• Premium Electric Pasta Maker

    Premium Electric Pasta Maker

    Hi dear all. Here is something new, the newest pasta maker in the market, Premium Electric Pasta Maker. In order to take your pasta fascination a step ahead Megilo has brought a user-friendly electric pasta maker. Megilo is one of the leading Full Line Electrical Distribution companies. It has been dominating the market of electrical goods overthe last three decades. The Premium Pasta maker is one of Megilo’s best pasta machines. This machine is a complete set for pasta making. It provides you the opportunity to enjoy fresh homemade pasta. Even you can add your preferred flavors. Now, with this all in one product, you can enjoy pasta making.


    This very product is an electric pasta maker. That means it is operated with electricity. But the most amazing fact is it is an automatic machine. It does all the pasta making process by itself. It is an automatic pasta machine made of food grade 430 stainless steel. It provides a 7 position dough adjuster. You can maintain the thickness of your dough. This machine allows you to explore any sorts of pasta. You can make lasagna, spaghetti, noodles, ravioli, Tagliolini and so on. This pasta making gadget is very easy to maintain. Washing and keeping is quite comfortable. Again it is specially made with durable metals that ensure its longer lifetime. We can consider this product to be a cosmopolitan product. What? Didn’t get it? Okay, let me elaborate the term to you. As you can enjoy the authentic Italian pasta with this machine, just the same way you can also enjoy soft Asian noodles. Even wheat or rice flour for making soft Asian noodles can be used as dough. So, you people who love to enjoy different recipe of pasta, just go grab the machine. This machine has automatic cutters that give a perfect size to your pasta. So friends, it is time to enjoy restaurant like perfect pasta at home.


    The unique features of this product have made it one of the most convenient pasta making gadgets. This very product is made of high quality steel, food grade 430-stainless steel. The net weight is around 6 pounds that indicates the fact of its being very easy to carry. This marvelous gadget, originated in China is extremely durable. With proper care it will serve you for a longer period of time. This product with its magnificent capabilities is considered to be the best pasta maker. It provides a 7 position dough adjuster that ensures the perfect shape for your lasagna sheets. As it is an automatic machine it does all the work for you. You don’t need to put any extra efforts. From making a dough to sprouting magnificent pasta it does all. All you have to do is just pressing a switch and getting authentic pasta. This product contains a roller and cutters. Both the things don’t come up as attachments. They are permanently attached with the machine. This machine performs the dual roles of being a pasta roller and an extruder. It is considered to be the best pasta roller of all times. As an extruder it makes the dough by itself. You just need to put the flour and all your desired ingredients into the machine and you can enjoy fresh pasta.

    How to Use Premium Electric Pasta Maker:

    Using an electric pasta maker is sometimes found difficult to the buyers. But a little maintenance and knowledge of the product can make it very easy to use. First of all you have to measure the ingredients of the dough. The user manual gives proper information of dough measurements. After you select your ingredients according to your desire, put it all in the machine. The extruding facility of the machine will make the dough for you. Then you have to put the dough between the rollers and adjust the thickness according to your need. You can make several shapes of pasta. The next step is to turn the switch on. Then adjust the cutters to give your pasta a sharp size. Make sure one thing that the dough isn’t very dry. If the dough remains dry, the machine won’t operate. The work time of this product is maximum 45 minutes. After 45 minutes of continuous work, give your machine 15 minutes break for its better sustainability. As you don’t need to adjust any attachment, it makes it super easy to use. Just turn on a switch and watch your admired pasta to come out. See, no rocket science is needed to operate this machine.

    Benefits of Using Premium Electric Pasta Maker:

    The benefits of using this machine are countless. But there are some prominent benefits of this product. As it is an electric pasta maker, it doesn’t need your extra physical efforts. This automatic machine saves your valuable time. The 7 position dough adjuster gives your pasta an outstanding shape. You don’t need to worry about the sizes also. The best part is if you are an Asian or you want to try Asian soft noodles, this product will definitely meet your expectations. You can use every ingredient in your dough as there is no limitation. It is super easy to use and maintain. It keeps you away from all sorts of complications. One of its best benefits is its amazing durability. You certainly would want your gadgets to last for a longer period. So this kitchen device will ensure you a fair purchase by being a longer lasting gadget.

    Different Types of Pasta:

    This machine offers you a vast variety in pasta making. You can make different types of pasta such as lasagna, Fettuccini, noodles, spaghetti and many more. But the best thing that it offers you is the opportunity to make tagliolini. Tagliolini is an authentic Italian dish that can be made by this machine. Many leading brands like the Kitchenaid ravioli or the Kitchenaid pasta roller can’t perform this kind of multitasking. This feature makes it one the best electric pasta maker of all times. Again you can make soft noodles. So this pasta maker isn’t confined only in making Italian dishes. It is surely worth buying.

    Attachments and maintenance:

    It is an automatic machine. Therefore, it doesn’t need to provide any attachments as all the features are built in it. It is very easy to maintain this product. The parts are detachable. You can simply clean them with clothes. It is better not to use water. Make sure to keep it away from your children’s grip. If children use it, do it under your supervision. A little care and proper use will enhance its sustainability.

    Customer Review: Premium Pasta Maker

    Hi, this is just launched in the market. No customer in Amazon has reviewed this pasta maker. Well, you can be the first person to review this. Anyone is welcome, you know. Meglio let loose only 6 of this product in Amazon. You will find more of it in other e-shops. You can compare this product with Atlas Electric Pasta Machine, Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, and Weston Electric Pasta Machine. In comparison to those machines, this is a less costly and more hardened. This machine has quite a large steel plate set at its bottom which won’t let you lovely hygienic pasta to loiter on your old (maybe new) table cloth. This is steel from top to bottom, so no worries about its durability. Frankly speaking, we do not have any idea how such a sturdy machine can be shopped at around $129 only. It’s a big service offer from Meglio.

    Price and Warranty:

    This multiple tasking product doesn’t cost you a lot of money. It comes with a very reasonable price. Currently the running price is around $130. With all the facilities, this price doesn’t seem to be a big deal. And I think it is pretty legitimate to cost the amount. This very product, Premium Electric Pasta Maker, gives you a one year Warranty. But you must have to register your product within 30 days of your purchase and you have to make sure the purchase from a legal retailer. Again the warranty wouldn’t be valid for any kind of misuse.

    Before buying this product you must go for a check on other products also, for your own satisfaction. You can compare your product with one of the dominating brands like Kenwood Pasta Maker to get better ideas. Even you can go through pasta maker reviews. You can do all the research and comparison but this product will prove to be the best one. Allow yourself to at least give it a try. It won’t let your expectations down.

  • Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker

    Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Machine

    Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker

    Hello, Pasta lovers! Are you looking for a perfect pasta make? Are you confused by false advertisement or lost amidst of China products? You don’t have to worry anymore. Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker is here for you. If you ask for a pasta maker that will give you the best pasta experience, you will have to try an Imperia Pasta Maker to see unique quality of this machine for yourself. If you check best pasta maker reviews, you will find the uprising popularity of this Restaurant Pasta Maker. Pasta lover who are currently using it have already tagged it as the best pasta maker ever!

    Classic Pasta Maker

    Imperia Pasta Maker has a classic look. It will also foreshadow your choice for the best and also you will have a classic pasta maker at your kitchen. It comes with Handle, Clamp, and Tray. The materials used in making these tools are made of high quality materials which will never cease to look new after several years. It is different from other pasta maker because it comes with 10-numbered thickness settings. You can use the Handle to install it on your table and the Tray will help you to make pasta perfect. You can also buy Spaghetti Cutter and Fettuccine Cutter for bringing variations in the shape. Its shipping is also free. Ordera Restaurant Pasta Maker to experience the comfort and efficiency of this machine.

    Imperia, the Best Pasta Maker

    Imperia is made in Italy. It is made of chrome plated steel. So, you can easily assume that this is the pasta maker you are looking for. It has a perfect roller for making pasta sheets which is 222mm, 8-5/8 inch in its length. It also has 10-numbered thickness settings. So, it is easier for you to make pasta sheets according to your will. You can determine the thickness of your pasta sheets by adjusting the setting and make smooth pasta sheets. It is very effective and time efficient because its output is approximately 26 pound per hour. So, it is evident that you can make a huge amount of pasta within limited period of time. You might want to love this Imperia Pasta Maker for its unmatched efficiency in making pasta.

    A Perfect Pasta Maker

    Pasta is great to eat. But if it is made by your own hand it might taste even greater. Imperia Manual Pasta Maker that comes with Handle, Clamp, and Tray is enabling you to experience the new taste of pasta. Yes, you don’t have to depend on anything not even on the old-fashioned way of making pasta which is very painful and time consuming. This is the perfect pasta maker that will relieve you of your pain and labor. Earlier it was a lengthy and tedious task to make pasta at home. You had to spend a lot of time in the process. But those dark ages are over. Imperia and other Pasta Makersare here for your aid. You can make pasta whenever you want just by sitting at your kitchen. It makes wonderful pasta and will save your time too. It also gives you the special taste of homemade pasta. You may ask why you should try this machine when there are a lot of cheaper pasta machine is available out there. The truth is that quality matters. This Restaurant Pasta Maker is one of the best pasta makers amongst all other pasta makers. It is proved by the people who have already used this pasta maker. They all have given a positive feedback about the service of this machine. Not only that, it has everything you want in a perfect pasta maker. If you buy this pasta maker, you will meet your expectations from a pasta maker for sure. It makes pasta faster, can be operated easily and also the best perfect shaped pasta.

    Why should onelike it?

    If you are looking for a pasta maker that does not need much attention to handle it, you might want to bring anImperia at your kitchen. Because it does not need readjustment like other machine again and again once it is properly set so all you can do is to concentrate on the shape and quality of the pasta. Also, you can make pasta without any hindrance. You can work on the perfection while saving extra time and not wasting much of your energy. You don’t have to worry about the quality of this machine as it is elegantly made and is also ready for use whenever and wherever you want. It will also make your kitchen look smarter. If you want to make best pasta, Imperia Pasta Maker is always at your service. If you want variations in your food items, you must bring this pasta maker home.

    Feature of Imperia Pasta Maker

    Imperia is very handy. It makes the complex old-fashioned way of making pasta easier. It comes with a Handle, Clamp and a Tray for the making of which high quality materials is used. You can easily install the machine. It is light and easily movable so you can keep it in e corner of your kitchen after using it. You can fix the pasta maker on your table by using the clamp that comes with it. If you fix it perfectly, it will not move from its place and you can make pasta at peace. You have to move the handle to operate it. It is manual and therefore classy and there is no doubt about it. You can see for yourself. It also saves your electricity bills. The tray also contributes to the perfect shape of your pasta.

    Exceptional from Other Pasta Maker

    This Restaurant Pasta Maker differs from other pasta maker in several aspects. Firstly, it is made in Italy and has an amazing building quality which is far better than any other pasta maker. It has a special look. Secondly, there is zero possibility of technical malfunction as the machine is a manual one. But in cases of automated machines the scenario is different. Technical difficulties often occur and have been complained by many customers. So, you might want to like it as it makes less noise unlike automated pasta maker and is very cost efficient.  You might also want to buy it as it is classic. Thirdly, many pasta makers do not have clamp to attach them to a table so it becomes difficult to control the sudden movement of the machine whereas this has a clamp and you don’t have to worry a bit. Fourthly, it has adjustment settings unlike cheap rated and third class so called “perfect pasta maker”. Thus, it is the best choice to try aRestaurant Pasta Maker.

    New Experience

    Pasta making is really special. Those people who love to cook may want to bring this machine at home because of its unconditional service. Moreover, it will make the time enjoyable too. We won’t say “Be smarter and buy it” today. You can also check the best pasta maker reviews decide for yourselves whether you should buy one or not. Many users have rated this machine as the best pasta maker. They are quite satisfied with the service of the machine. If you have an Imperia, it will be easier to make pasta anytime you want. You can make pasta for family parties and enjoy the fresh pasta with friends, family, neighbor and colleagues. You can also bring variations in taste and flavor by using thisManual Pasta Maker as there is a huge variation of pasta available. You can experiment with new recipes every day and can even make your own recipe.

    How to Make Pasta

    Making pasta is very easier. First of all, you have to make the dough. You can make the dough by mixing eggs, flour, water and little bit of salt according to your taste. You can choose any flour you want. Just by changing the flour you can bring variation in the taste. After you are done with making the dough, you must cut them into small pieces to make pasta sheets. Then they are ready to go through the best pasta roller. You need to adjust the thickness setting and put the dough several times through the pasta roller. Then you will have the desired thickness of smooth pasta sheets.

    You can also use various cutters that are also delivered by the company to bring a variation in the shape of the pasta and also in the food menu of your family. So, pasta lovers why should you wait? Get an Imperia and start making your favorite pasta at your home. Imperia Pasta Maker is made for your comfort and designed to give you the best experience of pasta and pasta making. You can also get it from Amazon, or other e-shops.

    Get an original Imperia

    One more thing, don’t get confused by cheap rated but identical pasta makers. All that glitters are not gold. Many pasta makers may look like Imperia, but they are not the original one. You must check and recheck the quality and finishing of Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker. Get an original pasta maker home and start making and eating pasta as much as you want.

  • Weston Electric Pasta Machine

    Weston Electric Pasta Machine

    “Weston Electric Pasta Machine” by Hamilton Beach and “Weston Electric Pasta Machine” by Weston are not the same pasta makers. Clients have pretty bad experience with pasta makers labeled Weston made by some Hamilton things. So, dear clients, if you wish to be deceived now, it’s up to you. It was our responsibility to inform you, we are doing it. Weston Pasta maker by Weston has the ASIN number B01MU771FQ, and we do not want to talk about AISN of other products. They look exactly the same, same color, same shape, same design, and same image. But they have different price and different customer experience.

    About the Real Weston

    It weighs 15.2 pounds. It is just released in Amazon.com in January 4 this year (2017). But this is for advertisement only. You can add it to your cart now, but you will get it in March, around 1st to 6th of March.

    This is not a fully automated pasta maker. By this we mean that it does not make your pasta dough. You have to make your own dough manually or by some other machine. There are simple and heavy duty dough makers there. Weston itself sells such dough maker. With one dough maker, you can make dough for a million purposes. Perhaps, that is why Weston did not attach a dough maker with its pasta maker. This electric pasta maker only makes pasta and noodle sheets for you. By the way, we won’t boast that this is the best pasta machine ever. It is yet to be discovered.

    Features of Weston Pasta Maker

    It has a safety cover build with sliding safety guards.  There are smooth rollers, Fettuccini Cutter, and spaghetti cutter below the safety cover. Your task is to lift the cover and put your dough on the roller (according to its width). Then pull the cover on it. Then you plug the power cord, and then you switch on the machine. You can fix the thickness of you expected pasta sheet before you switch on the machine. If you do it before switching it on, there is no risk of spoiling the machine in a year or two. You will get a smooth work. There is an adjustment knob on the left side of the machine. Use it however you want. Just keep in mind that if you play with this machine, you will get playful pastas, that’s all.

    The Pasta machine comes with a 40 cm (40-42) long power cord. Just above the cord line, there is a power switch. Please do not switch on the machine before you plug in the cord. Besides, the machine comes with a 3-conductor cord. So, you will need a 3-pong grounding socket. In case you have 2-pong sockets only, you will have to buy an extra 3-pong socket. We will suggest you to use a 3 pong socket. And if you have to extend the cord, you must use a 3-wire cord with 3-pin conductor and sockets.

    How to use Weston

    Make sure you checked the device properly before you start using it. Is it ready with all its parts properly set? If that is OKEY, we can have a look at our dough now. How is the dough? If it is too wet, the machine may fail to function properly, we mean, it may fail to produce 0.3mm pasta sheet as it is promising. It the dough is too dry, the roller may get stuck with your dough, we mean it may fail to roll any sheet out of a stone, you know. So, the dough should be moderately wet, tender enough to roll.

    Please do not push your lovely dough into the machine. The machine has a technical speed. You can increase or decrease that speed. And once you are done, please let the machine work at its own will. Pushing dough through its roller or cutter may be injurious to its motor health.

    Besides, you should not try to repair the machine with any metal things while it’s connected to electricity. It’s just a matter of common sense, but often we lose it when we are in a hurry. Besides, please do not grab the machine with wet hands when it is plugged in power supply. Though nothing should happen; water dripping from your hand should just slide down. But there is electricity in it. So you should not take any risk. Water may drip into its motor and it may turn into a disaster. We believe you understand what can happen. If you are lucky, just the motor may burn out. But if you are unlucky, we cannot say what will follow.

    How to clean Pasta Machine

    Weston comes with a wooden cleaning brush. Why is it wood? Why not steel? Steel will make no good cleaning brush even if you use plastic hair on its head. This may happen that accidentally you might pick the brush while it is plugged in power supply. Can you imagine the consequence? Besides, steel will scratch your lovely pasta machine. We believe you won’t love it. So, wood the both the safest and modest material for brushing an electric machine. Besides, you can use toothpicks to clean the stubborn dough parts sticking to your machine wall after making pastas. They are pretty good for that. However, no matter when you clean your machine or with what you do it, pull the cord out of power supply before you do that. You can use dry rags to keep it clean every time you use it. Keeping it utmost clean is very important. After all, you use it to make food items. Besides, you should set the machine on an even, firm and clean table or desk.

    Small details of Weston Pasta maker

    This kitchen Aid is all stainless steel and food grade plastic. Weston labeled pasta maker produced and delivered by other companies have complains against them. Be sure we mean the pasta makers not produced by Weston, but by some affiliated manufacturer. Many said that they could not use their pasta maker thrice. Many said that their machine goes too hot, even noisy. Many say that the machine is too slow; they can work faster manually. These, we believe, are facts. And perhaps, that is why they keep a low price of the machine. Real Weston will cost you about a $100-120 more than that of other Weston’s. It’s a matter of fact. No customer has yet reviewed real Weston, it’s not among the users yet. We are waiting to see if it is really better than that of its partner’s product or not. There must be a reason Weston is claiming a double price of a lower weight machine. Perhaps the technology they have is not the technology their business partner in other land using. And there is Italian and China Weston. There must be a difference.

    Types of Pasta

    How many types of pasta are there in your area? And how many are there in the world? Well, we have a gross idea about the world pasta (as much as it is available in the webs), but we do not particularly know about your area, because we do not know which area you are from, frankly. You can be from anywhere. But wherever you are from, now you can make any pasta possibly or imaginatively exist in the world or outside world if the recipe is available or you yourself can produce it. How? Of course, a mere machine is not everything that can make it possible. So, we won’t say that now you have got the best pasta machine ever produced and anyone can do it. No, not everyone can do it. It requires passion; it requires ingredients, and it requires time. It requires much more that these, if you love cooking, you know what it requires.

    Price Specification

    According to Wikipedia, there are 187 dishes of pasta. We believe there are more of them. So, dear pasta lovers, there is no end of your love. You can enjoy them for the next 200 years. You will hardly remember the test of the first dish before you reach the 50th, and you still have 100 more to go with. Therefore, enjoy your life. Oh! We forgot to tell you about the price of Weston Electric Pasta Machine. It was around $250 while we were writing this review. Hope the price did not go up. Weston is not that cruel. But you should, of course, check its price in Amazon. Maybe you can have an offer; maybe it is $240 now. There is just one more thing we have to say. Please let us know your experience of using this Pasta Machine. If you kindly get back to us using the machine for a while, and tell us if you are satisfied with that (we are not expecting any disappointment though) or a bit disappointed, we will be happy to share your experience with the world. It will help us sorting out products, the best ones that we always to talk about. Thanks for your time. Best wishes!

  • Philips Pasta Maker

    Philips Pasta Maker


    If you are a pasta lover as well as a hygiene concerned person, this very product is made just for you. I have been using this product for almost two years. According to me it is the best pasta maker as well as the best pasta roller of all times. I always had great affection for fresh homemade pasta. But being an extremely lazy person, always felt apathetic to use the manual pasta maker as I had to put physical efforts to get my desired pasta. And the moment I got introduced to this one of the best electric pasta makers, I just fell for it. This machine has very useful features with an eye catching physical appearance. You can get your pasta ready within 15 minutes with a great finishing. This all in one machine offers you pasta in different shapes and sizes. You can make spaghetti, ravioli, noodles, Fettuccini, penne, lasagna and so on using the shaping disks. It also offers additional shaping accessories for noodles. It ensures a pound of fresh pasta with its automatic kneading, mixing and extruding features. I found the texture of pasta very fascinating. Advanced engineering and the materials have enabled the machine to machine to exert 1600 pounds force. This immense force kneads the dough perfectly and maintains a good texture. What I personally love about the machine is you can mix any ingredient you want into the dough. What else anyone can ask for! Still it offers many more. I feel so comfortable while using this machine. It appears as in the nightmares of using manual pasta machine has finally ended. It has gained a vast popularity due to its easy accessing quality. This product is incredibly easy to use. From a baby to a granny, everyone can use it. I am not being biased at all. All the good names are coming out of me just because it deserves all these.

    Features Philips Pasta Maker

    To justify your purchase you must know the detailed features of the very product. I went through almost all the reviews and you tube videos to get the best product. And among all the products its features met my demands. It is not very easy to carry this machine as it weighs 16.5 pounds but it ensures a non-slip feet. Trust me it is damn easy to use as it doesn’t slip away. It consists of a detachable shaft, on off switch, LED display, preset cooking option, and automatic shut off features. Again ready signal, power on light these features enhance its compatibility. Philips pasta machine also ensures a cleaning tool, a measuring cup and a recipe booklet. This cleaning tool keeps your machine neat and hygienic. With the measuring cup you will be able to measure the correct quantity of your dough and. The booklet according to me is the main attraction. I personally found it very helpful. This booklet elaborates the machine’s ins and outs. It also provides some pasta recipes. The powerful 200 W motor makes quality pasta within 15 minutes. Yes exactly 15 minutes. I am not kidding at all. I still remember, the first time when I put my dough into the machine I was stunned because my pasta started to come out before my water boiled. Now you can easily estimate how fast it works. But I would like to mention that the motor’s ability depends on time. Gradually, somehow, the speed decreases. There is solid difference between its performances between now and then. Though it became a bit slow now but still it works good. Another thing I have to mention, it works silently. Even a baby can sleep next to it as it doesn’t make noise at all.

    Using Philips

    Though this machine provides a booklet, there are certain things that I would like to mention about using this product. I would like to share one of my experiences. I faced a disaster as I once put in excessive ingredients. So, you should be careful about it. The maximum amount of flour for that can be used in each batch is 500g. Using more than 500g of flour may damage your appliance. As the pasta maker is mainly made of plastic you have to be very careful about the temperature issue. You should not use ingredients that are $60 or above. Also it should be kept in temperature less than $60. Otherwise, the appliance can get deformed. You can select the extrusion once the dough is mixed. Otherwise, the lifetime of the machine will be hampered. Pouring water in the chamber before setting the chamber lid is strictly prohibited. You may not pour any liquid into the switch hole. In order to maintain the lifetime you should not make it work continuously more than 45 minutes. It’s better to give it a pause for 15 minutes and then get restarted. One more thing, never switch it off before the process is done. I found the machine extremely friendly while using. But these simple things should be maintained to get better performance and a long life time. Following these simple steps you can ensure your machine’s sustainability. I have always maintained these steps and enjoying a healthy machine. You can also attach kitchenaid pasta roller and kitchenaid ravioli maker to enhance its versatility.

    Compared with others

    In this era of technology no one is dumb enough to buy anything without comparing. And I am also not a dumb one. Before purchasing this machine I did a lot of online researches. I had gone through almost all the pasta maker reviews. According to my research Kenwood pasta maker, Atlas Electric Pasta Machine and Kitchen Aid Pasta Machine are three other brand names that dominate the pasta machine world. These products along with the Philips are the most suitable pasta machines for home. If we compare my machine with the Atlas pasta machine, the first thing that should be noticed is the weight. The Atlas is almost half of the weight of Philips. It is only 8 pounds; this makes it easier to carry. But the Philips is a bit heavy due to its heavy motor. The Philips is operated with a 200V motor but the Atlas has an 110V machine. That is why the Philips pasta maker provides a better work efficiency. The Atlas pasta maker makes 3 different shapes of pasta in 9 different thicknesses. But the Philips ensures 8 different shapes of pasta. The Atlas is made of chrome plated steel. And the chrome plated body makes it more sustainable. There are differences between the Atlas and the Philips but according to me Philips is more reliable than Atlas and Philips pasta maker also ensures variety of shapes. Again if we compare with the Kitchen Aid pasta maker, you can always prefer Philips. People, who would like to make pasta on a daily basis, should choose Philips. Philips is a kind of unique product in the market. It is capable of storing its own parts. No other brands give you this facility. Again the number of varieties shapes of pasta it offers, no other products can even get close to it.

    Homemade Pasta

    When I finally decided to buy a pasta maker and came to know about the price, I won’t lie, I kind of was shocked. I took really a long time to decide whether I should spend so much money on a pasta machine. But I was literally a pasta obsessed person. And the idea of getting fresh homemade pasta influenced me to buy this expensive gadget. But trust me, when I witnessed the first batch of perfect pasta, I was on cloud nine. I was quite satisfied spending my money on this appliance. This machine provides one year of warranty. But you have to buy this product from their original clients. Any problem regarding the product is supervised by the shop owner. But you must keep your receipt secured. But you must purchase it from a reliable source. I personally didn’t face any disturbance during the period of my using.

    Best Pasta Machine

    According to the experts this product can tolerate more load than any other pasta machine. It has a 200V working motor that can tolerate making pasta on daily basis. This product has ensured its safety. It has a safety switch and lever that will not let the machine work if the discs are not inserted properly. The experts have also referred that this machine provides several cleaning devices. The cleaning devices are specially designed and these make it easy to be cleaned. It provides a storage facility. It has a hidden drawer that can store its parts. So it is easy to store the parts and they don’t get missing. It saves time as it works very fast. In just 15 minutes it produces 500g of pasta. It provides varieties shapes of quality pasta. Buyers can add more flavors in it. This machine helps to get healthy pasta as the user can add their own healthy ingredients in the dough. These qualities have made it one of the best pasta machine in this competitive market.

    Pasta Freak

    Being a pasta freak and a self-reliant person this machine appeared to me as a blessing. Now I can enjoy homemade pasta whenever I want. I don’t need to depend on restaurants to enjoy my pasta. I can add my own flavors in it. I can enjoy my preferable shape and most importantly its hygiene level is known to me. It’s worth spending money on this gadget, on Philips pasta maker.

  • Ovente Pasta Maker

    Ovente Pasta Maker


    Are you a true a pasta lover? Do you want to experience a platter of homemade pasta? Then this article is meant for you. In this article I am going to introduce you to the best pasta machine of all times. The world known brand Ovente presents the desired machine to make authentic pasta. Ovente pasta maker being the best pasta maker ensures you a well maintained batch of your own crafted homemade pasta each and every time. This product is a dream product for people who are health conscious and are battling a budget issue. This machine allows you to enjoy fresh pasta, spaghetti, Fettuccini and noodles in your desired shapes and thickness. And you know what? The best part is you can witness your pasta being made and so there won’t be any hygiene issues. And all these facilities will cost a nominal amount of money.

    About Ovente Pasta Maker:

    Ovente stainless steel vintage pasta maker is basically a manual pasta machine. That means it is not operated with electricity rather you have to put efforts to explore your pasta. Though it is a manual pasta machine but it has been proved to be a great competition for many of the so called best electric pasta makers. This machine comes with a interchangeable 7 different thickness settings attachment. With this attachment you can easily adjust your pasta’s thickness according to your preference. It includes two built in cutters. The cutting attachments give you the liberty to cut the spaghetti or Fettuccini in several sizes. This very product is released for all your pasta fantasies to come true. This chrome plated affordable machine takes your pasta fascination to another level. This machine also flattens polymer clay along with the pasta dough. You can maintain the thickness from .5mm to 3mm and enjoy restaurant quality pasta at home.


    This very product is made of stainless steel, food grade carbon and plated with chrome. This chrome plating feature keeps it safe from stains. It weights about 4.3lb. It has three different colors: stainless steel, matte black and metallic red and two sizes of 150mm and 180mm. You can also try for several accessories marketed by Ovente. It includes two adjustable cutters to cut the spaghetti and Fettuccini in desired shapes. It also offers a steel hand crank with a plastic handle. This crank has made it the best pasta roller. It also provides a clamp that ensures your comfort while using it. The adjustable roller is 5.9″ wide and crank length is 5.25″. All kinds of dough can be used from .02″ to .12″.

    How to Use a Ovente Pasta Maker:

    The Ovente pasta maker is a comfortable machine. As you don’t need electricity to run this machine, the risks become a low shot. Things are very easy with this machine. First of all you have to make the dough. Make sure the dough is not too dry or too wet. Then the dough needs to be placed under the rollers to flatten it for spaghetti. After the dough gets flatten, adjust the sizes with the cutters that come with the pasta machine. Sizes can be adjusted from.5mm to 3mm. If you intend to make noodles, you need to select the cutter’s size. To get thick noodles the wide cutters should be used and for thin noodles, you need to use narrow cutters. Sometimes the dough gets very dry and the cutters can’t cut it. In that case, you need to add water in the dough. For lasagna sheets the pasta roller attachment should be used. Using the 7 different thickness settings attachment, the thickness of lasagna can be maintained. As it is a manual machine, it illuminates complications. It can be handled very simply. Does it seem to be a flawless machine? Well, maybe it is not completely flawless but it comes with the least flaws.

    Pasta Types:

    The real pasta lovers are never content with the limited sizes of pasta. And this product has been manufactured giving priority on the needs of pasta lovers. Pasta lovers are always keen to explore different shapes of pasta. I mean, seriously, who wants to eat the same pasta every time? We all love exceptions. That is why Ovente has come with a dream product. The Ovente pasta maker allows you to enjoy 7 different shapes of pasta. You can get every sorts of pasta using this one machine (Ravioli, noodles, Fettuccini, spaghetti, penne, lasagna and many more). You can add whatever flavors you want in your dough. If you want to get nutritious pasta, you may put healthy ingredients in your dough and enjoy your desired pasta. You can also add extra salt if you want it to be a bit salty. Again spices also can be added. That’s not all, for the spaghetti lovers it is likely to a blessing as you can adjust the thickness of your spaghetti. This product is surely a treat to your kitchen appliances.


    Ovente pasta maker offers numeral attachments. The 7different thickness settings attachment is the main attraction of this product. It gives you all the liberties to make authentic pasta according your desired shapes. You also get two cutting attachments. The cutting attachments can cut the lasagna sheets from 1mm to 12mm. Well, that’s not all. You will get a pasta roller too. This machine is a complete set of pasta making. All your pasta related desires will come true with this machine.

    Price and Warranty:

    This product comes at a very cheap rate. People with low budget must give it a try. This product is available at around $45 recently. It won’t take its price higher hopefully. You can get it from several online shopping sites. This amazing product is worth paying this amount, I guess. And if we talk about the warranty, it provides the same one year warranty like all other brands. But you have to register it within one month from the date of purchase. But obviously the company has some conditions too. The warranty wouldn’t be activated due to misuse. Purchase from an official retailer should be ensured to activate the warranty. Again accurate using and maintenance can extend its life time.


    Maintenance of any product is very important for getting served by it. Though our pasta maker is very much sustainable but it owes a little bit of care from you. You must keep it away from children’s grip. Let your kids use it under your supervision. As it is made of steel it should be kept under tolerable temperature. High temperature can deform it or damage the parts. The cleaning process should be done very carefully. As the parts are detachable, cleaning is very easy. You can personally clean it or use DW to clean it. After cleaning make sure all the parts get dried before you put them back. Use a brush to clean the rollers. Using knives or clothes are strictly forbidden. Store the parts in a cabinet or box so they won’t get lost.


    Before a purchase you must go through the pasta maker reviews. See what people think of this product as it will give a clear view of your product. You can justify your buy only by having the clear ideas about the product. You may also go for some comparison with the leading brand’s products like the Kenwood Pasta Maker, Kitchenaid Ravioli, Kitchenaid Pasta Roller and so on. You will get to know what your product has and also what it lacks. Though our machine is a manual machine and this is an era of technology, it has maintained its legacy due to its brilliant features and viability. The other products like the Kenwood pasta maker gives you comfort as it is motorized but it has limitations in its performance. It can’t work for a unlimited period but the Ovente pasta maker allows you to work for a unlimited time being. Isn’t having limitless compatibility a great feature? I think so. Again it offers a handsome versatility in shapes and sizes of pasta. You can make 7 different thick pasta where all the motorized machines offer you maximum 3 to 5 shapes. But one thing that should be mentioned is the motor thing. You have to put some effort for this machine. But the electric pasta machines works with a simple touch. But for a pasta affectionate person it should not be a big deal. Besides, this product costs very low. All the electric machines are very expensive in price. Also you have to pay for electricity while running it. It almost proves 3 times more expensive than the Ovente pasta maker. Again no use of electricity refers to an eco friendly gadget. Using the Ovente pasta maker you can also contribute to your environment.

    We all love restaurant made or packed pasta but the hygiene issue prevails in all sectors. To ensure a healthy platter of fresh, yummy pasta there is no alternative to use the reliable Ovente pasta maker. It is a benediction to healthy fooding.

  • Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

    Markato Atlas Pasta Machine

    Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Review

    With around 1600 customer reviews (mostly very positive), 350+ answered questions (answering any question you may have in mind), and Stainless Steelbody (almost the immortal thing) comesMarcato Atlas Pasta Machine,the master of the pasta world.  We think this is enough to know when we are thinking about buying a non-electrical pasta maker. Or, do we need more information. If that is what you are looking for, let us proceed. Below you will find the product details, glimpses of honorable customers’ reviews of Marcato Atlas, how to use it, types of pasta and other food items you can prepare with this, and some insignificant and or entertaining talks. You will also find its price specification, and a bit of comparison with similar products. You got the summary; we are going to the details now. Hum?

    Product Details

    This includes the Pasta Machine itself, and a pasta cutter, a lovely clamp, and, of course a hand crank. What else do you get? Marcato will send you a gift of complete instructions booklet on how use their machine (we mean your machine). We believe that every new user may need it. But if you are someone who knows these types of machine well, you won’t have to open it, anyway. A customer will also receive a warranty card from the manufacturer. How long is the warranty? 10-year of unlimited (some says life-long) warranty. You can get three shapes of the pasta world from this manual pasta machine. And from manual, you can turn it into a electrical pasta machine as well. Marcato is now selling an additional motor set, a good one. There is a set up manual with it. So, you know how to unscrew or screw such a simple tool, and you can change your old (in terms of buying date only, it is new forever) pasta maker and turn it into something modern. Yes, from new to modern; it suits a motor-run Marcato Pasta Robot’s transformation title.

    It has nine different colors. You would love them, at least 2-3 of them. They covered almost every grand color possible for a stealth pasta machine. It stars from black, steel and black. Simply WOW!!! But many do not love black especially when it comes to food. It’s just alright. There are Blue, light blue, Copper, Golden color pasta machine for you. Not only these, there are Green, Red, and Silver pasta maker. It does not end here dear honorable customer, especially dear ladies. There is a pink stainless steel pasta maker for you dears. From our part, we can say that you would love the black or the blue or the silver color machine most. They really look great.

    You can make 0.6 to 4.8 mm thin or thick lovely pasta with Marcato. You will have 3 watering pasta shapes from this maker. Beside, you love pasta more than few other fast and hygienic foods, you and buy 12 pasta cutting accessories from Marcato. Of course, you have to pay for them. You can buy it as a full package.

    Customer Reviews of Marcato

    Though it has won 91% highly positive customer reviews, many of us love to hear things’ limitations first. So, let us start with the most negative ones. “The handle cracked, and I expect a return, a pasta maker, not money back. But Amazon would not grant me, for I crossed its 30 day return policy. I am disappointed,” said Amazon Customer, this is his name; we don’t edit names; we just summarize their big or eternally extended reviews.  “Metal turning out,” said Tingli Zhou. “Handle cracking,” he added. Another customer asked him if he has contacted the seller or not. “They have an excellent customer service unit,” he recommended. But Tingli did not reply in a year. It’s really hard to understand why he complained. These are all. Only 3% of around 1600 customers have reviewed it very negatively. And many of them got a change of their product if reported in due time. So, we can move to the positive side now, cannot we?

    The collection of positive reviews is almost uncountable (in a fictional sense. You cannot finish counting from 1 to 1400 at a stretch.) One of the top most reviewers have reviewed it so beautifully that 2500 customers felt forced to find that helpful. He stared from France, got his first pasta cooking training there and never stopped making them since. He said, he never had to move to another pasta maker other than the one he bought from USA coming back home. HE also said why he bought it at the first place. He found his trainers at France using it in their kitchen.

    How to Use Atlas Pasta Machine

    This is stainless steel, made in Italy, and not in China. People all around the world are using this machine. If you kindly check the e-shops like Amazon, you will find reviewers from every corner of the world where pasta is a common and popular dish. So, you can just use it however you want. Not only that, you have every right to abuse anything that belongs to you only, you know. Marcato will give you a user manual, in case you are a new user. And the manual will tell you all about how to assemble it, how wet of dry the dough should be. How hard you can screw its thickness knob. This is not an electrical pasta maker. So, you never have to worry if your motor would give up. How to use in a word is like- make dough, moderate dough, roll it through Marcato, get your pasta sheet, and get your pasta. Cook and eat. You are not done. Please don’t forget to clean the machine.

    Other Food Items You Can Prepare

    You know it, or naturally you should know what other dishes you can make with a pasta maker.  Yet, we must say for the very new users. Welcome dear clients. By this pasta maker, you can also make lovely lasagne, delicious fettuccine, and very popularly tasted tagliolini. All you need are their cutter attachments. You can get them all from Marcato. They are not costly, but they are sturdy, very useful for your kitchen.

    Price Specification

    This is so costly a Pasta Machine that you may have to go for crowd funding!!! LOL!!! We are just joking. And it’s a bad joke anyway. It not even a $100 product, though it worth much more than that. It’s only around $70. Please check for latest prices in Amazon. There are many offers for new and old clients. If you prefer to buy a used pasta machine, you can, certainly, have around 50% discount from its original price. Used ones mean usable good product sold by some other customers who needed some extra money out of the products they do have time to use anymore. It may also come from users who have moved automatic pasta machines and gave up their manual ones due to modernity crisis. For your kind information, we want to add that Marcato sells 6-7 extra cutting attachments for all the pasta and noodle type foods. They are very cheap, not more than $20. So, if you are, or anyone in your family is a great lover of pasta, you can think of getting some extra attachments along with the almost heavy-weight pasta machine.

    Comparison with Similar Products

    Weston is a comparison. This pasta makerhas not swarmed the market. It’s just on the advertisement bar. It has already gained its popularity due to its heart grabbing beauty. Its color and look are unbeatable. “Appearance first,” goes a saying. And it has made it. It’s not that we cannot say what is inside Weston. It has announced its motor-power, construction materials, and other equipment that will be delivered along with the machine, what functions it is meant for and how to make the best use of it. But all its services, possible services that are being offered by its manufacturer, are in darkness. Especially because of its bad name stamped on it by the authorized manufacturers, other than Weston itself, a customer first thinks negatively about it. But there is no such negativity about Marceto. It has proved itself long ago, by all its affiliated and authentic manufacturers. This is just immune to bad name, incapable of failure, the ultimate hardcore pasta maker. Blast it; feels its competitor! Please try. It would really be difficult.

    Insignificant and or Entertaining


    No matter whether you eat pasta or not, a modern home need one of these machines now a days, at least for their children and or guests. And if you test some original Italian pasta modified to your traditional taste, you have no option.  And, having a Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine can always be the safest choice for a user. Use it most frequently of less; you won’t have to worry about the health of your machine. It’s almost immortal.