Imperia 073175 Manual Pasta Machine R220 Review

Pasta! The dish itself has something to do with our heart. The heart of pasta lovers are Italian-Heart. Whenever these pasta addicts get spare time, they run to the restaurants for having just a platter of pasta. The authentic taste of pasta can only be provided by real an Italian chef. Here, Imperia 073175 Manual Pasta Machine R220 will do the job of an Italian chef.

Yes, it provides the genuine experience of Italian Pasta. Imperia Manual Pasta Machine is ideal for any restaurant or corporate cafeterias. If you are a restaurant owner, or you want to start a cafeteria business, then this machine will never disappoint you, because it can make pastas for the entire mass in a few minutes.

Imperia 073175 Manual Pasta Machine R220 Review

Yes, this Imperia Manual Pasta Machine can bring ready-to-cook pasta before you in just few minutes. And you can just cook the pasta and serve it, it’s that simple.


  • Manual Pasta Maker Imperia R220 by Imperia
  • Comes with a rolling mill cylinder which is of 8-5/8 inch
  • Has 10 different thicknesses to adjust the thickness of your pasta dough to get perfect pasta
  • Can make dough sheets from pasta dough with a maximum thickness of 3/8 inch
  • The model number of Imperia Manual Pasta Maker is 073175
  • In a hour it can make approximately 26 ½ lb. pasta
  • Made in Italy

Tour to Italy

You can hardly get the best pasta maker which is form the pasta-city! Yes. As the pasta is an Italian dish, the Imperial Manual Pasta Maker also comes from the same territory. Who else can provide you with the exact taste of Italy? None other than Imperia 073175 Manual Pasta Maker!

Pasta might be an Italian dish, but this dish tastes so good that it has now been and International dish. There will hardly be any city where people are unknown about pasta or people have never tasted pasta yet. As an international dish, it has gone through many changes but still the traditional pasta dishes are the same lip smacking to pasta lovers.

And no matter what homemade pasta provides you, real pasta taste can only be felt in the pastas made by the professional pasta chef. People crave for the authentic pasta flavor because it only worth money. You do not need to waste time to make dough, to roll them inside the rollers, then cut them and make appetizing pasta. For if you are hungry then you will only go to the restaurant and order your favorite pasta.

It’s that simple. But you will not get the same taste in every restaurant. Do you know why? It is because only some of them use Imperia Manual Pasta Maker. Imperia Manual Pasta Maker is such a pasta maker that will bring the bona fide Italian taste in you platter.

Fresh and Healthy

Never choose any store-bought pasta; because now you can have fresh and healthy pasta in your own kitchen by the Imperia Manual Pasta maker which will take you to a trip to Italy. The handle of the Imperia Manual Pasta Maker is not attached because it is made to use as a handle and also as a cutter attachment. It may cause the handle to come out all of a sudden; you just have to calmly push in when you turn it. It will easily come out.

If you have a restaurant business or cafeteria; you can but the Imperia 073175 Manual Pasta Maker. No matter if you are a home chef or a beginner who wants to make homemade pasta in professional way. You can still buy this best pasta maker; because with this you can add any ingredients to you pasta dough and roll them to your desired thickness. Then you just have to cut the pasta sheets and cook it. Simple, isn’t it?

Attachments and Settings

This Imperia Manual Pasta Maker is superlative for any restaurant, café or corporate cafeterias. All the moving parts of the pasta maker are created by drilled and tempered steel. There is a knob in the pasta maker by which you can adjust thickness of your pasta dough. No matter which pasta you are making and what thickness you want there, with the thickness settings, you can easily adjust between 10 different positions.

That means, with this Imperia Manual Pasta Machine, you can have 10 different thicknesses. What else you can want from a Manual Pasta Maker? Now make the dough and place it between the rollers. Set the thickness of the pasta dough from those several thicknesses and roll the pasta dough. Cut them out as per your want.

Your pasta is now before you ready-to-cook. Cook and serve the best pasta to your customers and patrons and wait for their response. This is what a pasta maker should be!

More on Imperia 073175

With this best Imperia Manual Pasta Maker, you get a patented clamp. The clamp reassures that when the pasta maker is on the counter top, you get a perfect grip. So it will not be easy to fall down and break because your pasta maker is secured on the counter top for the patented clamp.

You also get four interchangeable cylinders. Strong clap is also included with the Imperia Manual Pasta Maker. The pasta machine is without cylinder.

With this Pasta Machine you can adjust different thickness. But not only 10 different thickness adjustments setting! You can also adjust the dough with an utmost thickness of 3/8 inch. That is something, on which other pasta makers will fail to compete. In addition, the Imperia 073175 Manual Pasta Maker comes with a rolling mill cylinder which is of 8-5/8 inch! This pasta maker is amazing not only because of these.

This pasta maker for restaurants and eateries can provide you with 2 ½ lb. of pasta in a single hour! So now, a huge crowd for pasta in your restaurant is not a big deal or major concern, because you can serve a massive populace with the best fresh and succulent pasta dish only in an hour. The handle, clamp and the tray is so useful for you to enjoy the pasta making journey.

Easy to use and Easy to Store

The Imperia 073175 Manual Pasta Maker is so much easy to use. Even if you are not a professional chef but want to buy it, then also you can have it and use it easily. Because all you need in any pasta maker is ease of use. And this pasta maker gives you the more relieve.

The simplicity of the pasta maker is its beauty. A review said that is was breeze to use! The durability of the pasta maker makes it the first choice of all the professional pasta makers. As it is said before, the product is made of tempered and drilled steel. No doubt, this is exactly the pasta maker you wanted for years.

You can use it for many years. And for the sturdiness of this kit, one day you may get to know that the age of your restaurant and the age of your Imperia Manual Pasta maker is the same!

The machine is so small and so easy to carry with. The size of the machine is the other great and unique point of attraction that magnetizes the professional pasta makers. You will be stunned to see this little machine doing all your pasta-making works in such a small amount of time. The size of the machine and the job of it are completely contradictory. You do not need to worry about your restaurant pasta because this little piece of device can make you feel relieved.

Cleaning up

The cleaning up of your best Imperia Manual Pasta Maker is so easy that you will not need to worry about it when making pasta. Pasta making may be a pleasing and enjoyable job, but when your mind crash with the “clean-up” thought, all your enjoyment fades.

Because cleaning up any pasta maker is not an easy work. The particles of the pasta dough can stuck between the rollers or in any other parts of the pasta maker. And cleaning the inner parts of the pasta makers are generally a tough work. But the imperia Manual Pasta Maker is way more different than other pasta makers.

You can clean this with a brush and any damp cloth. It will be more helpful for you if you let the dough that stuck inside dry. Then you can simply brush it off and can make it dirt free.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Quality
  • Light weighted and small in size
  • Easy to store
  • Saves time


  • Some users can feel that the clamping down system is inconveniencing.
  • Expensive
  • Temperamental


Imperia the brand does not deal with money, it deals with trust and quality. Many other brands can provide you with pasta machine that are more affordable than this, but they will not give you the same accuracy, quality, sturdiness and superiority. All we think about is “perfection.”

To all the reader, we request to go through the reviews. According to price, reputation and reviews – we can assure that Imperia 073175 Manual Pasta Machine is the best manual pasta maker for you. Grab your one as soon as possible and explore the Italian pasta world.

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