• Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

    Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

    Ovente PA515S Pasta Maker



    Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker is a smart looking manual pasta maker. The shiny looking pasta maker immediately captures the eye when you look at it. It is a very useful and necessary thing to keep in the kitchen because it produces the best kinds of pasta. It has the capability of producing pasta without much pain and effort given to it. Moreover, it comes with the best rollers and cutters. I t is a perfect pasta maker which is specially made for producing authentic and delicious pasta. The machine is durable and will continue to shock you if you buy this machine. It has an awesome building quality, Exclusive and best kinds of metals are used to make this pasta machine. It normally comes with a clamp, a crank, a base and two additional cutters. Other additional cutters are also available in the market. Easy accessibility, look, design and quality make this machine perfect for your kitchen. It is cost efficient therefore easily affordable. It produces less noise and the possibility of failure is zero.

    Product Details:

    The Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker has a smarter design than any other manual pasta makers. The look of the machine declares its class. This classy piece of machine is made from polished steel and food grade carbon. The qualitative purposes are achieved by using such kinds of materials. Very few or almost none use food grade carbon like Ovente PA515S as building material. The name suggests that it is a piece of classical art. The clamp is a polymer flatten clamp. This is why Ovente Pasta Maker is distinguished from all other pasta maker. Ovente has ensured all the qualities you need in a perfect pasta maker. The building materials, design, accessories that it provides show the validity of claiming this pasta maker as a perfect pasta maker. Also, different types of pasta cutters and other accessories are compatible and available in the market which will help you to make different types of traditional Italian noodles every day.

    Special Features:

    The Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker has some special features which make it more suitable for your need. The machine is undoubtedly good looking. It comes with three different colors. It has a roller length of 150mm. This pasta maker is special because it has an adjustable steel rollers ranging from 0.3 mm to 3 mm. It has stylish crank and a clamp. The crank is used to operate the machine. The strong clamp holds the machine strongly to the kitchen table. It also has a knob which allows you to interchange the thickness settings. It allows you to make pasta sheets of seven different thicknesses. It also makes smooth pasta sheets because of its smooth rollers. The pasta machine is very authentic pasta producer, durable and appealing in terms of the features it has.

    How to use:

    The Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker is also known for the features of easy accessibility as mentioned earlier. If you want to save time and energy you might want to buy this pasta maker because it is easily operated and makes pasta faster. To make pasta you will need some ingredient first. To prepare pasta dough you need some eggs, flour and water. Dough is prepared from the perfect mixing of these elements. Once they are mixed together they need kneading for a while so that the pasta sheets do not break or have any unwanted marks on it. After kneading if the dough does not remain sticky than it is perfectly ready to put through the rollers. To prepare the sheets you need to set up the machine first. In order to do that you need to attach the base firmly to the kitchen table with the clamp that is provided by the manufacturer. Attach the handle to the appropriate place and make sure that the handle works fine and rotate without much effort. After cutting the dough into small pieces put the dough through the rollers and keep rotating the handle. You will see the conversion of pasta dough into pasta sheets. You can adjust the thickness by putting the knob at right place. It is very easy to adjust the knob. You will have to put the dough several times in order to get perfect pasta dough. Adjust the cutters according to you mood and than make pasta.

    How to Clean:

    You can clean The Ovente Pasta Maker easily just by using a piece of soft cloth or a brush. You need to clean it after every use to make it long-lasting and look new. You need to clean the dough that sticks with the machine part by part. Swipe the cloth over the base of the machine to clean the dough. You can also clean the rollers by one swipe. The easy attachable and detachable tools of the machine allow you to clean perfectly. You can soak the cloth into water in order to clean the machine better. Never ever put the pasta maker into the dish washer.

    Types of Pasta It Can Make:

    A wide range of accessories are available with The Ovente Vintage along with the two additional cutters. This much variety of cutters allows you to make different traditional Italian noodles and pasta of different sizes and shapes. Such wide range of accessory is not common to other manual pasta makers. Thus, it becomes very special.  The two default cutters are the spaghetti cutter and fettuccine cutter. There are other cutters available. For example, angel hair cutter, lasagna cutter, mafaldine cutter or pappardelle cutter etc are available.. This and the adjustable thickness setting allow you to experiment with the pasta.  You can make angel hair of 1 mm, linguini of 9 mm, lasagna 45 mm of thickness. Isn’t it cool?

    About the Company and other Brand:

    This Stainless Steel Pasta Maker is made in Italy and manufactured by Ovente. Ovente has the reputation of building quality and elegant kitchen wares. The products are made according to the needs of the customers. Oventeis not different in this case. A lot of pasta makers by Ovente are available along with Ovente PA515S Pasta Maker. They come out as a series. For example, PA15S series, electric pasta maker PA815R series and PA518 SERIES are also available. Along with these Ovente has also produced- Ovente K683 Series 1.5 L Glass Kettle, Ovente Cool Touch Portable Ceramic Infrared Cook top Burner, Artic Ovente Vacuum insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with removable infuser and many other. The quality of the products of Ovente is unmatched. No customer has ever complained formally about the service of these kitchen wares.

    Entertaining Remarks:

    Caution!!! A pasta freak must not buy an Ovente Pasta Maker. It makes pasta so fast and cool that they will never stop eating pasta. This beautiful pasta maker makes authentic and flavorful pasta therefore they will not be able to resist the temptation to eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should keep them on watch.

    Price and Warranty:

    The price of this vintage product is very low which makes it more appealing to the customers. It will cost you only $120.20. It is rather unreliable to have such a beautiful pasta machine at a very low price. The price has nothing to do with the quality of the machine. The problem lies with the warranty. The Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker comes with no warranty. It has a huge effect on the popularity f the product. But the customers who have used this product are satisfied with the service and the wonderful building quality.

    Pros and Cons:

    Ovente has produced one of its master piece. This master piece is called Ovente PA515S. It has every good features of a perfect pasta maker. It is handsome looking, has a magnificent building quality, high quality materials etc. You can make pasta a lot faster. It produces less noise like electric pasta machine therefore you can make pasta in a peaceful environment. It is cost and energy efficient. It is known for the authentic, delicious and flavorful pasta that it makes. But there are some of the negative aspects too. For example, there is no warranty of this machine which makes it less desirable to the customers.  Also, sometimes the parts break down if you don’t use it carefully. Despite of these facts, it is a wonderful pasta maker that is worth a shot.

    Customer reviews:

    The customers have given a positive feedback about the services of the machine. It does not have the best customer reviews yet it is quite satisfactory. 238 customers have reviewed this pasta maker. Most of them have praised the wonderful service, flawless rollers, sturdy construction and the low price of Ovente PA515S. One customer has said that it is very light and portable therefore it can be easily put away. All these together suggest the supreme durability and usability of the Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker.


  • Ovente Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

    Ovente Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

    Ovente Pasta Maker

    Introduction of the Pasta Maker

    If you are a pasta-addict then you will know the difference between pastas of restaurant and homemade pasta. Adding up pasta in your regular boring meal can make your day fabulous. Who would not like to have a juicy pasta bowl when he is home from a boring office-day? Or if your children are at home from a lengthy lecture of school then would you mind surprising them by presenting an extraordinary pasta platter? Pasta is such a dish that no one can deny when hungry. The very best thing about homemade pasta is you can make it as healthier as you want. And so Ovente PA518S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker does that work for you. It makes the best pasta for you, your husband, your children and your family.


    • Ovente PA518S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker
    • Polished Chrome
    • 150 mm to 180 mm Size
    • Different thickness settings

    Satisfaction of a Manual Pasta Maker

    As a homemaker, you definitely like to make food by your own for your children or husband. And foods that are homemade do serve love to your folks. May be food is the best way to convey love and affection to the fellows. And pasta may be the best dish that does the work better than any other food items. This brings you to a point that you should have a Pasta Maker in your kitchen so that you can make your favorite pasta appetizer whenever you want. When you are bored and have nothing to do, making pasta can be the best time pass and by the side, you get satisfaction of your stomach. You can now easily make pasta by Ovente Pasta Maker. This is so easy that anyone can do it.

    Manual vs. Electric

    The taste of authentic pasta can never be beaten by any other pasta dish. Ovente brings you to the peak of genuine pasta yet that is full of flavor. This is a manual pasta maker. We know that this is the age of electric and motorized pasta makers. But peoplewho want the taste of bona fide and traditional pasta, they again and again come back to manual pasta maker like Ovente. Many people do not like to have Electric or Motorized pasta makers still. It is because they do not want to run to the mechanic every time when the pasta maker stops working. The worst fact about all the Motorized or Electric pasta maker is they do not last long. We often see that those pasta makers use to have some technical problems and after taking them to mechanics four or five times, the makers stop working. Even sometimes the makers become idle. Then people get nothing to do with that useless stuffs and throw them tothe garbage. You will have learnt that electric pasta makers or motorized pasta makers can harm you. If you are out of your home and you children or husband wants to make pasta then the electric pasta makers can do injury to them. And when you are out of home, usually you get worried about your children, if they are safe with the pasta maker out there or not. To seal up these problems, the only way you have is to choose a manual pasta maker. Nevertheless, Electric or Motorized pasta makers take less time to make pasta and manual pasta maker possibly will take more time than that to make pasta. But it makes you feel less worried. Always follow the term “Life is valuable than time.” And even if you are out of your home, then also your husband or children can make pasta for them with enjoyment.

    Attachments and Accessories

    The Ovente Pasta Maker is a homemade pasta maker by which you can make your desired pasta appetizer in your own kitchen. It is made of Stainless Steel and of high quality and food grade Carbon. So this product is durable enough to provide you life time facilities. It comes up with the three vibrant colors. If you love elegance then you can choose the Stainless Steel color. If you want a classy color then you can easily choose Matte Black. And finally, if you want to add color to your kitchen and are trendy enough to bear vibrancies then you should select the Metallic Red. The Pasta maker has two different sizes. You can select 150mm if you like small stuffs or have little space in your kitchen. Or if you do not like small pasta maker and have enough space for keeping large things then you should prefer the 180 mm size Ovente Pasta Maker. Ovente Pasta maker provides you with different accessories and attachments for doing the pasta making work with no trouble. You are getting 7 different settings by which you can adjust and determine the thickness of the pasta dough. With these 7 settings you can easily change you pasta dough thickness and make any pasta dish easily. You want to have Spaghetti? Just make the perfect dough for it and adjust the right thickness that you want.There you go. Just running the clamp you will get the pasta sheets before you read to cook. You can also make fettuccine with the double pasta attachment that you get with this pasta maker kit. This Ovente Pasta Maker comes with a hand crank with a plastic handle for letting the pasta roll and turning the pasta into several pasta sizes. For the sturdiness and stability of the pasta maker, Ovente has made the hand crank of the pasta maker by stainless steel. This will help you to be service from this pasta maker so many years. And we hope that this is a great example to let you know that how important the durability-fact is to the Ovente brand. The Ovente pasta maker also provides you with an adjustable clamp which will help you to secure the Ovente pasta machine on your counter top.

    Affordable and Effortless

    Such pasta maker with every facility may cost you so many dollars. But no, Ovente Pasta Maker is not expensive at all. Other than that, this best pasta machine is cheaper than any other manual pasta maker in the market that are not even of good quality.

    Any beginner with less knowledge can also take this product because it surely is every easy to handle, easy to use and eve easier to store. If you want to use the pasta maker occasionally and on the other time you want to keep it in the cargo space then also you can do it. Sometimes people have less space in the kitchen to keep such large device. And so you may need to store it for saving space. You can do it simply because it is light weighted and easy to bear. You can carry it from the kitchen to storage and storage to kitchen at times; it does not seem too much difficult for anybody.


    Now comes the part of cleaning. It is not an electronic or motorized pasta device. So it makes the cleaning portion easier for you. You can simply use a clean soft cloth to clean the pasta maker. You can use water to make it dirt free, as it is made of stainless steel so water does not harm you Pasta maker. In stainless steel, construction is unquestionably is a plus point of the machine. This pasta machine can support you your whole life, this is so sturdy.


    When comes to reviews, people are mostly positive. As it is not an electric or motorized pasta maker, it fails to make pasta that much fast. But when you compare the qualities a manual pasta maker is providing you, without any doubt you will be satisfied with the Ovente Pasta Machine. It is harmless to you and your family members, easy to use, easy to maintain. People love another thing about Ovente that when they get into any sort of problems with their bought Ovente pasta machine, the Ovente customer care assiduously supports the user and tries to supply possible solutions.


    • Stainless steel makes it sturdy
    • Help adjusting several thickness settings
    • Easy to use
    • Affordable


    • Takes time to make pasta
    • Does not come up with instruction book
    • Colors are a little vibrant

     Wrapping Up

    A manual pasta maker with such qualities can only be provided by Ovente, and so this brand is standing with many other top brands holding the best products. Pasta is not only a food, it transmits love. The Ovente Pasta Maker can make your love and affection more express-able by helping you to make the authentic and traditional pasta dishes for your family. SO from now on, with Ovente Pasta Maker, healthy and fresh pasta in but taste and flavor is never out! Grab you pasta maker as soon as you can and surprise your fellows with succulent pasta appetizer.


  • Ovente PA518R Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

    Ovente Pasta Maker

    Ovente Pasta Maker

    When it comes to pasta, my family is quite unmanageable. They are absolute pasta freaks. Being a homemaker, I always remain in pressure of providing them delicious yet nutritious pasta. I have tried loads of pasta machines but not a particular one could meet my expectations. One fine day I have to know about the Ovente pasta machine. As I started using the machine, I quite fell in love with this lovely looking gadget. It works so smooth and perfect that none can resist themselves from using it. Its adjustable rollers, double cutter attachments will let your pasta fantasies come true. Again, it has an immense power to handle workloads. I make pasta in daily basis and obviously in a huge quantity but still this gadget perform healthy. You can comfortably make noodles, Fettuccini, spaghetti, lasagne and several shaped pasta according to your desire. It has seven settings adjustable rollers that ensure perfect thickness of dough for you.

    About the product:

    This machine is something for which every pasta lover will crave. Authentic delicious platter of homemade pasta is no longer merely a dream. Yes, you can have your pasta with your preferable choices of ingredients into it. This pasta machine is a manual pasta machine.But you can attach pasta motor with your machine.Thus, you will not have to put any extra efforts. Just adjust the dough and switch it on. Your desired pasta will come out of the machine without any struggles.Within 15 minutes hour will witness a pile of delicious pasta.This machines made of high quality food grade carbon and stainless steel. These materials keep your machine healthy and give a longer lifetime. This machine comes with a hand crank, which is very easy to use and extremely comfortable for you to make pasta. Seven-position dial attachment allows you having several thickness of pasta dough ranging from .5mm to 3mm. Again, with the double cutters you can determine the shape of your pasta. Homemade pasta has no comparison. You can add extra flavors or simply change any of the basic ingredients of pasta. To make your pasta cooking fun, there is no alternative without using this gadget. That is not all;its out looks will certainly mesmerize you. This extremely good-looking machine comes with three different colors.

    Ovente is one of the leading companies that manufacture electric devices of present times. They have launched loads of gadgets and all are being run exceptionally well. Their quality products with outstanding finishing and interesting features have created the loudest outcry in the world of technology. This brand is reliable for your purchase. In addition, one of their signature products is pasta machine. This gadget has created a buzz among the pasta lovers.


    1. Colors:

    This machine comes with three different colors.These vibrant colors make its outlook better than any other products. The available colors are:

    • Polished chrome
    • Metallic red
    • Matte black


    1. Sizes:

    Two size options of 180mm and 150mm are prevailing. You may choose according to your need.

    1. Seven settings Thickness attachment:

    This very product assures seven variable thickness adjustment technologies. Now, you can maintain your pasta thickness according to your need.

    1. Double Cutting Attachment:

    This product gives you an opportunity to determine the shape of your pasta with the double cutting attachments.

    1. Weight: 2.4 kg
    2. Material:

    This product is made of food grade carbon and chrome plated stainless steel. Its exclusive building material makes it sturdier.

    Special features:

    1. Gadget Rack:

    This machine comes with a pasta rack where you can store all the parts of the machine so that                               any parts of it do not get lost.

    1. Attachable motor:

    In this era of digitization who wants to put physical efforts? To lessen your physical efforts, Ovente has brought this motor attachable spell bound machine. Just press a switch and enjoy watching your desired pasta coming out of the machine.

    1. Stainless steel hand crank with a plastic handle, gives you a comfortable experience in pasta making.
    2. Various recipes:

    This great feature makes this different from any other machine. It ensures a huge variety of pasta recipes. You can make almost every sorts of pasta with this machine.

    How to use ovine pasta machine:

    1. First, prepare your pasta dough and unbox your machine. Make sure the pasta do not get too hard or too soft.
    2. Next, set the machine up. Place it in a flat surface. Though it comes with a clamp but placing in a flat surface is safer. Adjust the thickness settings of your dough.
    3. Plug in the machine carefully.
    4. Set your dough into the rollers and let it be flattened. If you find it tough to roll your dough, add some water into it.
    5. St the cutters according to your pasta recipes. If you want lasagne or spaghetti, use the thick cutter. If you want noodles or fettuccini, use the thin cutter.
    6. Switch the machine on witness your pasta coming out of the machine.
    7. This machine can work for 1 hour continuously but after using for 1 hour give it rest for 15 minutes.
    8. After having your pasta ready, clean the machine with dry clothes. Never use water to clean it.
    9. Store the device in the rack that comes with it so that you will find every part next time using the machine.



    This sturdy pasta machine lets you to try every sorts of pasta. You can make ravioli, fettuccine, spaghetti, noodles, lasagne etc. This pasta machine gives you an amazing experience of creating different pasta. This machine will always bring good names for your cooking. A platter of fresh pasta made by ovente pasta maker will surely bring a smile to the faces of your family members. All you have to do is adjust the dough thickness and the cutters according to your pasta shape. If you want lasagne or spaghetti, use the thick cutter. If you want noodles or fettuccini, use the thin cutter. The best part of this machine is you can make noodles with this machine. Most of the pasta makers promise to give you the facilities of making all sorts of pasta but most of the time they fail to meet your expectations. Especially pasta makers are often witnessed to fail to ensure making noodles. However, ovente pasta maker allows you to make noodles using the Asian ingredients without any complications. It is the best pasta machine you have ever worked with.



    1. It is extremely user friendly. From the children to old grandpa everyone can use this machine easily. This brand understands the already existing complications of your life. So, they decided not to expand them more and brought this machine for you to lessen you complications. Just one single touch of your fingers and your fresh homemade pasta is ready.
    2. It comes with motor attachments. So, if your motor doesn’t work perfectly, you won’t have to through the machine away. You simply can change the motor. Isn’t it just great? This awesome feature has made it the best electric pasta machine of present times.
    3. In this busy lifetime is very valuable for us. So, this machine being electrical saves your time. You do not have to your valuable hours behind this machine. Within 15, minutes you will get your desired pasta.
    4. It can be cleaned and maintained very easily.


    Some times the price appears to be very high for this machine. But for a true pasta lover it is nothing. And the price is quite okay according to its work abilities.

    Price and Maintenance:

    You may find the machine pretty expensive. However, come on. You can pay for this magnificent machine, right? One thing is for sure that this machine worth you money.

    It provides you with a great relief in case of maintenance. It is very easy to keep and maintain. It comes with a pasta rack where you can put its parts. Again, as all the parts are detachable it is very easy to lean them individually. You do not have to go for the complicated machine cleaning. You can simply separate the parts and go for cleaning. One thing is to remember never use water to clean this machine. Always apply dry clothes or brush.


    You must or should make a smart choice in this shrewd world. So, when you are up to buy a pasta maker you will face a heap of pasta making products. But all of them are suitable for you, right? So, just go through the pasta maker reviews, compare the products and choose according to your needs. This pasta maker has a good reputation of having almost 4.5 Amazon stars and plenty of positive reviews. Customers are wines to share their pleasant experiences of using this machine.


    This product is a legend itself. However, for your further betterment you can also attach Kitchenaid ravioli and Kitchenaid pasta rollers with it. Overall, it is a life-changing gadget. It will surely complement your kitchen.