll cost you , how long it’s gonna last ?

Get ready , here comes something huge. This magnificent pasta maker set costs only $ 49.95 . Astounding, isn’t it ? So what are you waiting for ? Order it online through Amazon or you can go to the nearest market and buy it yourself.  Cucina Pro pasta maker deluxe set is very durable and long lasting. It has got a five year warrante with it . Buy it, and you’ll have pasta for five years without any headache over it. Seems fun, right? Well, go on then ,hurry up.

Customer Review

This machine is one of the most famous machine in the marketplace. Which signals two things ,it’s really popular and also comes in a proper quality . It has got 4 stars out of 5 in amazon. Also scored 4.4 and 4.5 out of 5 in way fair and Walmart respectively .


The machine set is extremely handy for the novices and professionals alike. It is amazingly easy to use and people who never had any pasta making experience , even they find pasta making easy while using this machine. The machine is so easy to clean too.

It comes from chrome plated steel which makes it a very strong machine capable of withstanding many years of pasta making. Comparing with other machines of other companies such as   Kenwood pasta maker , it is very much affordable. Also, this is non electrical but is capable of motor attachment.

Even more impressive is the fact that, users have branded it as the best electric pasta maker.


While most of the customers of this products remain happy to this day, a few customers complained that this machine does not cover more items . There are some other machines like Atlas Pasta Maker set which costs much higher than this but also can produce some more kinds of pasta . Also,some complained that the handle slips out sometimes.


This Pasta Maker Deluxe Set will give it’s users a unique experience of pasta making. It is affordable,stylish,easy to use. So , buy it and enjoy this unique experience of pasta making.

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