Gourmia GPM630 One Touch Automatic Pasta Maker Review

Pasta is a very common food item nowadays. Once there was a time when it was only available in restaurants, but now people can make it in their home. And Having a pasta maker like the Gourmia One Touch Pasta Maker is a big blessing.

Making pasta is a hard process if you have to go through all over it manually. So, the invention of a pasta maker is a pasta maker is a great relief here. Besides, it is not an easy task to make your pasta tasty if you are a beginner. But if you use an automatic pasta maker, then the taste of pasta cooked by a beginner and a professional will not be different at all.

Gourmia One Touch Pasta Maker Review

Gourmia GPM630 is one of the best pasta makers available in the market. Do you want to know why and how it becomes the best? I am giving two hints here – this pasta maker is cost efficient and very lightweight. The rest of the reasons will be revealed in the next passages I believe.

Product Details

You know most of the pasta makers in the market are sold as an automatic pasta maker while they are not fully automatic. Unlike those semi-automatic pasta makers, Gourmia GPM630 is fully automatic in its operation. It comes with 13 shaping discs which help you to make all types of pasta and sausage.You will be glad to know that these extra shaping discs are ETL certified.

Now if you look into the product specification, you can see that it has top quality DC motor and it is 250 Watts. Most of the pasta makers I found in the market come from cheap motors. The cheap motor helps a lot to reduce the overall price but it will not last long. Then the frames come with quality steel and mixing arm.

Also, the food grade material helps it to be the best pasta maker of the town. Moreover, the noise level is very low so that you do not have to bother about it. Then the dimension of the product is 13.5 x 10.5 x 12 inches only which is easily movable from one place to another. Finally, the full package is not more than 22.5 pounds.

Special Features

Gourmia GPM630comes with a digital LCD touch control panel. I can assure you that the quality of this control panel will surely amaze you and you will accept it as one of the best pasta machines. Nevertheless, the whole product is sleek, stylishand up to date. There is a new technology in it which is high temperature motor protection.

This technology will keep the machine’s motor even safer. Last but not the least the power goes offline automatically whenever you open the lid for your safety purposes. Finally, it has the extra-large capacity to one pound and it operates through 110/120V. Moreover, you can easily remove the parts in time cleaning.

How to Use:

The whole package is a ready, set and go package. All you have to do is cleaning your dishes first and collecting the necessary ingredients. In the next step, place your pasta maker in a safe place.

You can place it on the ground or in a table. Just make sure that it does not fall as it starts to vibrate slightly when it is in use. Then? Just plug on and turn on the switch and put all the ingredients there and boom! Sit back and relax until you get that smell and you are done.

How to Clean

The cleaning process is not that complicated as it seems from the surface. All you have to do is tear it down part by part and clean the pieces carefully; it has five to six pieces in total. For the first few times, it may take a while. But when you are familiar with the parts, it will take less than 10 minutes to clean it completely. Remember, all the pieces are not dishwater safe, so you better wash it with warm water.

Types of Pasta You Can Make

Udon: The famous Japanese cuisine, Udon can be easily made by the disc given with Gourmia GPM360. You do not have to think about the mixture of the ingredients.

Vermicelli: The famous Italian dish which tastes similar to spaghetti can also be made easily by the provided disc.

Macaroni: A lot of people like dry pasta aka macaroni and you can make it simply using the discs. You do not have to bother about the shape of the pasta here.

Rotini: Though it is famous in Southern Italy, later it became popular all around the world. And now you can easily cook this type of pasta by using the discs.

Angel Hair: The nest-like shaped pasta is also known as Angel Hair which can be easily made by this Gourmia GPM360.

Lasagna: It is not a very popular type of pasta, but you can cook it some time to taste something different.

Linguine: It is quite similar to trenette, but it is not flat like them, rather it is elliptical.

Spaghetti: Everybody is familiar to spaghetti and some people like it. Trust me; the spaghetti disc can make your food even better.

Penne: The cylinder-shaped pasta is gaining popularity nowadays, so start cooking it and be a master of it.

Pasta Salad: With only 8 ounces bowtie pasta, olive oil, garlic, minced, red onion and baby spinach, you can make tasty Spinach Pasta Salad for your family.

Sausage: You all know about sausage. But the sausage disc came with the product helps a lot to the beginner.

Dumpling: The recipe of dumpling is not so easy, but you can make it easily with the help of the disc.

Ravioli: Everyone likes the famous Italian traditional food, Ravioli.

Company and other Products:

This product comes with Gourmia label which is a Brooklyn, New York company. They are quite famous for their pasta makers, but they have other home appliances too.

Besides pasta makers, they also make sous vide, vacuum sealer, coffee machine, tea machine and kettles, milk frother, induction cookers, air fryer, bread and cake maker, slow cooker, electric spiralizer & dicers, food dehydrator, ice makers, juices, and blender, etc.

Also, you can use it as multi cooker, grill maker, coffee grinders, waffle maker, yogurt maker, multi-function pressure cooker, soup maker, deep fryers, meat grinder, toaster, ice cream makers, meat slicer, stand mixer and food processors, mini refrigerators, etc.

They also supply some kitchen gadgets too like kitchen scale, thermometers, fruit and vegetable slicers, salad spinner, pans, knife sharpener, garlic crusher, culinary torch, oil & vinegar, salt & pepper grinder, etc.

Customer Reviews:

Gourmia GPM630has decent feedback from the users. In Amazon, it has a rating of 3.3/5. Some might not be happy with the rating. But trust me, all the reviews are legit and came from real users. You know getting a fake review on any Amazon product is easy, but Gourmia is very strict in this field. They are loyal to their customer and they do not allow any fake reviews on their products.

Besides, they are ranked #90 in the Kitchen & Dining section of Amazon. This product is recommended by many chefs as well.

Price and Warranty:

After reading the full specification, now you may feel interested in the product. But are you not thinking about the price at this moment? Let me assure you that the price will not disappoint you. This pasta maker, Gourmia One Touch Pasta Maker is cheap.

But if you want the full package which comes with Mixes, Kneads & Extrudes -13 Shaping Discs, Makes 1LB Spaghetti, Macaroni, Fettuccine Lasagna &Ravioli and Sausage Maker & Free Recipe Book will cost you cheaply only. The price may seem a little bit higher compared to other products. But trust me it is far better than those Chinese pasta makers.

The problem is this product is out of stock now. But do not worry, it will be available soon in the stores like Amazon, Walmart, KOHL’S, Best Buy and Bed Bathand Beyond.

Now if you look into their warranty policy, Gourmia GPM630comes with a 1 year warranty. Within the first 30 days, you can change or return the product. And after 30 days, you can send it to the company for repairing or replacement purposes. You should bear in mind that currently they do not have any extended warranty program.

Pros and Cons:

Like every other items, it has both the positive and negative sides. It is fully automatic that means making pasta is easier than ever. At the same time, it sounds loud sometime and vibrates a lot. Then, it comes with 13 discs to make all types of pasta. But the fact is it consumes a lot of electricity.

Then you may buy this product from Amazon or Walmart, but it comes with the original box within the Amazon or Walmart shipping box. In spite of these negative sides, I still recommend it for its fast operation and the capability of making delicious pasta.

Then you may buy the Gourmia One Touch Pasta Maker  from Amazon or Walmart, but it comes with the original box within the Amazon or Walmart shipping box. In spite of these negative sides, I still recommend it for its fast operation and the capability of making delicious pasta.

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