• Imperia Series Manual Restaurant

    Imperia Series Manual Restaurant


    Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro has a semi-professional value in pasta making sector. It is primarily a manual pasta maker with a capacity of working with a removable motor. It provides the best rollers and cutters. This pasta maker is distinguished from other pasta makers for its stylish and innovative design. No attachments come with it. But several attachments are available. The rollers are specially designed for professional use therefore it gives an efficient service in the kitchen and a restaurant like pasta quality at home. This pasta machine is known for its durability, usability and productivity. The pasta making process is faster with this machine as it is a convertible pasta maker. This saves precious time and extra labor. This is a perfect pasta maker for a kitchen to make pasta on a regular basis.

    Product Details:

    Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro has a very sophisticated and effective design. The practical design is similar to the pasta makers by Imperia. Therefore it has the same capability of making wonderful pasta. It is made of chrome plated steel and is not polished therefore it is not glossy. Material like steel gives a longer life to the machine. It normally comes with a handle, a clamp and a base. There are other attachments which will allow you to bring variations in shapes and sizes are also available but do not come with the machine. The whole machine is around 25 pounds in weight. The building quality of this machine is amazing. The stainless steel base and stylish and innovative design is new to the pasta making sector. It is specially designed for the comfort and smooth experience of pasta making.

    Special Features:

    Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro has everything you are looking for in a pasta maker. This machine is capable of making pasta sheets of different thickness because of the thickness adjustment knob. The clamp limits unnecessary movement which may cause strain in the pasta. The handle is easily operated by hands. You can operate and adjust the thickness knob at the same time. It has a wonderful rate of making pasta which can also be enhanced. The high quality materials ensure the long life of the machine. It also makes this pasta maker more durable than any other pasta makers available in the market. Also, the easy accessibility allows you to operate the machine without any complexities. This machine is wonderfully time efficient too and produces less sounds. Last but not the least it makes high quality and flavorful pasta.

    How to Use:

    Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro is also known for easy accessibility. The machine has three parts-the base, a clamp, a handle. The base should be attached to the table by the clamp which comes with it to make it stable. The handle is used to operate the machine. Pasta making process with this machine becomes very easy once you know the functions of different parts. Make the dough using ingredients according to the flavor you want to have. Then flatten it to put them through the rollers. Once the dough is ready adjust the thickness settings by readjusting the knob. Put the sheet several times to have a better pasta sheet. Then, attachment is required to have desired pasta. Add any attachment and put the sheet through it while rotating the handle. The pasta will start coming out. The whole process can be done in a shorter period if you attach a motor with the machine.

    How To Clean:

    The simple and sophisticated design of this machine is very easy for the users to clean. Although no cleaning accessory comes with the machine, it can be cleaned effortlessly by just using a brush or cloth. Take a soft cloth and soak it with water if necessary to clean the base and around it. You can use a brush to clean the additional attachments as they are removable. The consistent and long lasting service of the machine depends on proper caring of the machine. To shine like new and having the same service after ages you need to clean it on a regular basis.

    Types of Pasta It Can Make:

    Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro is capable of making pasta of different shape and sizes. Because it has rollers to control the thickness of pasta sheets which is necessary to make different types of pasta. Another reason is that a number of attachments are available in the market and are compatible with this kitchen tool. Both these features allow this machine to make wonderful pasta of different kinds. Make pasta sheets according to the required thickness and attach the necessary equipment with the machine. Then you can bring a variation in the taste. You can make various pasta like- fettuccine, spaghetti, angel hair, pappardelle, and gnocchi if you have the attachments in your kitchen. They don’t come with the machine but available in the market.

    About the Company and Other Products:

    Imperia Series Manual Restaurant is manufactured by CucinaPro. It is made in Italy like all other CucinaPro kitchen gears. CucinaPro has launched more than 25 products so far. Those gears are distinguished from similar gears of other companies in a remarkable way. The services are proven by the satisfied customers. You can rely on any product that is manufactured by CucinaPro. The Italian handmade kitchen gears have extra admiration all over the world. Imperia Series Manual Restaurant is no exception as a product of CucinaPro. CucinaPro has become another name of reliability. It has launched several products like-CucinaPro Electric Tortilla Maker, Wooden Pizza Peel by CucinaPro, CucinaPro 1473 Non-Stick Four Square Waffle Maker, CucinaPro Pizza Maker and Everyday Baker and many others. All these products have extra demand in the market like other famous brands and their products.


    It is like a magic tool in the kitchen just like the magical kitchen where you get anything you want. Ask any variety of pasta from this machine and it will prepare it for you. The magic of this machine converts little pasta dough into pasta of different sizes, shapes and flavors. This magical machine works by your hand or by detachable motor. It has the capacity of making pasta like a wizard who has the capacity of showing magic tricks. Don’t get too excited so fast. You have to make pasta dough properly to see the magic trick.

    Price and Warranty:

    The products of CucinaPro always have the collaboration between the price and warranty of the products. Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro is slightly different from other products. This pasta machine is not rated by any of the valued customers. This pasta machine is available at $599.00 on the Amazon. The price is high and it is an expensive machine. But the features and services of this machine should also be considered simultaneously. The warranty is not specified by its manufacturer. This machine probably has a warranty of a life time. That means having this pasta machine is like securing the smooth pasta making experience for a life time. This expensive machine may also seem to be un-affordable on to the customer but the over-all aspects of the machine require a second consideration.

    Pros and Cons:

    Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro has both sides. Though the negative aspects are out-numbered by the positive aspects, you might want to know all about this machine. The main advantage of having this pasta maker is to have the feelings of pasta making in a restaurant with identical quality. It is because the machine is designed to give you a professional experience of pasta making. It will also give the experience of an electric pasta maker. The assistance of a motor will increase the pasta making capacity of the machine. Therefore, it will allow you to have pasta while saving manual operation and also a great deal of precious time. Different kinds of pasta making quality will help you to not get bored with the similar type of pasta every day. It will bring a variation in the shapes and sizes of the pasta. While talking about the negative aspects it must be mentioned that this is a very expensive machine. Also, the additional accessories that you have to buy are costly too. It does not make pasta dough automatically like electric pasta makers for sure but it certainly makes better pasta than them.

    Customer Reviews:

    Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro does not have any customer review on Amazon. But we expect that this convertible pasta maker will be a great choice for your kitchen. The aesthetic aspects of this machine will change the decorum of your kitchen. The awesome design of this pasta maker has a value of its own. It makes your kitchen beautiful by matching with the color of other kitchen tools. This machine is enchanting and catches the eye of a beauty lover.   Also, the qualitative purposes will serve you with great intensity. It will mainly help you to make fresh, delicious and healthy pasta for your near and dear ones. Ease of use, productivity and the long lasting service of Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro will be the first thing you might want to consider while buying a pasta machine.


  • Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (190) By Cucina Pro

    Imperia Pasta Maker Machine By Cucina Pro

    Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (190)

    When you are way to your home, you need peace there. And Pasta is something that brings you to the paradise.You should know the CucinaPro, the pasta maker, is the way to get the best pasta ever for homemade pasta. Who will deny that they would not love to have a delicious pasta dish when they are bored stiff? Definitely no one will. Everyone is mad about pasta. And when it comes to authentic and traditional pasta such as Spaghetti or Fettuccine, people die for these. And think about Angel Hair. Won’t you like to have this when you are more than hungry? What about Ravioli? It will take you to a trip to Italy. Lasagnette is also a darling pasta dish for many people out there. And anytime you go through any homemade pasta appetizer, all you think about the originality, freshness and healthiness. And life is all about being healthy and being physically fit. And pasta makes it all. Now you are all set to get delicious café-like pasta in your own kitchen.


    • Material is chrome coated steel
    • Makes Fettuccine, Angel Hair, Lasagnette, Ravioli and Spaghetti
    • All the attachments and cutters are included

    The Brand

    Cucina is all well known brand for Pasta Makers. This brand is providing the people with the best pasta makers for many years. It has quickly become one of the best pasta maker brands and so it is now standing between the top leading brands. They have earned the position for their quality products. The pasta making products of CucinaPro are long-lasting and endurable, well-built and sturdy, easy-to-use and uncomplicated for beginners, affordable and not prohibitive. It makes the most scrumptious pasta that is full of flavor. Some people have also reviewed that this pasta maker makes pasta that are identical to the same pasta that are provided by Italian top graded restaurants. This CucinaPro Pasta Maker brand is rated 4.5 to 5 stars. It is not just a thing which bears only a great beauty, this pasta maker is an entity of supreme practicality. And for a beginner, it will be super easy to bring it into play because it is modeled keeping in mind about the beginners and the professionals.

    Different Pastas it can make

    This pasta maker set includes everything you need to make your much loved pasta platter. No matter what you want to eat. Spaghetti is as easy as pie to this incredible pasta maker. It lets you have your own homemade pasta just like you want.  Fettuccine or Ravioli is just a piece of cake for you with this best ever pasta maker.Angel Hair or Lasagnette is made well by this pasta maker. So now you just have to make the dough and all the other works will be done by this incredible pasta maker. The dishes you can make with this CucinaPro Pasta Machine are –

    • Spaghetti
    • Fettuccine
    • Angel Hair
    • Lasagnette

    Ravioli Attachments and Other Information

    This kitchen pasta maker is first-rated because it can make different kinds of pasta for you in less time than the other manual pasta maker. The pasta maker is chrome plated coated steel. So it is so durable than any other pasta making device. With this CucinaPro pasta maker set you are getting five different cutters included for the five different shapes of the desired pasta you want. With this pasta maker you can make Spaghetti if you want. If you like to have Fettuccine then also you can add up the dish to you dining table with the help of this CucinaPro Pasta Maker. Angel Hair can also be made by your very own CucinaPro Pasta Maker. All you need to do is make the dough perfectly with all your favorite and healthy ingredients. Then you just have to put the dough between the rollers and hold the clamp. Spin it till the entire pasta dough appears before you in pasta sheets. That is all you needed. And now you have to cut the pasta sheets according to your preferred pasta item. Other than Spaghetti and Fettuccine, you can also make your darling Angel Hair that can make your children fall in love with this pasta maker. Making Ravioli sheets are also very easy with CucinaPro pasta maker. And whenever you want to have the Lasagnette, you can have the taste of it through this CucinaPro homemade pasta machine.

    Motorized vs. Handy: Buying Cucina is never a loss

    Think about what you look when you buy a homemade pasta maker? You search for a pasta maker that is endurable, sturdy and easy to use. Electric pasta maker has definitely made a revolution in pasta making world. But it can never take the position of a manual pasta maker. No other pasta maker is as easy as a manual pasta maker to use. When you are having a pasta maker, you do not want to run to the mechanic constantly for issues of the pasta maker. You unquestionably want a pasta maker that makes your work effortless. But an electric or motorized pasta maker use to get impracticable. The motor of the pasta maker sometimes creates problems. The electric pasta makers have got electric problem and other mechanical issues. So if you want to buy an electric pasta maker just to do your work quickly, then think twice before you buy. Because it will not fasten your work at all, rather it will drag in you in such problems where you will get tired of solving the mechanical troubles of the machine and finally you will have to store the machine forever or will have to throw it away and discard the pasta maker. This is not only waste of time and energy; this also causes waste of money. If you invest in an electrical or motorized pasta maker, you will have to pay the bills of the mechanic and also have to find the machine unusable eventually. So you will need to buy another pasta machine again for your homemade pasta. This will cause wastage of your wealth also. In this sense, if you think about any manual pasta maker, especially about CucinaPro Pasta maker, then you will find that it is not motorized or electric. So you do not get into trouble with wasting money on the machine, wasting time and energy on running after mechanics. And moreover when you have a manual pasta maker then you do not have any option to get injured by it. Whereas when you are with an electric or motorized pasta maker, you need to know that it can anytime harm you because it runs though electricity or motor. When you are out of home, your children can get wounded by any motorized or electric device. So they are not risk-free for your children. But when you have a CucinaPro Deluxe Pasta Maker Set, then you are free from these disadvantages. Even when you are not in home, your children are also able to make their favorite pasta dish because CucinaPro Pasta maker will not injure them. The other fact is, if you are always from home, your husband can also manage to cook pasta for him if he wants by this pasta maker. It is so easy to use for every people that from children to the elder members, everyone can make use of this product.

    Fresh and Healthy Pasta Maker: The most Affordable maker

    When it comes to the CucinaPro Pasta Maker, you can make fresh pasta because you need to make your dough by yourself. For this reason, you can add anything in the pasta dough that means you can add any vegetables, juices or any other ingredients. Or you can also apply the Grand-ma recipe that includes eggs to make your favorite pasta foodstuff. As pasta is filled up with nutrients, you will also want that you family and friends take homemade fresh pasta for well-being. Now, when you talk about the price then you will surely be surprised to know that you can get this user-friendly pasta maker in such great price. It is affordable for any home maker, sand so the ratings according to the service and other qualities are excellent.


    • Affordable
    • The Stainless steel is almost indestructible
    • Easy to use
    • Several shaped cutters
    • Easy for beginners


    • Tricky to clean
    • If you do not use it for so many days, it may not work properly
    • Needs time to make pasta sheets


    The brand, CucinaPro, has swiftly and rapidly made a position between the world famous pasta makers and that has been possible through your love and affection. The quality it provides is something that made it this way. Anyone who is interested in getting any homemade pasta maker can try this for the superlative pasta in their own kitchen. You can also search for the online reviews on the CucinaPro Pasta maker. This pasta maker is rated in 4.5 to 5 starts. Your reviews are our strength. Keep supporting us.

  • Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro

    Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro

    Pasta Maker Delux Set By Cucina Pro

    Pasta makers are becoming into household instruments day by day. There are many companies which manufacture pasta makers but Cucina Pro brings something different to the whole pasta making experience. Cucina Pro Pasta Maker Delux set includes a pasta maker and additional attachments for spaghetti, fettuccini, angel hair, ravioli and lasagnette. This article will introduce you with this amazing pasta maker and if you love to roll your own pasta , it’ll be hard for you to resist it . The set is completely built with chrome coated steel , which means it’s easy to clean , won’t rust and last for a long time.  Also the machine is very stylish and handsome looking.  This magnificent pasta maker can be operated both manually and electrically , which gives the users freedom to craft the pasta of their desire any way they feel comfortable .

    About The Machine

    Arguably the best pasta machine set , Cucina Pro is easy to use, good looking , easily cleanable and additionally , priced inside the range too.The dimensions of this product is  8* 7.8* 6 inches and it weights 16 pounds . This is by far, one of the best user friendly machines out there in the market . The machine set comes with a manual and a recipe booklet ,so it’s really friendly for the professionals and beginners alike.  Cucina Pro pasta maker started it’s journey in 2007 and it is not showing any sign of slowing down.  The machine set includes a hand roller and other accessories . The main body of the unit is designed to flatten the dough according to the user’s liking . There are seven thickness settings and beginners are advised to start with the most thick and work their way down to the desirable density.  The other  attachments contain three types of cutter , a holding clip , a cleaner and a mixer . The three cutters lets the users to make five different kinds of pasta. Attachment 1 is for round spaghetti and lasagna noodles , attachment 2 is for fettuccini and angel hair pasta and the third attachment is for ravioli . This is the best pasta machine for home . It is a compact set so easily fits in most of the cabinets. Also , it is chrome coated so it looks good on counter tops too. Pasta making is said to be a personal experience . In pasta maker reviews of different marketplaces , Cucina Pro is one of the most reviewed product, which signals it’s huge popularity among the pasta enthusiasts.

    What makes it special

    The accessories included in the set are the most sought after in order to make a large variety of pasta shapes and flavors.  The inclusion of these accessories make this set one the most versatile pasta maker set in the market without any doubt.  Every pasta lover who loves to make their own pasta has their own choices of the machines. Some like the non electrical machines , some like electrical pasta makers. Cucina Pro is a non electrical pasta maker set which will enhance the enjoyment of the purists  of pasta making. But, it can also work with electric , so if anyone wants to lighten the work , they need only to attach a motor and it will continue to work superbly . The versatility of this machine sets it apart from all other pasta makers .



    Using  the machine

    Cucina Pro is the perfect machine for the professionals as well as beginners. Here’s the instruction for the starters about to use the machine set for the first time.  At first , the machine needs to be cleaned by a clean dry cloth or dry paper towels. After cleaning , the attachments must be placed in the according positions .Attaching them is quite easy . All the attachments have sliding tracks on ends. The tracks are interlocking with the tracks of the roller. Just set them accordingly and you’ll see them fit in perfectly and ready to use. After preparing the dough , the users will need to set the thickness setting of the roller according to their need . Beginners are advised to start from the thickest setting and then gradually go through the remaining settings.  Users will need to manage their pasta-making in stages by portioning out the dough into small portions, so that the unprocessed pasta isn’t sitting out, drying up, and becoming brittle. The dough should be dry but pliable which will ensure the best quality of pasta. After the dough is made and portioned, use the roller to roll it .The past sheet needs to be rolled for quite a few times until it achieves it’s desired thickness .After the sheet is done, out one side of the sheet into the cutter and roll the handle counter clockwise and you’ll start to witness the magic of Cucina Pro pasta maker.  Another thing must be kept in check that the pasta being processed mustn’t have a chance to stick to itself once made.


    The machine set is made from chrome coated steel . It doesn’t emit any bad metallic residue and is very easy to clean . After disassembling the attachments , use a dry paper towel or a damp rag and all the remnants of flour will get out with it. The set includes a cleaning brush which can also be used to clean it. Do not wash it directly by water or in the kitchen sink. The pasta maker is built in a way which makes it very easy to clean. This works as an added bonus for the people who prefer freshly baked homemade pasta over the stale ones from the stores.

    Five kinds of pasta , just one Cucina Pro Pasta Maker Delux set

    This fantastic set enables it’s users to produce a fantastic fiver different kinds of pasta. Users can make spaghetti and lasagna noodles , fettuccini and angel hair pasta and ravioli by this amazing piece of machinery . The machine lets it’s customers to discover the enjoyment of manufacturing different kinds of pasta according to their needs.

    A real gem of the kitchen

    Cucina Pro Pasta Maker set not only prepares pasta, it can also be used to prepare some other food items too. Seems like it’s versatility is limitless, right? The best pasta roller of this generation, Cucina Pro can be used to prepare dumpling sheets for Chinese foods. It can also spread sheet for a pizza and can be used to make Indian bread called as roti. The different shaped cutters can also help to make different kinds of modified food items. It really is quite a talented machine.

    The brilliant manufacturing company of this machine

    This amazing machine set is brought to you by Cucina Pro . To all the culinary arts lovers around the world ,this is a renowned company . They offer products of many different descents such as Scandinavian , French , Italian , Chinese and Mexican etc . Cucina Pro emphasizes on making affordable machines for all classes and cultures . They have been in this business for decades and their popularity never faltered because of their insistence on quality .

    Other products of the company

    Cucina Pro specializes on manufacturing gourmet cooking instruments. Apart from pasta makers  they also manufacture waffle makers, pizzelle bakers, krumkake bakers ,crepe makers , coffee makers and skillets etc .

    How much it’ll cost you , how long it’s gonna last ?

    Get ready , here comes something huge. This magnificent pasta maker set costs only $ 49.95 . Astounding, isn’t it ? So what are you waiting for ? Order it online through Amazon or you can go to the nearest market and buy it yourself.  Cucina Pro pasta maker deluxe set is very durable and long lasting. It has got a five year warrante with it . Buy it, and you’ll have pasta for five years without any headache over it. Seems fun, right? Well, go on then ,hurry up.

    Customer Review

    This machine is one of the most reviewed machine in the marketplace. Which signals two things ,it’s widely used and also very well scrutinized . It has got 4 stars out of 5 in amazon. Also scored 4.4 and 4.5 out of 5 in way fair and Walmart respectively . So, it is highly regarded by the users and has gained much appreciation .



    The machine set is extremely handy for the novices and professionals alike. It is amazingly easy to use and people who never had any pasta making experience , even they find pasta making easy while using this machine. The machine is so easy to clean too. It is made from chrome plated steel which makes it a very strong machine capable of withstanding many years of pasta making. Comparing with other machines of other companies such as   Kenwood pasta maker , it is very much affordable. Also, this is non electrical but is capable of motor attachment. Even more impressive is the fact that, users have branded it as the best electric pasta maker.


    While most of the customers of this products remain happy to this day, a few customers complained that this machine does not cover more items . There are some other machines like Atlas Pasta Maker set which costs much higher than this but also can produce some more kinds of pasta . Also,some complained that the handle slips out sometimes.


    Cucina Pro Pasta Maker Delux set will give it’s users a unique experience of pasta making. It is affordable,stylish,easy to use. So , buy it and enjoy this unique experience of pasta making.


  • Cucina Pro and Atlas Pasta Makers and Food Strainers

    Cucina Pro and Atlas Pasta Makers and Food Strainers


    Cucina Pro Pasta Making Machine Motor is a wonderful and effective additional accessory to the pasta makers. It is a great attachment to the pasta makers that will speed up your pasta making process. It mainly works with the Cucina Pro and Atlas Pasta Maker and same kind of food strainers. It is one of the best accessories you might want to have with your pasta makers and with other kitchen tools. There are several reasons why you should have a Cucina Pro Motor in your kitchen. First of all, it saves your time and energy by converting your slow manual pasta makers into automated fast pasta machines. Secondly, it has a longer life span, better compatibility, usability and friendly characteristics. Thirdly, it is provides you with unique service unlike other pasta machine motors because of the materials used and the perfect making of this motor attachments. Fourthly, its motor rotates faster than any other motor and produces less noise unlike third grade pasta making motors. Also, it is affordable and easy to attach with the compatible pasta makers. And further ii has a stylish and smart outlook that will compel you to buy this additional attachment.

    Product Details:
    The best features of the Cucina Pasta Machine Motor are its long power cord and two switches that have three different modes of controlling the motor speed. The design of this machine is very simple but has a unique style and color. It is made of steel and ABS plastic which are of high quality and ensures the longevity of the machine. The look of the machine expresses its quality and hints the supreme service it can provide you. The powerful and special 80 watt motor that is used distinguishes it from other pasta makers which can take more pressure than the normal motors. It is compatible with many convertible pasta makers which make it a worthy piece to invest your money as the effective and effortless service is confirmed. It is a new invention of modern technology and a remarkable contribution to the pasta making process. The magical touch of this motor attachment will make your manual pasta maker a perfect pasta maker.

    Special Features:
    You might want to have a Cucina Pro Pasta Making Machine Motor because when it is attached to the compatible pasta maker it makes the pasta maker faster and the amount of pasta produced per hour is increased. It will also save your manual labor and energy that you spent rotating the handle of a manual pasta maker. Furthermore, you don’t need to use clamp as Cucina Pro Pasta Motor itself balances the pasta machine and maintains the pasta maker’s balance.This Motor is designed in such a way that it works as a stand too. For this feature, the machine will be stable and not hamper the pasta making.So, it is a multi-purpose tool and aids your cooking. It is smart looking and takes little space in your kitchen. Its weight is 3.2 pounds and easily moveable. After using it you can keep in the cupboard or wherever you want and it will not look odd. Lightness, portability and easy access are some of the key features of this device.

    How to Use:
    Cucina Pro Pasta Making Machine Motor is really very easy to use. To convert your manual pasta maker like Atlas Pasta maker you just need to replace the handle with the nose of this Motor. To attach the motor to your pasta maker you have to detach the handle first and replace the motor in its position. After attaching the motor to the pasta maker plug the power-cord in so that you can turn on the motor. As mentioned earlier it has a long power cord which gives you the freedom of setting the pasta maker on kitchen table according to your wish. You can control the rotation of motors as there are three modes of spinning. Try on the two switches to check their speed and use it according to your need. There are advantages of using this motor. If you want to handle the dough perfectly for the perfect shaped pasta you might want to buy a Cucina Pro Pasta Motor. It is because when you use handle to operate the machine your one hand is occupied and you have to handle the dough with one hand. But if you attach this accessory your hands will not be occupied because then the machine will start rotating automatically. As a result, you can use your both hands while putting the dough through the rollers and cutters. We expect that this additional attachment for your pasta machine will be of great help and elevate the pasta making process. Manual pasta makers are operated by hands therefore it is very slow. On the other hand, this device will convert manual pasta maker into automated machine and pasta making will be faster.  So, you might want to have a Cucina Pro to make pasta at ease.

    Company and Other Products:
    This Pasta Making Machine Motor is manufactured by CucinaPro. It is made in Italy. Other products manufactured by the same company are very popular among customers which may testify the qualitative sides of this Motor. Cucina Pro is one of the popular pasta makers that come with different cutters and rollers. It has a great demand among customers. Along with other accessories it is expected that you might want to buy a Cucina Pro for a smooth pasta making experience.Cucina Motor is frequently bought as an additional accessory. The building, produced pasta quality and service can never be questioned as the company is concerned about their valued customer. No compromisation is made considering the need of the customers. Together it will change the pasta making experience of your past.

    Price and Warranty:
    Cucina Pro Pasta Making Machine Motor is very affordable and cost efficient as it is time efficient. Therefore it saves your energy as it also saves you energy. The company gives considerable time span of warranty unlike motor attachments of other companies available in the market. It costs you only 65.25 dollars. It has a customer rating of 3.5 out of 5 in the Amazon. The shipment of the product is free if you buy it from Amazon. There is collaboration between the price and warranty of the product unlike other motor attachments of third grade companies. Of course cheaper motor attachments are available in the market but they are not as same as Cucina Pro.

    Compared to other Motor attachments:
    If you compare Cucina Pro with other motors, you will find that Cucinais a better one in a number of ways. Other motor attachments differ from it in terms of price, warranty, usability, longevity, noises and the services provided by it. Cucina Motor has powerful 80 watt motor which rotates the machine smoothly and makes pasta sheets continuously while other motors are incapable of providing this facility. Cucina Pasta Motor has a low rate of technical malfunctions while other motors attachments may have frequent failure. Barely few have complained about the service of the machine. Other motors produce loud and intolerable noise. On the other hand, Cucina Pro Pasta Motor is popular for making less noise. As a result, you can make pasta at a peaceful environment.

    Pros and Cons:
    Some says that Cucina Pasta Motor has a higher price than the other motor attachments. Despite the fact that its price is high it is a great machine to bring home. Its price is high but the quality of the machine and the service provided by it are also unique. No other motor attachments stand a chance with Cucina Pro. To have a new experience and enjoying healthy food at home you must bring it home today. We expect that you will not be disappointed at the service of Cucina Motor. We ensure the best quality while making any product.

    Customer Reviews:
    Cucina Pro Pasta Making Machine Motor has a great customer reviews. Many customers have praised the unique service provided by Cucina. 17 Customer have reviewed this attachment in the Amazon. Almost all of them gave a positive feedback about the service. They even express their satisfaction with the service of Cucina Pro. The customers have emphasized on the motors that is used in those devices. According to their experience the motor has enough power to roll out dough and they have suggested that even if you are not going to use a cutting attachment, you should put one on your pasta machine anyway.You may not want to miss it.