Manual vs. Electric vs. Convertible Pasta Makers

There are a number of electric pasta maker, manual pasta maker and convertible pasta maker available in the market. To choose the best pasta maker for you among the electric pasta maker, manual pasta maker and convertible pasta maker you have to get familiar with them first. There are similarities and dissimilarities between them. While one pasta maker allows you to make pasta faster, another pasta maker will serve you with its unmatched rollers and cutters. The following paragraphs will show the similarities and dissimilarities between electric pasta maker, manual pasta maker and convertible pasta maker in terms of their features, rollers and cutters, durability, look , produced pasta quality, kinds of pasta or ravioli it can make, warranty, price and other services. Once the comparison is made you can easily decide for yourself which pasta machine suits your necessity.

Features of Electric Pasta Maker

The electric pasta maker is operated by a small motor installed in the machine. The machine is automated and starts working once you put the power cable in. There is no delay in pasta making if you have an electric pasta maker in your kitchen. There are several brands which offer very good pasta makes. The pasta machines are made of high quality materials. Their companies use chrome plated steel to make it to ensure better services. They are light, take little space in your kitchen and easily moveable. Many of them offer various types of colors. So, there is no problem with the look of it. They also come with a number of accessories and adjustable rollers and cutters. You can make various kinds of pasta because it provides you with different pasta making accessories.  The electric pasta maker is popular among customer because of its automated operating system. Though the features of electric pasta makers are fascinating, you might want to consider some other important facts. The motors don’t work sometimes because of technical malfunctions. It also produces noise. It also consumes electricity as it is operated by electrical motors. The pasta maker may move around your table because they don’t come with any clamps. The electric pasta makers are expensive than the normal pasta makers.

For example, Premium Pasta Maker has adjustable dough thickness rollers and cutters. It uses 120 watts motor to operate the machine. The pasta maker features seven position adjust that controls the thickness of the pasta sheet the rollers produced. Premium Pasta Maker has no customer review in Amazon. It has only 2 years of warranty and the price is 129.99 dollars.

Another example of Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Pasta Maker can be given. This machine offers customizable operation. It will also allow you to select three different modes. The three different modes are kneading, extruding or forming and drying. The Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric pasta machine has a rating of 4.1/5 in the Amazon. It costs more than the normal pasta maker. It will cost you 99.99 dollars. These two machines are best pasta makers along with other pasta maker in the market but they have the same problems as mentioned above.

Features of Manual Pasta Maker

The manual pasta maker is operated by hands. Like the electric pasta maker it is also made of high quality materials. It is designed to give the best service. It is light and long lasting. The manual pasta makers often come with lesser number of accessories unlike the electric pasta maker. Manual pasta maker’s best feature is its unending and continuous service. These types of machines are made for heavy use. Many restaurants use manual pasta maker because of its constant service.  Though it has the lesser number of accessories, it gives the best service by eliminating the problems of electric pasta maker. Many customers have rated manual pasta maker over electric pasta maker and has given a positive feedback.
For example, Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker offers only a handle, clamp and a tray with two sets of cutters. It is operated by hands using the handle. The clamp allows it to stick with the table. Imperia Restaurant Pasta Maker has 10 adjustable pasta thickness settings. You can make 220 mm long dough sheets. This is the best feature of this machine because you can make long pasta with this machine. It also has an opening of 6 mm2-3/8 inch. The Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker has the best pasta maker review. It has been rated 5.0/5. The price is 551.49 dollars which is high but it is most popular among the customers. It has a life time warranty and is used in the restaurant for its heavy service. The reviews are quite satisfactory too.

Another example can be given of Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine.  Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine is the non-electrical machine which features 12 pasta cutting accessories and it can thicken the dough from 150 millimeters to 6.0/4.8 millimeters. It is also giving you a hand crank and instructions. You can only make pasta with it.  . Marcato Atlas is a simple buy heavy duty cheap machine. $71.74 but the manufacturers are giving 10 year warranty. It has a customer rating of 4.6/5.

Features of Convertible Pasta Machine

The convertible pasta maker is a combination of electric and manual pasta maker. It can work like an electric pasta maker when the motor is attached. Also it works as a manual pasta maker. It is just like the manual pasta maker in its features in addition to that it has a removable motor with it. Everything else is just the same. This type of pasta machine is popular among customers.

For example, Deluxe Pasta Set by CucinaProis a convertible pasta maker. Deluxe Set by CucinaPro comes with 4 sets of non-adjustable pasta rollers and cutters. It will also serve you with a clamp. You can easily make appropriate spaghetti, fettuccini, angel hair, ravioli and Lasagnette. Deluxe Pasta Set by CucinaPro has a high rating of 4.0/5 in Amazon. The machine is very cost efficient and will cost you only 49.95 dollars. It gives you 5 years warranty.

Choose A Perfect Pasta Maker

Well, now you know the similarities and dissimilarities between the electric pasta makers, manual pasta makers and convertible pasta makers. Electrical pasta machines will reduce your work load. Manual pasta machines will allow you to work as fast as you want. Convertible pasta machines will offer you everything. Most of the manual pasta makers are convertible now; you can attach electric motors with them. Not only that, they have several other adjustable accessories as we already have told. They differ mainly in the services they provide.  Now it is up to you to choose a perfect pasta maker for your kitchen.

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