Ovente PA518R Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

When it comes to pasta, my family is quite unmanageable. They are absolute pasta freaks. Being a homemaker, I always remain in pressure of providing them delicious yet nutritious pasta. I have tried loads of pasta machines, but not a particular one could meet my expectations like the Ovente PA518R Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker.

One fine day I have to know about the Ovente pasta machine. As I started using the machine, I quite fell in love with this lovely looking gadget. It works so smooth and perfect that none can resist themselves from using it. It’s adjustable rollers, double cutter attachments will let your pasta fantasies come true.


Ovente PA518R Vintage Pasta Maker Review

It has an immense power to handle workloads. I make pasta on a daily basis and obviously in a huge quantity, but still, this gadget performs healthy. You can comfortably make noodles, Fettuccini, spaghetti, lasagne and several shaped pastas according to your desire. It has seven settings adjustable rollers that ensure the perfect thickness of dough for you.

About the product:

This machine is something for which every pasta lover will crave. Authentic, delicious platter of homemade pasta is no longer merely a dream. Yes, you can have your pasta with your excellent choices of ingredients into it. This pasta machine is a manual pasta machine.But you can attach pasta motor with your machine.Thus, you will not have to put any extra efforts.

Just adjust the dough and switch it on. Your desired pasta will come out of the machine without any struggles.Within 15 minutes hour will witness a pile of delicious pasta.This machines made of high quality food grade carbon and stainless steel. These materials keep your machine healthy and give a longer lifetime. This machine comes with a hand crank, which is very easy to use and extremely comfortable for you to make pasta. Seven-position dial attachment allows you are having several thicknesses of pasta dough ranging from .5mm to 3mm.

More Details on Ovente PA518R

Again, with the second cutters, you can determine the shape of your pasta. Homemade pasta has no comparison. You can add extra flavors or simply change any of the basic ingredients of pasta. To make your pasta cooking fun, there is no alternative without using this gadget. That is not all; init’s out looks will certainly mesmerize you. This beautiful machine comes with three different colors.

Ovente is one of the leading companies that manufacture electric devices of present times. They have launched loads of gadgets, and all are being run exceptionally well. Their quality products with outstanding finishing and interesting features have created the loudest outcry in the world of technology. This brand is reliable for your purchase. Also, one of their signature products is pasta machine. This gadget has created a buzz among the pasta lovers.


  1. Colors:

This machine comes with three different colors.These vibrant colors make its outlook better than any other products. The available colors are:

  • Polished chrome
  • Metallic red
  • Matte black
  1. Sizes:

Two size options of 180mm and 150mm are prevailing. You may choose according to your need.

  1. Seven settings Thickness attachment:

This very product assures seven variable thickness adjustment technologies. Now, you can maintain your pasta thickness according to your need.

  1. Double Cutting Attachment:

This product gives you an opportunity to determine the shape of your pasta with the double cutting attachments.

  1. Weight: 2.4 kg
  2. Material:

This product is made of food grade carbon and chrome plated stainless steel. Its exclusive building material makes it sturdier.

Special features:

  1. Gadget Rack:

This machine comes with a pasta rack where you can store all the parts of the machine so that any parts of it do not get lost.

  1. Attachable motor:

In this era of digitization who wants to put physical efforts? To lessen your physical efforts, Ovente has brought this attachable motor spell bound machine. Just press a switch and enjoy watching your desired pasta coming out of the machine.

  1. Stainless steel hand crank with a plastic handle gives you a comfortable experience in pasta making.
  2. Various recipes:

This great feature makes this different from any other machine. It ensures a huge variety of pasta recipes. You can make almost every sort of pasta with this machine.

How to use ovine pasta machine:

  1. First, prepare your pasta dough and unbox your machine. Make sure the pasta does not get too hard or too soft.
  2. Next, set the machine up. Place iona flat surface. Though it comes with a clamp but placing in a flat surface is safer. Adjust the thickness settings of your dough.
  3. Plug in the machine carefully.
  4. Set your dough into the rollers and let it be flattened. If you find it tough to roll your dough, add some water into it.
  5. St the cutters according to your pasta recipes. If you want lasagne or spaghetti, use the thick cutter. If you want noodles or fettuccini, use the thin cutter.
  6. Switch the machine on witness your pasta coming out of the machine.
  7. This machine can work for 1 hour continuously but after using for 1 hour give it rest for 15 minutes.
  8. After having your pasta ready, clean the machine with dry clothes. Never use water to clean it.
  9. Store the device in the rack that comes with it so that you will find every part next time using the machine.

Recipes of Ovente PA518R Pasta Maker:

This sturdy pasta machine lets you to try every sort of pasta. You can make ravioli, fettuccine, spaghetti, noodles, lasagne etc. This pasta machine gives you an amazing experience of creating different pasta. This machine will always bring good names for your cooking.

A platter of fresh pasta made by ovente pasta maker will surely bring a smile to the faces of your family members. All you have to do is adjust the dough thickness and the cutters according to your pasta shape. If you want lasagne or spaghetti, use the thick cutter. If you want noodles or fettuccini, use the thin cutter. The best part of this machine is you can make noodles with this machine.

Most of the pasta makers promise to give you the facilities of making all sorts of pasta but most of the time they fail to meet your expectations. Especially pasta makers are often witnessed to fail to ensure making noodles. However, ovente pasta maker allows you to make noodles using the Asian ingredients without any complications. It is the best pasta machine you have ever worked with.


  1. It is extremely user friendly. From the children to old grandpa everyone can use this machine easily. This brand understands the already existing complications of your life. So, they decided not to expand them more and brought this machine for you to lessen you complications. Just one single touch of your fingers and your fresh homemade pasta is ready.
  2. It comes with motor attachments. So, if your motor doesn’t work perfectly, you won’t have to through the machine away. You simply can change the motor. Isn’t it just great? This awesome feature has made it the best electric pasta machine of present times.
  3. In this busy lifetime is very valuable for us. So, this machine being electrical saves your time. You do not have to your valuable hours behind this machine. Within 15, minutes you will get your desired pasta.
  4. It can be cleaned and maintained very easily.


Some times the price appears to be very high for this machine. But for a true pasta lover it is nothing. And the price is quite okay according to its work abilities.

Price and Maintenance:

You may find the machine pretty expensive. However, come on. You can pay for this magnificent machine, right? One thing is for sure that this machine worth you money.

It provides you with a great relief in case of maintenance. It is very easy to keep and maintain. Also, it comes with a pasta rack where you can put its parts. Again, as all the parts are detachable it is very easy to lean them individually. You do not have to go for the complicated machine cleaning. You can simply separate the parts and go for cleaning. One thing is to remember never use water to clean this machine. Always apply dry clothes or brush.


You must or should make a smart choice in this shrewd world. So, when you are up to buy a pasta maker you will face a heap of pasta making products. But all of them are suitable for you, right? So, just go through the pasta maker reviews, compare the products and choose according to your needs. This pasta maker has a good reputation of having almost 4.5 Amazon stars and plenty of positive reviews. Customers are wines to share their pleasant experiences of using this machine.


This Ovente PA518R Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker is a legend itself. However, for your further betterment you can also attach Kitchenaid ravioli and Kitchenaid pasta rollers with it. Overall, it is a life-changing gadget. It will surely complement your kitchen.

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