HomeStart Pasta Maker Review and Uses

Getting back to home from a tiring work day, if you get a tray full of appetizing homemade pasta by HomaStart, it definitely will make your mood leap up with bliss, isn’t it? That’s how our HomeStart Pasta Maker makes you contented with all the ability of making flavorsome pasta dishes.

Adding fresh ingredients to your dough you can make any healthy dish of pasta as you want to. So grab your HomaStart Pasta maker now and taste a bowl of fresh and authentic pasta everyday in your own home.

HomeStart Pasta Maker Review

The machine is easy to handle for everyone. Well, many pasta makers are this easy, but definitely this one has some additional benefits.


The feature of pulling the handle is super smooth and it does not take much effort for anyone. The machine is super trouble-free as well as for your grandmother and your 5 year old little daughter. Some pasta maker companies make the device so complex to handle without any reason. But this brand is none of those and surely will not let your expectation down by any complication. A recipe booklet is attached for the help of the user.

Unlike any other electric pasta maker this best pasta maker does not have rollers to make your dough. So you have to make your own dough by yourself. And the other simplicity of the machine is its HANDY feature. This is not an electric pasta maker that makes mess in every single month and so you do not need to take the machine to mechanic for resolving the problem in it.

Apart from that, it gives you relief when you are out of home and your little daughter or your husband works on it, because for not being an electric pasta maker it does not do any harm to your children or any other members of your family. This is one of the excellent benefits that give you the belief that you are having the standard product in such excellent price.

Though it is not an electric or motorized pasta maker, you can get handles for making your work far easier. The handles are not sold by the company but you can try to get the handles from any other source. And because it has clamp, you do not need to worry of its falling off from the table or any uneven surface.

Details of HomeStart

With this best ever pasta maker you can make as thin or thick you like. This heavy duty and durable machine has chromium-plated metal body which is reflective and resists oxidization and corrosion. The cutters and roller of the machine is made of enduring anodized aluminium. The anodized aluminum helps the roller and cutter to grab the pasta dough better than before.

As the cutters are made of anodized aluminum, it does not include heavy metal like nickel and chromium; as a result you get a healthy and fresh platter of pasta before you. Mechanisms such as gears are hard-edged tempered steel. It can stand free on the counter and has a “C” clamp that attaches to the counters or the tables which makes your work trouble-free. You can also use the clamp if you want to keep it in any weird place with no mess in your kitchen. It includes a pop-in handle that means an ABS artificial crank handle of plastic operates the machine.

As the easy pull handle standardizes the thickness of the pasta dough, you can make 9 different thickness and positions for your pasta dough. Now making your very own HomeStart fettuccine, noodles or spaghetti has been effortless by this miraculous pasta maker. The easy to use knob helps you to adjust the thickness of you desired pasta from 0.3 mm to 2.5 mm.  Turning the dial to nine dissimilar thicknesses between 0.3 millimeters to 2.5 millimeters you can choose the thickness you prefer.


Nevertheless, it comes out with a booklet of delectable pasta dishes. It will instruct you to make pasta dough and will coach you to cooking direction for creating different pasta platters and with other information. The function of the recipe booklet is to guide a beginner through how to make better pasta and supply the recipes of skilled and experienced chefs and cooks for new and tasty homemade pasta.

This piece of equipment is around 7.8 inches high, 8.2 inches long and 6.2 inches wide. The measurements are important because these settle on the volume of the rollers and the utmost width of the pasta sheets. If you are having a trouble with the limited and narrow counter space of your kitchen.

And you do not want to plan for using the appliance more often, then the weight is also vital to keep in mind because you possibly will not want to unclamp it and store the machine up in between the uses. The weight of HomeStart pasta maker is 6 pounds and the model number of this top Pasta Maker is HST5018, and is often called by this name from the HomeStart brand.

Types Of pasta

Pasta making is not to tricky if you are able to come across the right pasta maker. Also, HomeStart is one of the pasta makers that give you the tremendous taste of original pasta is the least time possible. And choosing it gives you such durability that not only you but this machine passes to your next generation as if it is lately bought.

With this great and divine pasta maker you can easily make you own pasta platter at home. You are now free to make Spaghetti for your children in the least time. And even Fettuccine making is not a struggle for you, you can make the dough and put it between the rollers to make your wanted Fettuccine.

So what you want? Thick or thin? Wide Fettuccine to thin noodle, no pasta is now tough for you to make anymore. Through this, you are able to make flat noodles at ease. What you need to do is to put the right settings and right thickness of the rollers to make any kind of pasta.

For being a handy pasta maker, it will not provide you the help of making the dough. You just need to make the dough by yourself adding any organic. Cause, if you want and put the dough in between the rollers and there you go! Giving you an upper hand this Pasta maker helps you venture into the pasta making art. The elegance and style of this versatile pasta maker will certainly catch the attention and will add a noticeable difference to the decoration of any kind of kitchen.

How to use the maker

Symbolizing that you should start making your pasta at your own home. This KitchenAid makes you feel comfortable. HomeStart pasta maker is a basic pasta maker which was introduced before many years. It is still doing well and is one of the top products for homemade pasta making.

If you are a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, then it is the best time for you to collect a HomeStart. Making healthy pasta is now an effortless task, you just need to make the dough. If you want to add fresh ingredients to you dough, then you are also welcomed.

As home chefs are more eager than ever in making more nutritious and wholesome ways to supply and feed their very own families. And that is the simple way to feed family with hygienic foods. So you can say, organics and other natural products are in, and your favorite pasta dish is never out.

How to clean the maker

Cleaning, preserving and maintaining the pasta maker is trouble-free for any beginner. In the instruction manual you will find the instructions for cleaning it up every time after using it. The metal manufacture and construction does not permit you to wash it in water.

You are prohibited to use any kind of soap to clean it. Washing it with soap and water may cause you loss of the device. Or it also may behave wrong from the next use of it. You are required to use dry and soft cloth and brush to clean the gadget. The cloth or brush is not included with the pasta maker set, so you have to manage them.


Before using the device do make sure that you have checked the device properly. Be sure that all the attachments and parts of the HomeStart pasta maker are with it or not. Do not use too wet dough as it will not provide you better pasta. Make sure that the dough is moderately wet and then put it in the machine.

Choose the thickness properly before you enter the dough. Do not push the dough roughly inside the pasta maker. Do not let water into the machine. Because the metal body can be affected by this and may not work as per its durability. You must use dry soft cloth to clean this finest pasta maker.

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