• Marcato Atlas Wellness Pasta Maker

    Marcato Atlas Wellness Pasta Maker


    Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker (copper) is mainly a manual pasta maker though you can convert into an electric pasta maker. This pasta maker has everything you are looking for. This is a perfect pasta maker that guarantees the genuineness of pasta making. There is a combination of tradition and contemporary style of pasta making in this wonderful pasta maker. What makes it more perfect is the unique and wonderful building material and quality, easiness of use and longevity along with other services it provides. It also has the best rollers and cutters which are very easy to clean. It comes with a crank, the base and a clamp to hold it with perfect stability. Two sets of cutters come with this machine as a default and also you can also buy accessories you need to use the machine of its best capability. Healthy pasta is produced because of its building materials. This machine is a piece of classical art which can be motorized and also operated by hands. The durability and productivity expected from customers are fulfilled by this machine.


    The simple yet fascinating design of this machine is specially made for the pasta lovers who like to taste different types of fresh and delicious pasta. It has other colors too with the same service. The functional use of this machine is made to reduce the complexity of making pasta which people had to face earlier. It is made with Oxy chlorination process with organic colors so that the purity of pasta is maintained. It is mainly made of anodized Aluminum which illustrates its supreme quality. There is an absence of chrome and nickel like other manual pasta maker therefore the pasta produced by it is absolutely pure. It is only of 5.7 pounds and therefore very light to move and store in your kitchen. Moreover, the wonderful copper color increases the beauty of your kitchen. The different accessories are also designed to provide best shape and size of pasta. The machine is designed in such a way that it will last long and will consistently provide you with great service.

    Special Features:

    The special features of this machine lay in the special making process of the machine, the types of pasta it produces and the accessories it comes with. The machine is called Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker because of it 1500 mm roller length. As mentioned earlier the making of this particular machine is different from other pasta maker and also the materials are different, it ensures that no residue of any metal will be present in the pasta you make. Alloy is used to make the rollers and cutters. It has a huge range of pasta cutters which allow you to make pasta within shorter period of time also the attachments and detachments are very simple process. The crank is flawless and wonderful in color. The clamp attaches it to the table which prevents the machine to disturb you by moving at the time of making pasta. There is a thickness adjustment knob with visible thickness number on it. You can handle the knob with one hand. It stands out for almost 10 positions ranging from 2mm to .25mmIt allows you to control the thickness of pasta sheet according to your will. It will help you to make different pasta as different thickness is requires by different types of pasta.

    How to Use:

    The pasta making process with Marcato Wellness 150 Pasta Maker is very easy. To start making pasta you have to set up the machine first. In order to do that you must attach the base with the table by using by the clamp provided by the manufacturer. You must tight it so that it becomes stable and does not move or jerk while making pasta because that might affect the pasta shape. Then you need to attach the crank to its place in the roller section. You must make sure that the roller can be rotated smoothly without much effort. Your machine is ready to make pasta. Now, you have to make pasta dough in order to make pasta sheets. The dough is made with the mixing of flour, eggs and water. After mixing, knead the dough well till the time it stops sticking with your hand. When the dough is ready you must put the dough through the roller and slowly but steadily rotate the handle. Adjust the knob to acquire your desired thickness. Then you must attach the cutters according to the types of pasta you want to prepare. You also need to change the position of the crank and attach it with cutters. Then put the sheets through the cutters and watch beautiful pasta coming out. It is that easy to make pasta with it. It takes lesser time than the ordinary pasta maker. If you motorize it, you will take even lesser time.

    How to Clean:

    If you want to keep your machine shiny and have a great service for a longer period of time without failing, you must clean it after use. The cleaning process Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker is very easy. The design is very simple therefore you can easily clean the machine. The combs and accessories can easily be removed because of its simple design. It allows you to clean the machine perfectly. You can clean then with a small paint brush or piece of cloth. You just need to make a swipe over the tools to remove the additional dough that sticks to it after making pasta. If you clean it regularly after using, you will always have a shiny pasta maker at your kitchen.

    Types of Pasta It Can Make:

    A wide ranges of pasta making cutters are available with Marcato Atlas. All the accessories are compatible with this machine therefore allows you make different types of traditional Italian Pasta. You can easily make Mafadine, Linguini, Reginette, Pappardelle, Lasagnette, Bigoli, Ravioli, Raviolini, Vermicelli, Trenett, Spaghetti Capellini, Spaghetti Chitara, Fetticcine and many other traditional and popular pasta. All these accessories allow you to make these very easily and you can guess how fun it would be to have aAtlas Pasta Maker in your kitchen. You can make different types of pasta every day.

    Company and Other Products:

    The logo in the machine shows the class of this machine. This beautiful machine is made in Italy. It is manufactured by Atlas. We expect that Wellness 150 Pasta Maker has maintained the quality like the other products manufactured by Atlas. Atlas has also produced Marcat Atlas Biscuit Maker, Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine with grand Mill Motor, Marcato Atlas Tacapasta collapsible pasta and noodle drying rack etc. along with this product. This product will surely give you long lasting and quality service like other Atlas Products. No complained has ever been received by the manufacturer about the quality of Atlas products.


    Marcato Atlas Wellness is like the magic lamp of Aladin. The only difference is that it only fulfills the wish of your love for pasta. If your mouth is watering, you might want to have this magical machine in your kitchen to taste different types of healthy and pure pasta. Pasta freaks are warned not to buy this machine because they will not be able to resist the temptation to have pasta every hour of the day.

    Price and Warranty:

    This machine is cost efficient if you compare it with other pasta maker and the services provided by them.  This machine is available at only $97.77 and come with 10 years of warranty. There is a balance between the price, warranty and services it provide unlike other pasta machine. For example, Ovente PA5155 Vintage Pasta maker is available at $72.98 and has no warranty. Also KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe has no warranty and is available at $279.00. Considering all the facts and comparison it shows that Marcato Atlas is more affordable and qualitative product than the other pasta maker. Many customers have praised this aspects of Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker.

    Pros and Cons:

    Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker is branded by famous company all over the world and makes healthy pasta for you. The qualitative sides are ensured by the manufacturer therefore we expect that it can be called the perfect pasta maker. Other pasta maker like Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker uses chromed steel whereas Wellness Pasta Maker uses anodized aluminum. For this reason, the pasta is more healthy and hygienic than the pasta made by other pasta maker. The incomparable building style and with perfect price and warranty it should be the most wanted pasta maker in the market. The pasta making process is very easy and takes less time. Also, when you motorize it takes lesser time. Shocking fact is that no customer has viewed or rated this pasta maker. Apart from that we expect that this pasta maker has things yet to discover by the valued customers. From all these perspective we can tag it as a best pasta maker.


  • Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

    Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine


    When jaded or worn-out, if you are offered a bowl full of flavorsome pasta dish, what would be your retort? No matter how polite and gentle you react before people, you will certainly be so blissful to have you beloved pasta dish on your hand. When it comes to pasta then the only brand Marcato Atlas comes in aid of you. The Marcato Atlas Pasta machine or Grain Mill Motor will never dissatisfy you, because it has the quality to provide you the best pasta in less time than any other pasta maker. You can use any manual pasta maker to make your pasta dish. But have you ever imagined what if you get such a motor that provides with you Grand-ma flavor pasta but in a half time than the previous pasta maker? This Pasta Maker Motor will always help you to create your very own pasta dish in no time. And here you can save your energy and time both. So with the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Grain Mill Motor, time and energy saving is totally in, but homemade delectable pasta is never out!


    • Made by Marcato
    • Features two speeds
    • Fits almost every Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker. Can cope up with Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Pink, Gold, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Black, Green and Copper. Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Classic, Atlas 180 Pasta Machine and also with the Marcato Marga Grain Mill
    • Not washable in water. Pasta machine or any parts of the pasta machine cannot be washed in the dishwasher
    • 3 year warranty

    Specifications and Qualifications:

    Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine/ Grain Mill Motor is made in Italy with will help to gain the best pasta dish for your family every evening. This Pasta drive motor will fit any of the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machines. The Atlas and Ampia models which hold the CE safety seal can also be adjusted with this pasta motor. But you have to remember that the Atlas and Ampia model should be made after 1998. Here, the great part is, for the earlier versions you can also procure an adaptor. All the pasta machines of Marcato Atlas will be motorized with this device. That means, if you have any Marcato Atlas crank pasta maker which is also called handy pasta maker, then that will convert into a motorized pasta maker. This Marcato Atlas Grain Mill Motor can alter a crank pasta maker into a 2 speed electric pasta machine so that you can get it easy to use in rolling out your healthy pasta dough into pasta sheets.

    Pasta Makers that Match:

    For making pasta with the best Marcato Atlas Pasta Grain Mill Motor, you need a Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. The Motor fits only in Marcato’s pasta maker. It fits in

    • Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Classic
    • Atlas 150 Pasta Machine (Pink, Gold, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Black, Green and Copper)
    • Atlas 180 Pasta Machine
    • Marcato Marga Grain Mill

    Motorized vs. Handy:

    This is the age of revolution and why would you be stuck in the former way of living? People are busy with stuffs nowadays and no one has time to make food at home every day. But for you, you believe, your family and their health come first. And that is the only reason you but a Pasta Machine, isn’t it? A homemaker, no matter she is a job holder or not, always runs for her family and brings the super native things for them. We are here just to assist you in making your healthy life easier than ever.

    Just imagine about those manual and handy pasta makers. They may make your pasta to provide you healthy food. But do they save you time? No, right? You need to make your dough by yourself and then you need to put them inside the rollers. Those pasta makers have a clamp and after putting the pasta dough into the rollers, you need to drive the clamp to get your pasta sheets from the dough. To run the clamp you need both energy and time. It is harsh for your hands too. Because when you run the clamp, it needs too much effort to run it and get the pastas done. If you have problems regarding your hand then it is quiet impossible for you to run the clamp and make the pasta sheets. Even it is so much tough for your little children to run the clamp if you are not at home.

    When your guests are at you home and you need to serve them food what would you do? Your children are going to school and you need to prepare their Tiffin or mid-day meal, then what? You are away from home and your husband or children need to cook for their own, what is the way out? There is no one who would deny a pasta bowl when they are hungry. Pasta has reached such a position that no one will reject the dish for luncheon or dinner. Here, market packed pasta can be a solution to quench the pasta-thirst. But is that healthy for your family and fellows? It can never be. And so Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine with Marcato Atlas Pasta Grain Mill Motor is the lone way to make homemade pasta when you are in a rush.

    Why Marcato Atlas Pasta Motor?

    You can face many problems with a handy or manual pasta maker. The solution to you all difficulties is Marcato Atlas Grain Mill Motor. The only work you need to do is making you dough. You can mix any kind of ingredients in the dough to make the pasta dish healthy. Then you just need to get your Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine prepared by joining the Marcato Atlas Grain Mill Motor. What next? You simply have to set the healthy pasta dough between the rollers of the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine and switch on the motor. That’s all you need to have a juicy and delectable pasta dish. The Marcato Atlas Grain Mill Motor will do its work and your pasta sheets will be ready before you. You will only be required to cut the pasta sheets according to your desired pasta plate and there you go. Cut pasta will be before you ready-to-cook. Now Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Lasagna, Angel Hair and even your very own Ravioli can be primed in your own dining table if you have got a Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker with Marcato Atlas Pasta Grain Mill Motor. You definitely want you pasta ready in the shortest period of time. And only Marcato Atlas Pasta Grain Mill Motor provides you the opportunity to get you flavorsome pasta in your kitchen in a few minutes only. In the case of this motor, you do not need to be tensed about your family when you are out of home. If you are out, you husband can make his pasta in simply by this procedure because this is the simplest and the most time saving way. Here you do not need to run the clamp by yourself. So it turns out to be trouble free for you to make pasta without wasting energy on it.

    Marcato Atlas Brand:

    People are seeking for the best brand of pasta maker and other accessories and the only name comes before is Marcato Atlas. Why? It is because, Marcato Atlas, the brand is producing pasta makers since 1930 and it has been over 80 years of their experience. This Marcato Atlas brand is an Italian brand, where Pasta itself dwells in. A pasta maker brand form the region where pasta belongs will surely know what they are doing and what they are up to. They are known best because of their focus on the materials they use and the design the make. The patented wellness factor of the pasta rollers ensures that no detrimental particles or elements can gain entry into your pasta dough when rolling or cutting. Comparing to any other brand, Marcato Atlas provides you with the adequate warranty period. The review also says that Marcato Atlas worth trust and support to be the best brand regarding pasta machine and other attachments.


    • Time saver
    • Energy saver
    • 3 years warranty
    • Gets both your hands free so you can work with the pasta dough


    • Expensive
    • Made of heavy-duty plastic (people prefer metal because metal is long lasting)
    • A little noisy

    Finishing Up:

    No matter which Pasta Maker and attachments you buy, the reason of buying is dining with healthier food along with making life easier than before. Marcato Atlas is a renowned brand form 1930 from the pasta-state Italy. So no question can be raised on the pasta it makes, because you get the authentic taste of Italy. Pasta is not only for the pro, now with Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine and Grain Mill Motor a beginner can easily learn proficient pasta making art just like the pasta chefs. Save your time and energy with the Marcato Pasta Grain Mill Motor and serve you family with the superlative pasta dishes.


  • Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine Set

    Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine Set


    A Pasta machine set from a company originated from the homeland of pasta itself, Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine Set provides you with the ultimate pasta making experience. This article will take you through a journey and by the end of it, you’re guaranteed to feel intrigued about this amazing piece of machinery. Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine set is made from chrome and nickel plated steel  which gives it a sleek and stylish look. Also the machine is hand operated , which makes it endearing to perfectionists who like to enjoy the whole process. This beautiful wizard of a pasta maker has nine thickness setting and includes attachments which enables it to manufacture a whopping seven kinds of pasta. With hundreds of pasta makers in today’s market, it’s really tough for the buyers to decide which one is the best, but Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine set is certainly among one of the best pasta machines for home sets if not the best of them all.

    The Machine Set:

    The Atlas Marcato Pasta Machine set is the best pasta maker for every pasta lovers who prefer freshly baked pasta over stale pastas from the stores. It is a six piece set which contains Atlas 150 pasta maker, Ravioli attachment, Spaghetti attachment ,  Reginette attachment , two booklets with color photos and instructions and lastly a Ravioli cutter . The Atlas 150 pasta machine is a non electrical machine which works with a handle. The body of the machine is made of nickel-plated and chrome-plated steel which enables it to resist corrosion for a long time. Also, the machine does not release any kind of harmful metallic residue. The manufacturers emphasized on making the machine from top class materials which ensures it’s harmlessness. They redesigned it as the wellness machine. The dimensions of the pasta maker is  7-1/2” L * 5” W * 5-1/2” H (without attachments) attachments – 7”L * 4-1/2” W * 3-1/2” H . The shipping weight of the package is 13.1 pounds which is on the heavier side comparing with the lightweight pasta makers like Ken wood pasta maker . The Atlas 150 pasta maker features flat rollers for dough sheets. With that comes four easily removable cutting plates which make lasagna, reginette , spaghetti , raviolini ( little ravioli ) ,fettuccine , tagliolini and pappardelle . A number regulating knob with 9 positions controls the opening between the flat rollers. It gives the users liberty to vary the pasta thickness according  to their liking. The machine is easy to grip and clean as it has plastic handles for the handle and clamp.

    What makes it special?

    The accessories included in the set are the most sought after in order to make a large variety of pasta shapes and flavors.  The inclusion of these accessories make this set the most versatile pasta maker set in the market undoubtedly  . Chrome and nickel plated silver gives it a long life and immunity from rust and almost all other metallic pollution’s . It has got an outstanding 4.8 out of 5 rating in Amazon.com pasta maker reviews  which complements the machine’s brilliance.

    Using the machine:

    Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine set is the best pasta maker for the beginner and experienced pasta makers alike. Here’s some instructions about how to use the machine who are using it for the first time. At the beginning, set the machine onto the table or work surface with the clamp provided and insert the handle into the roller hole.Then comes the attachments. Follow the manual to attach the attachments according to your need. Before that clean the attachments by papers towels and clean the machine with a dry cloth to remove any excess oil. To clean the rollers, pass a small quantity of dough through them and then throw the dough away. After going through the cleaning process comes the dough making. Users should remember not to use eggs directly taken out of the fridge. To make the dough, at first pour the flour into a bowl and the eggs into the middle of the flour. Then mix the eggs with a fork until they are completely blended with the flour. Knead the mixture with your hands until it becomes completely consistent. If the mixture is too dry, add some water; if it is too soft, add some flour. A good mixture should never feel sticky to the fingers .Remove the mixture from the bowl and place it onto a lightly floured table. If necessary, continue to knead the mixture and cut it into small pieces. To cut the dough with the machine , set the machine regulator to it’s required position . Then pulling it outwards and turning it will open the two smooth rollers completely. While turning the handle, pass a piece of mixture through the machine. Fold the dough over and add some flour to the middle if necessary and repeat passing the mixture through the machine 5 to 6 times. After the dough has taken regular shape , it should be passed through the rollers only once with the regulators set on 0.2 mm . Then cut the dough using a knife. To get the desired pasta, insert the handle in the hole for the cutting rollers ,turn it slowly and pass the dough. That’s how you get fresh pasta so easily by Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine Set.


    To remove the cutting attachments, lift  up which will make it slide up along its tracks. To clean the machine after use, a brush or a wooden rod might be used. Never wash the machine with water or in the kitchen sink .Use a damp rag to clean it. To clean the inside of the machine, go through by removing the plastic protectors. Users should use vaseline or mineral oil on the ends of the cutting rollers if they deem necessary. The machine is made from chrome and nickel plated steel, so dirt doesn’t stick to it so it. Which makes the cleaning process a lot easier for the customers. While pasta making by this machine is fun , an easy cleaning process makes this machine more desirable. Users just have to remember not to insert any sharp metal object like knives or clothes in the rollers. After use, they can easily put it back to the original box.

    One Multipast Set, Multiple Types of Pasta:

    Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine set lets it’s users to make an astounding 7 kinds of pasta. Considered the best pasta roller Atlas 150 pasta maker alone is capable of preparing 3 different kinds of pasta shapes: lasagna, fettuccine (6 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm) . Also, 4 more kinds of pasta can be made by adding the attachments included in the set . Customers can make reginette , spaghetti , pappardelle and raviolini (little ravioli) by using the attachments .

    The More The Merrier:

    The magic of this machine doesn’t stop here. While being able to make seven different kinds of pasta is brilliant, the machine can be used to prepare some other food items too.  Users can prepare dumpling sheets for Chinese foods or Indian bread called roti . It can also be used to spread a sheet for pizza base. The package includes some attachments and with the cutters of different shapes provided with them, an interested food lover can always experiment and produce something unique.

     The Company Behind This Amazing Machine:

    Atlas Marcato has brought this amazing machine and intends to make it a common household instrument. The machine set is made in Italy and it is safe to say that Italians know the art of pasta making as it is their own signature food. The company is a very reputed one and almost all the customers are extremely satisfied. They manufacture their products with the best interest for their customers. In all the online marketplaces , the reviews for the products made by them are extremely positive.


    Price Specification:

    The Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine Set is priced $266.09 in Amazon and it has an additional shipping cost of $3.99 .Comparing to pasta maker kitchenaid set which includes kitchenaid ravioli and kitchenaid pasta roller ,this set reasonably priced. It is shipped from and sold by moscho-group. The set is an excellent deal for what the customers are paying because the attachments cost a huge deal of bucks if bought separately. The company has aided the customers with a 3 year warrantee for the machine set.


    The machine set is extremely handy for the novices and professionals alike. Users can prepare pasta at their first try by this pasta maker even if they have never tried it before. The machine is so easy to clean too. It is made from chrome and nickel plated steel which makes it a very strong machine capable of withstanding many years of pasta making. Also, top grade raw materials used behind the manufacturing of the machine is responsible for it’s Wellness. No residue on the pastry, no oxidation or change when coming into contact with water, extremely easy to clean ,that is what  Wellness is about. The machine is quite inside the price range for the pasta enthusiasts. Also, it is operated manually which gives the pasta lovers a natural feeling. The sleek and stylish look, easier operation , longevity , diversity really sets Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta Machine Set apart. People who used it said it was even better than the best electric pasta maker.


    The machine can only be used manually. Though it’s very easy to use, the people who are accustomed to electric machines won’t fancy it. Also, the attachments have guards which sometimes cause the pasta to get stuck. While the machine set is strongly built, the warrantee of 3 years is not exactly the highest given by pasta machine manufacturers.

    This is an amazing machine which will let the users through an unique experience of enjoyment while making pasta. If you want to have that experience, go and grab one of this quickly .


  • Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

    Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

    Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

    Nothing can taste better than the bona fide and authentic homemade Italian pasta, and so Marcato brings you to the planet of pasta appetizer that is real scrumptious and full of flavor. Traditional Italian pasta can never be compared with any pasta dish, because the flavor it bears can never be evaluated. If you are a genuine taste bud, only you will know the difference of experiencing the authentic pasta in your meal.Marcato, the brand’s original and unique world famous Pasta machine, Atlas Pasta Maker can roll and cut the dough of pasta to make the traditional Italian pasta in your own home. Make your food healthier than ever by the best homemade pasta platters only with Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine and surprise your family with startling food item.

    The traditional Pasta Maker

    The traditional pasta dishes bear the real taste of pasta and now it is your time to make the conventional pasta to make a hectic day beautiful. You can make 3 kinds of pasta by this pasta machine. If you love to eat Lasagna, you are welcome to create the shape of lasagna by this maker. If you want to make Fettuccine then also you can easily make the figure of it. And if you desire for the best Tagliolini even then you can form its shape by your very own Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. So it is undoubtedly easy for you to have the restaurant’s taste in your own kitchen.

    Job of the Maker

    This pasta maker is easy to use and no matter if you are new in kitchen then also you will not face any difficulty in using it. The material used in this Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine is Stainless steel. So it is durable and water does not harm the body of the maker. The pasta maker is proficient to do two works.

    • Rolls the dough to make pasta
    • Cuts the pasta dough

    Types of Pasta

    You get pasta cutter with this pasta maker kit. You also get 3 different shapes of discs for making 3 different pastas in your home. With this pasta maker you can make

    • Lasagna
    • Fettuccine
    • Tagliolini


    • The Marcato World famous Atlas Pasta Machine can roll and cut pasta dough.
    • It is made in Italy so it brings you the authentic Italian taste
    • The material is stainless steel including the pasta machine, cutter, complete instruction, hand crank, clamp and 10 years manufacturer’s warranty
    • It can easily make 3 shapes of pasta and you can easily attach other accessories or motor that are sold separately
    • Can roll the dough up to 150 mm wide and has 10 different thicknesses

    Structure and Attachments

    The 3 shapes are equipped to simply attach any Pasta Drive motor or else any of the 12 pasta cutters and accessories that are sold separately. We are providing you with a hand crank. The clamp that is given with the pasta maker helps you to roll the dough. You get this pasta maker with the complete instruction. So you do not get confused about what to do and what to not with this maker. People often do not know how to use a pasta maker and create mess. And for this reason, very often the quality pasta makers also fail to attain the anticipated durability and become a useless device. But for the instruction book we let you know about the correct way to use it and so this maker stays in your kitchen year after year.

    You can also adjust the thickness of the pasta dough. You can roll up the dough to 150 millimeters wide. It has 10 different thickness settings. You can make pasta which is 0.6 mm thin just like a paper and you can also roll the pasta up to 4.8 mm thick. The rolled up dough guarantees more consistent texture, quality, cooking time, flavor and taste.

    From there, where Pasta Belongs

    Which pasta maker can make better traditional pasta than Marcato Original Atlas Pasta Machine? Pasta, the pure Italian dish can never be compared with any other dishes of any part of the world. And Marcato Original Atlas Pasta Machine belongs from the real pasta region, Italy. Now you can visualize easily that why this maker offers you with the authentic taste of traditional pasta.

    Manual to Motorize

    If you get a motor to attach with the machine then it already becomes fast, and you can also use the clamp for fastening the pasta machine. Marcato’s original Atlas Pasta maker has already made numerous kinds of different pasta makers within a short era. But still, the best pasta makers of the world believe and consider that Marcato has never been careless about their quality.

    Though there are a lot of motorized and electric pasta makers in the market, but we will still agree with the term that “no competition in tradition.” Yes, electric pasta maker is still incapable of inducing and convincing us. It is because; we still consider that Pasta with the manual clamp can make pasta with love and affection, which an electric pasta maker cannot do. But if you desire to get a motorized pasta maker which will save your time and energy, then for you, Marcato is providing the opportunity to attach motor to this pasta machine and to make it motorized.

    Fast and Perfect Maker

    With this maker, you get your pasta dough turning into sheets in few minutes. Do not worry about if the pasta sheet is tearing or not, because for the machine’s structure, you get the long pasta unbroken pasta sheet.

    The rollers of this Marcato Atlas Pasta machine are not made of heavier metal, so you get the healthy sheets that pass through the light rollers.

    Because of the surface of the pasta maker, the rollers can grab the dough better than any other pasta machine. And this leads to more exact results such as it supplies even thickness across the whole dough sheet and perfectly cut the pieces of the pasta.

    Durability and Performance

    The machine is enough durable and quite strong. The arm is effortless to turn when the maker is steadily placed on the counter top. You do not need to confer much effort for turning it. You will not have any trouble in holding the clamp firmly with your hand as long as necessary. Marcato never crave for look, we believe in the betterment of our product.

    When it comes up to performance, this pasta maker does super job. It can cut the sheets with accuracy and precision. As long as you have arranged the proper dough, you should not be expecting simply puncture or perforation.


    • Makes consistent dough
    • Durable that any other pasta makers
    • You can adjust thickness settings from the exactly as thin as paper to the as thick as 4.8 mm
    • For the newbie it is so easy to use


    • If you are a seasoned pasta maker and you keep this maker unused for months then it may not work properly and you might face difficulties to get your desired dough
    • Sticky dough may not result as good as you want
    • Water can harm the engine of the machine


    This is no doubt a versatile pasta maker, but you have to be solemn about the cleaning and maintenance. Let us come to the cleaning part. Making pasta may seem enjoyable and eating them might be more pleasant, but when it comes to cleaning it up? That is the most lackluster task a pasta maker can do ever but this Marcato Atlas Pasta maker is so easy to clean. You just need to wipe it for cleaning. You have to use a dry brush or any dry cloth. It is that simple! Read the instruction book for the maintenance required, with the proper maintenance you can hold the Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker for so many years.


    Many brands will provide you so many cutters for different shapes of pasta; here we are providing only 3 shapes. Because we do not believe in quantity, we go for quality. If you want you can separately buy the cutters for cutting other kind of pastas and can attach them with this pasta maker. It will definitely do the work of having several shapes of homemade pasta in one machine.


    The best part of this pasta maker is yet to come! If you are having this pasta maker then you are getting 10 years manufacturer’s warranty! That would definitely make you flabbergasted, isn’t it? Yes, believe what you are reading, you are certainly getting 10 years manufacturer’s warranty. And this will indubitably show you the quality we carry.


    A healthy homemade conventional pasta dish can help your mood swing form monotonous work and can make your day beautiful. And when you get the authentic Italian traditional pasta dish with the Marcato Original Pasta Machine from the same state, can you ask for anything more? Get this pasta maker today and change the picture of your dinner table with luscious pasta platters.