• Manual vs. Electric vs. Convertible Pasta Makers


    There are a number of electric pasta maker, manual pasta maker and convertible pasta maker available in the market. To choose the best pasta maker for you among the electric pasta maker, manual pasta maker and convertible pasta maker you have to get familiar with them first. There are similarities and dissimilarities between them. While one pasta maker allows you to make pasta faster, another pasta maker will serve you with its unmatched rollers and cutters. The following paragraphs will show the similarities and dissimilarities between electric pasta maker, manual pasta maker and convertible pasta maker in terms of their features, rollers and cutters, durability, look , produced pasta quality, kinds of pasta or ravioli it can make, warranty, price and other services. Once the comparison is made you can easily decide for yourself which pasta machine suits your necessity.

    Features of Electric Pasta Maker

    The electric pasta maker is operated by a small motor installed in the machine. The machine is automated and starts working once you put the power cable in. There is no delay in pasta making if you have an electric pasta maker in your kitchen. There are several brands which offer very good pasta makes. The pasta machines are made of high quality materials. Their companies use chrome plated steel to make it to ensure better services. They are light, take little space in your kitchen and easily moveable. Many of them offer various types of colors. So, there is no problem with the look of it. They also come with a number of accessories and adjustable rollers and cutters. You can make various kinds of pasta because it provides you with different pasta making accessories.  The electric pasta maker is popular among customer because of its automated operating system. Though the features of electric pasta makers are fascinating, you might want to consider some other important facts. The motors don’t work sometimes because of technical malfunctions. It also produces noise. It also consumes electricity as it is operated by electrical motors. The pasta maker may move around your table because they don’t come with any clamps. The electric pasta makers are expensive than the normal pasta makers.

    For example, Premium Pasta Maker has adjustable dough thickness rollers and cutters. It uses 120 watts motor to operate the machine. The pasta maker features seven position adjust that controls the thickness of the pasta sheet the rollers produced. Premium Pasta Maker has no customer review in Amazon. It has only 2 years of warranty and the price is 129.99 dollars.

    Another example of Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Pasta Maker can be given. This machine offers customizable operation. It will also allow you to select three different modes. The three different modes are kneading, extruding or forming and drying. The Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric pasta machine has a rating of 4.1/5 in the Amazon. It costs more than the normal pasta maker. It will cost you 99.99 dollars. These two machines are best pasta makers along with other pasta maker in the market but they have the same problems as mentioned above.

    Features of Manual Pasta Maker

    The manual pasta maker is operated by hands. Like the electric pasta maker it is also made of high quality materials. It is designed to give the best service. It is light and long lasting. The manual pasta makers often come with lesser number of accessories unlike the electric pasta maker. Manual pasta maker’s best feature is its unending and continuous service. These types of machines are made for heavy use. Many restaurants use manual pasta maker because of its constant service.  Though it has the lesser number of accessories, it gives the best service by eliminating the problems of electric pasta maker. Many customers have rated manual pasta maker over electric pasta maker and has given a positive feedback.
    For example, Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker offers only a handle, clamp and a tray with two sets of cutters. It is operated by hands using the handle. The clamp allows it to stick with the table. Imperia Restaurant Pasta Maker has 10 adjustable pasta thickness settings. You can make 220 mm long dough sheets. This is the best feature of this machine because you can make long pasta with this machine. It also has an opening of 6 mm2-3/8 inch. The Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker has the best pasta maker review. It has been rated 5.0/5. The price is 551.49 dollars which is high but it is most popular among the customers. It has a life time warranty and is used in the restaurant for its heavy service. The reviews are quite satisfactory too.

    Another example can be given of Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine.  Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine is the non-electrical machine which features 12 pasta cutting accessories and it can thicken the dough from 150 millimeters to 6.0/4.8 millimeters. It is also giving you a hand crank and instructions. You can only make pasta with it.  . Marcato Atlas is a simple buy heavy duty cheap machine. $71.74 but the manufacturers are giving 10 year warranty. It has a customer rating of 4.6/5.

    Features of Convertible Pasta Machine

    The convertible pasta maker is a combination of electric and manual pasta maker. It can work like an electric pasta maker when the motor is attached. Also it works as a manual pasta maker. It is just like the manual pasta maker in its features in addition to that it has a removable motor with it. Everything else is just the same. This type of pasta machine is popular among customers.

    For example, Deluxe Pasta Set by CucinaProis a convertible pasta maker. Deluxe Set by CucinaPro comes with 4 sets of non-adjustable pasta rollers and cutters. It will also serve you with a clamp. You can easily make appropriate spaghetti, fettuccini, angel hair, ravioli and Lasagnette. Deluxe Pasta Set by CucinaPro has a high rating of 4.0/5 in Amazon. The machine is very cost efficient and will cost you only 49.95 dollars. It gives you 5 years warranty.

    Choose A Perfect Pasta Maker

    Well, now you know the similarities and dissimilarities between the electric pasta makers, manual pasta makers and convertible pasta makers. Electrical pasta machines will reduce your work load. Manual pasta machines will allow you to work as fast as you want. Convertible pasta machines will offer you everything. Most of the manual pasta makers are convertible now; you can attach electric motors with them. Not only that, they have several other adjustable accessories as we already have told. They differ mainly in the services they provide.  Now it is up to you to choose a perfect pasta maker for your kitchen.

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  • How to Select the Best Pasta Maker


    Are you a pasta fanatic person? Are you in search of some amazing pasta machines that will lead your pasta fascination to another level? Okay, Selecting the Best Pasta Maker is pretty much easy. You can compare 5-10 pasta makers, and you can have an idea. I am here to give you necessary notions that will help you choosing the veritable machine for you. When you are up to any online shopping, you will get to see innumerable options. In that case, you must choose products that can meet your requirements.


    Before buying a pasta machine you must check out the following properties. A product’s features describe the product’s Materials, durability, sustainability, motor power (electric), working ability and so on. To justify your purchase, you must check out the features of the following categories:

    Category 1: Complete Electric pasta machine

    • Motor: 200w
    • Weight: 16.5 pounds
    • Color: white
    • Material: Food-grade plastic and colored-steel
    • Product comes with a measuring cup, cleaning accessories, booklet

    Category 2: Manual pasta machine with attachable motor

    • It is basically a manual machine, but can be operated electricity as well.
    • Weight: 3-5 pounds.
    • Material: stainless steel.
    • 10 years warranty
    • Attachments: a roller and 12 pasta cutting accessories.

    Category 3: Electric pasta machine with saving motor

    • Motor: 90 Watts
    • Weight: 15.2 pounds.
    • Roller speed: Fast/slow control
    • Attachments: 9 adjustable pasta thickness settings.
    • Nonadjustable: Spaghetti, fettuccini cutters

    Category 4: Electric pasta machine with modes

    • Modes: 3 modes (kneading, extruding and drying).
    • 110V motor
    • Automatic timer
    • Weight: 9.2 pounds.
    • Attachments: 2 measuring cups, 8 pasta cutters.

    Category 5: Manual pasta machine

    • Material: chrome coated steel.
    • Weight: 16 pounds.
    • Makes pasta, ravioli, spaghetti, angel hair, fettuccini, and lasagnette


    Making a choice

    Following the above features you can find out which category you are looking for. They are just categories, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are not their ranking. So do not misunderstand that we are prioritizing some of them and demeaning the others.  You can look back at the categories again, look carefully, and make your decision.

    Hope you are decided. Are you? If you are, you can now look at which brand they stand for. Category 1 stands for Philips Pasta Maker, 2 stands for Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, 3 stands for Weston Electric Pasta Machine, 4 stands for Gourmia Pasta Maker, and 5 stand for Cucina Pro Pasta Maker. They are all brands; they are electrical, semi-electrical and manual pasta makers. If you need the machine just for using at home, you can try manual pasta makers. But if you intend to use it professionally, you can go for the electric ones.

    You can also have a look at KitchenAid Pasta Machine, Megilo Pasta Machine (the electric ones) and Ovente Pasta Imperia Pasta Machine, Homestart Pasta Maker (the manual pasta machines). They are also very competitive pasta makers. Knowing them would help you to decide picking the best one for the next few years.

    Price and Warranty:

    This is the most significant criteria. A gadget within your budget that also performs well and is sustainable, this is a clever buy. If you are using pasta machine for your personal purpose, you definitely won’t buy an expensive high functioning machine. An average working machine in a manageable price is best for you. So, people who want an average rated product can choose products costing within $100. Marcato Atlas, Cucina Pro, Ovente, Gourmia, Home start these are the average rated brands. If you want products for daily use at home, you can easily buy them. But the high functioning products like Philips, Weston, Kitchenaid, Imperia are also high at cost. But these products can perform multi jobs. You can make different dishes with them. Even you can get restaurant like pasta using these products.

    The Philips pasta machine is one of the best electric pasta machines. Approximate price of this machine is $288. But this machine is worth paying this price. You will be so comfortable while using the machine. Even you can try different pasta recipe with this machine. It is one of the best pasta machines so far. It provides you a warranty of 1 year. It is extremely sustainable. Again the Imperia pasta maker is a one touch machine that costs approximately $551.This is an all in one machine. It is the best pasta roller. It is the most expensive pasta machine in the present market. It produces 26 pounds pasta in one single hour. This gigantic machine is an ideal creation for high producing purposes. You can use this machine for your restaurant as it provides you the extreme speed. It also provides you the longer lasting warranty. Kitchen Aid pasta machine is commercial pasta machine that costs approximately $ 229. This machine provides a lot of attachments to ensure a huge variety of pasta.

    Kitchen aid pasta roller, kitchen aid ravioli are the most talked of attachments of present time. The next one is Weston pasta machine. It costs approximately $253. This machine is a dream gadget for all the pasta lovers. It is just amazing. You can make different types of pasta within few minutes. This machine provides the warranty of 8 long years. The Marcato Atlas is a low budget machine with full of wonders. It will cost you only $71, in exchange you will get your desired platter of heavenly pasta. It works perfectly. It can satisfy all your pasta regarding desires. Almost all the pasta machines provide the same warranty range of 1 year. But some pasta machines offer you a longer period of time such as the Weston pasta maker.

    Customers’ reviews:

    Customer reviews are very important for each and every product. Clients review products basically after using a certain product. So their statements are based on their experiences. It is clever to follow their reviews. But sometimes they may also prove wrong. Whatever, to justify your purchase, you can go through the pasta maker reviews.

    According to the reviews, the best product so far would be the Marcato Atlas pasta machine. It has massive reviews of 1586 customers and it got 4.5 stars out of 5. This huge popularity proves how beneficial the machine is. The next position will grab the Philips pasta maker with 342 reviews and 4.5 stars. Though it costs a bit high, but its work efficiency has made it so popular amongst people. The Cucina Pro pasta maker ensures 198 reviews and 4 stars.

    The Gourmia pasta maker has 58 reviews and 4 stars. Homestart pasta maker being the best pasta maker in manual category has 60 reviews and 4 stars. The other pasta machines like the Kitchenaid, Ovente, Weston have no reviews. Many people haven’t reviewed them but it doesn’t mean that they don’t worth buying. The Imperia pasta machine has 5 stars with 3 reviews. Though very few customers have reviewed it but all the reviews are positive. It really smells something beneficial and worth using.

    For a pasta lover

    I don’t think the price does matter. But it is not true that the expensive gadgets will be the promising one. The low priced products with fewer reviews can be proved better also. Following reviews is wise but trusting only them is extremely a foolish act. So, think of your own necessities and buy products based on your budget and needs. At the end of the day you are the one to use it and so you should purchase it spontaneously.

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  • Benefits of Using Kitchen Pasta Maker

    beneficial of Pasta machine


    Before that (answering the question in the heading) let us ask you a question. OK? What is the use of having a good kitchen? And what if we can afford a good cook; what are the benefits of having a good cook? If you know the answer of these easy questions, you do obviously know or you would understand the use of having a good pasta maker at home, and a good recipe book of pasta.

    Don’t you concur that “fresh is best?” Yes, a fresh authentic platter of pasta, isn’t that worth time? You are way to home from office or it is time to get your children munchies, wouldn’t you like a bona fide bowl of homemade pasta containing healthy ingredients? And if you are on diet then how can you devour you darling pasta dishes in cafes? That’s when you apprehend the necessity of a Kitchen Pasta Maker. We are now going to talk about the benefits of using a Kitchen Pasta Maker.


    1. Provides Healthy food:

    The foremost fact of using a Kitchen Pasta Maker is you can have any kind of healthy appetizer made in your own kitchen. You can easily go to the restaurant and order your favorite pasta dish. Or you can have packaged pasta ready to cook. But you can never bet on their quality. You never know that the pasta you or your family member is eating now is fresh or not. And sometimes you suffer from getting overcooked or burnt pasta. When you have any pasta maker in your kitchen then you can add any healthy ingredients. And the best thing is you can add any kind of sauce you love to make it scrumptious or to make a difference. Either it is fettuccine or ravioli, wide noodle or spaghetti, angel hair or lasagna, indisputably, this bowl of pasta with fresh elements in it will be superior in taste and nutrition than any other pasta items of restaurants or markets. And when you are a homemaker, you cannot help concerning about the nutrition fact of the family.


    1. Saves Time:

    People are leading a mechanical life nowadays, and it is so tough to maintain schedule to go for pasta dishes in any cafe. Anyone will know that the eateries take a lot of time to cope with the huge amount of people visiting there. If you have a busy agenda and are craving for pasta then cafes are a “No-No” to you. Because you will surely be tardy to your office or you desired station. So when it’s about a hectic timetable the only solution is a kitchen pasta maker that saves your time and feeds your tummy.


    1. Portion Control:

    Many fast foods and restaurants combine offer portions they are not necessary. And when you get food in front of you, chances are you will consume them. But while dining in byany kitchen pasta maker, it is easy for you to regulate or standardize the quantity of food served for your dinner, reducing unnecessary enticement or temptation.


    1. Prevents Obesity:

    Being fast food lover, we are naturally passionate for cafes and restaurants. And what about parties, nightclubs and casino? We struggle against overweight, so it is an easy way to cook food of lower cholesterol in home for controlling our chubbiness and getting back into shape by the help of kitchen pasta maker. Even pasta enthusiastpeople who areon diet can make diet pasta of whole wheat or gluten free by searching the pasta machine that helps you making them. So your kitchen life is pleasurable if you are having a pasta maker in your home.


    1. Saves Money:

    We earn money by uphill struggle and are use to fritter an immense quantity of currency on buying pasta from restaurants. Can’t you save money by making pasta in home if pasta making is so effortless and swift by kitchen pasta maker? Yes, it is high time, now or never. You can save a huge amount of fund by not buying pasta from outdoor which will definitely help you out in your financial part. So a kitchen pasta maker is a onetime investment and a life time satisfaction. Savings is so easy from now on, isn’t it?


    1. Innovation:

    A new home chef likes to do experiments on food and so a kitchen pasta maker brings you to your own research territory. By getting a kitchen pasta maker you can simply make any form of pasta you want to. Spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine or you own ravioli, making them are like shooting fish in a barrel now. But it doesn’t end here. If you want to make new dishes and have experiment on newer recipe of you own then a kitchen pasta maker would be the superlative choice. You can add any sauce you want to and can have any shape of pasta you desired for. Having a kitchen pasta maker boosts up your knowledge and skill in kitchen.


    1. Evades food sensitivity and allergy:

    If you or any other member of the family suffers from food allergy then you can’t by far have the pasta of restaurants or other eateries. If you have you own kitchen pasta machine then the solution comes out so easily. As you are in charge of the kitchen so you can certainlylessen the risk or threat of an allergic effect.


    1. Brings the family together:

    Lunching or dining alone seems too much mind-numbing to you? Won’t you love to see your whole family, you husband, daughter and son, your parents dining together? Yes that’s the finest part of homemade food. And if the food is pasta then you can have an elongated gossip jointly while enjoying the food. We usually get less time to spend with our family and relatives. A kitchen pasta maker will lend a hand to you to feed your entire family in a table of love and affection.

    Blessing for Any Family

    A good pasta maker with a good recipe book is a blessing for any family. There is no family that does not need food. So, this can be taken as a universal truth. Kitchen pasta makers have made our life so easy that we can have homemade luscious and lip smacking pasta in our own kitchen. Nothing can beat the flavor of a sophisticated still homespun pasta dish that contains healthy and fresh ingredients. If you own a kitchen pasta maker, your kitchen life is more gratifying and enjoyable than anyone else. And if you do not have any kitchen pasta maker, get one soon. Because making your pasta life far more luscious and delectable, a kitchen pasta maker is that product which you wanted for so long.

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  • 10-Pasta-Machine-Compare-Article

    Pasta Machine Compare

    When you are up to buy a pasta machine, why not buy the best pasta machine from the market? But do you know that, from hundreds of companies and among thousands of their pasta machine models, it turns out to be real hard work for someone to choose the best pasta machine.

    If you are really unfamiliar with the pasta machine, it will be almost impossible to find the best pasta machine in your reach. So, what makes a pasta machine the best pasta machine in the market? Well the answer is – the look, the motor, features, cutters & rollers, noise, produced pasta quality, type of pasta or ravioli it can make, price, durability, mobility, stability, operator and warranty. The following paragraphs will show you the compatibility difference among 10 of the most used pasta machines in which some are considered to be the best of all the machines.


    The chosen 10 pasta machines

    Here, number 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. are not the ranking of the brands. They are just serial numbers. You know, we must put them in a serial. The actual ranking must be done by you, as a prudent reader. There is a well described comparison below from which you can make your decision. The pasta machines that are going to be examined in the following sections are –

    1. Premium Electric Pasta Maker Machine Set,
    2. Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker,
    3. Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro,
    4. Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine,
    5. Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker,
    6. Phillips Premium Collection Pasta and Noodles maker,
    7. Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Machine,
    8. KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe Set,
    9. 90 Watts Express Electric Pasta Machine Maker,
    10. HomeStart HST5018 Pasta Maker.


    The Look

    In this postmodern era, people usually don’t like heavy and big things that will become a burden when there are really small places people can afford these days. So the manufacturer companies made sure that these machines must get a post modernistic look. Steel body, stainless and shining armor with vivid colors or not. There will be no customer who can complain the looks of all these machines.


    The Motor and Noise

    The premium electric pasta machine uses carbon steel body intact 120 watts motor which is quite good but it makes a little noise. It also vibrates the table which makes annoying environment. Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker is the only high quality plastic made pasta machine. It uses a 110V motor placed vertically to reduce noise. Phillips Collection pasta maker has the most stunning look of these all. Completely capable of making someone fall in love with it. And it uses a 200 Watts motor which both makes bill and noise. But they have really made an attempt to reduce the crying of their baby. KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe set is also a drill looking awesome electric pasta machine. The motor attached to this machine consumes almost 100W of electricity and makes almost no noise at all. 90 Watts Express Electric Pasta Machine Maker uses 90 watts motor which is quite impressive and economical. Apart from these pasta machines, the rest of the 10 pasta machines are not electronic rather manually operated.


    Features, Cutters, Rollers and Pastas

    Premium Electric Pasta Maker Machine Set offers adjustable dough thickness roller and cutter. It can prepare Spaghetti, Fettucine&Tagliolini in no time.

    Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker features measuring cups for dough making, cleaning brushes and 8 discs of rollers and cutter for various thicknesses of pastas, and drying hanger. It can make all sorts of pastas, pizzas and noodles. It’s really cool.

    Pasta Maker Deluxe Set by Cucina Pro will serve you with 4 sets of non-adjustable pasta rollers and cutters and a clamp. But it is designed to make the appropriate Spaghetti, Fettucini, Angel Hair, Ravioli and Lasagnette.

    Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine is the non-electrical machine which features 12 pasta cutting accessories and it can thicken the dough from 150 millimeters to 6.0/4.8 millimeters. It is also giving you a hand crank and instructions. You can only make pasta with it.

    Ovente PA515S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker only features its 150mm dough straightener. Nothing else.

    Phillips Premium Collection Pasta and Noodles maker includes 4 pasta and noodles making disks with real thinness, a drawer design for shaping disk and all the disks are uniquely shape capable.

    Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Machine offers only a handle, clamp and a tray with 2 sets of cutter and the best feature of this machine is, it can produce 220mm long dough sheets. So you can have really long pastas for fun.

    KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe Set. This product makes a deal of 4 sets of cutter 1 roller and a drying rack. It makes good Spaghetti, Fettuccine andCapelliniin very short time.

    90 Watts Express Electric Pasta Machine Maker is named after its power consumption. Again it includes adjustable pasta wheel with 9 adjustable settings and the power cord is really longer than any other pasta makers.

    And HomeStart HST5018 Pasta Maker features the machine, a drying rack and a ravioli maker and press. It’s quite simple machine.


    Review, Warranty and Price

    The Premium EPM has no customer review in the Amazon and it costs $129.00 with only 2 years of service warranty. Kind of lame, right? It can’t be the best pasta maker in the market. On the other hand, Gourmia GPM500 has a 4.1/5 customer review with 1 year warranty. This machine costs $99.99. Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro costs $49.95 with 5 years of warranty and a satisfied 4.0/5 Amazon customer review. Marcato Atlas is a simple buy heavy duty cheap machine. $71.74 but the manufacturers are giving 10 year warranty. It has a customer rating of 4.6/5. Ovente PA515S Vintage stands with a price of $72.98 with no warranty, which causes no customer review. Disgrace! Next comes the Phillips Premium Collection which costs $349.95. It is pretty unaffordable for common people. It has a 4.3/5 customer rating on its own page and it’s only because it is rendering 1 year of warranty. The Imperia Restaurant Manual has a perfect 5.0/5 rating with a price of $551.49 only for its heavy service in the restaurants and life time warranty. The KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe costs $279.00 with no customer rating and no warranty. With that 90 Watts Express Electric Pasta Machine Maker also costs $253.56 with no warranty and review. And lastly, the HomeStart HST5018 costs only $44.99 with 4.4 customer review and 5 years of warranty.


    By far, what has been described above, you may have already been considering the Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Machine the best pasta machine among these. And it deserves the consideration.

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  • 7 Tips on Detecting the Best Pasta Maker

    Pasta Maker

    Pasta! A luscious and delectable platter of pasta! Don’t you crave for this when you are home from a wearing and irksome day? That brings you to a homemade pasta maker which will swing your mood. If you are searching for the best pasta maker, then yes, you are in the accurate path. For any new pasta maker in the world of pasta makers, few things you have to keep in mind and we will help you out to uncover the best pasta maker for your very own kitchen.By the way, by tips we usually mean small pointed articles. But we are actually sharing the details of our finding.


    1. Initially you need to know what kind of pasta maker you want. Electric or manual?


    People prefer both. Some people are still a bit incredulous of electric pasta makers because in most cases putting their hands to dough is something they still love. The one and only way to accurately experience the pasta making culture is a handy pasta maker. The best handy pasta maker can make your pasta making voyage more appealing and effortless. On the other hand if you are a new in homemade pasta world then undoubtedly you can opt for an electric pasta maker. It saves you time and energy because all you need is to push or touch the buttons and in a few minutes your pasta appears before you and what you need to do is to cook it. An electric pasta maker can cut down all your extra effort and time and make your kitchen life trouble-free. But what if you want both? Yes, there are many pasta makers which are electric but do not make you pasta dough. So this takes you to make your pasta dough by yourself and you will get the other works done by your semi-electric pasta maker. There are also some pasta makers that let you add the motor with manual pasta maker if you want.


    1. Subsequently, how many thickness a pasta maker can provide you is such an important thing that you cannot overlook.


    You should try to choose pasta makers that can make minimum 5 different thicknesses for your pasta. You can select the pasta makers which has adjustable dough sheet thickness. It will help you to cut the pasta sheets as your desired thickness. Certainly pasta is not pasta if it doesn’t have the perfect thickness as requisite for specific pasta dish.


    1. Afterward, you need to know what Shape and which kind of pasta do you love and need most for your next of kin.


    The world of pasta is crammed with lot of lip smacking pasta dishes. Flat noodle, lasagna, fettuccine, spaghetti, tagliolini, ravioli, angel hair – and what not? You can have pastas as per your want. Every pasta makers cannot make all of the shapes. Some pasta makers are made for only spaghetti or fettuccine and you may not be able to make you own ravioli for the lack of not having the required shape added to its ability. If you want to have ravioli and other shapes then you have to search for a pasta maker which has the essential aptitude. Think before you buy and choose sensibly spotting the light on the shapes of pasta you want.



    1. The next thing you need to note is the durability of the pasta maker.


    The best pasta maker will not disappoint you with its poor sturdiness. This is one of the prominent features of any pasta maker that makes you know which product you are going to settle for. If you want lifelong enduring product which you can go for your whole life and want to transfer that to you future generation then you should go with the metal or carbon steel bodied pasta makers. And if you are not willing to use it more often and you want to store it in the cargo space and want to use it intermittently then you can have the non-metallic pasta makes or those pasta makers that are easy to carry.


    1. One of the most vital things to detect the best pasta maker is its attachments and accessories.


    If the pasta make serves you with various attachments then it becomes easy for you to make different pasta platters. Cutters, shaping discs, extra crank, and recipe book are such attachments. You should also have knowledge of the length of the pasta sheet it can make from the pasta dough or the roller length. The weight is also a fact to chew on. And if you want the pasta maker to make dough for another food items like pizza, cake etc then you can choose such pasta makers that are capable to make other appetizers.



    1. The very obligatory term before getting any pasta maker is how much money you are going to invest in it.


    If you are geared up for spending $100 – $300 on a homemade pasta maker, then you can have the all-in-one pasta makers that will assist you to do each and every application you need from any best pasta maker. But hold on. If you do not have big budget and you need to buy the best pasta maker in half of this budget then also you can get you desired product. All you need is to research and make inquires of products in your budget.


    1. The concluding object you are required to study about is the “reviews” of the pasta makers.


    It is such a way to get the best product. The brand will praise and cheer for their own product, that is their business. But the users of the products are the genuine informers. Thustheir reviews will let you know about which pasta maker you should prefer and which one is the best of all.


    Final Decree:

    Cooking pasta is not a hard slog if you have the ideal and flawless pasta maker. Our objective is to lend a hand to the customers who are searching for the best pasta maker and to aid for making the right decision about where they should invest in.

  • Premium Electric Pasta Maker

    Premium Electric Pasta Maker

    Hi dear all. Here is something new, the newest pasta maker in the market, Premium Electric Pasta Maker. In order to take your pasta fascination a step ahead Megilo has brought a user-friendly electric pasta maker. Megilo is one of the leading Full Line Electrical Distribution companies. It has been dominating the market of electrical goods overthe last three decades. The Premium Pasta maker is one of Megilo’s best pasta machines. This machine is a complete set for pasta making. It provides you the opportunity to enjoy fresh homemade pasta. Even you can add your preferred flavors. Now, with this all in one product, you can enjoy pasta making.


    This very product is an electric pasta maker. That means it is operated with electricity. But the most amazing fact is it is an automatic machine. It does all the pasta making process by itself. It is an automatic pasta machine made of food grade 430 stainless steel. It provides a 7 position dough adjuster. You can maintain the thickness of your dough. This machine allows you to explore any sorts of pasta. You can make lasagna, spaghetti, noodles, ravioli, Tagliolini and so on. This pasta making gadget is very easy to maintain. Washing and keeping is quite comfortable. Again it is specially made with durable metals that ensure its longer lifetime. We can consider this product to be a cosmopolitan product. What? Didn’t get it? Okay, let me elaborate the term to you. As you can enjoy the authentic Italian pasta with this machine, just the same way you can also enjoy soft Asian noodles. Even wheat or rice flour for making soft Asian noodles can be used as dough. So, you people who love to enjoy different recipe of pasta, just go grab the machine. This machine has automatic cutters that give a perfect size to your pasta. So friends, it is time to enjoy restaurant like perfect pasta at home.


    The unique features of this product have made it one of the most convenient pasta making gadgets. This very product is made of high quality steel, food grade 430-stainless steel. The net weight is around 6 pounds that indicates the fact of its being very easy to carry. This marvelous gadget, originated in China is extremely durable. With proper care it will serve you for a longer period of time. This product with its magnificent capabilities is considered to be the best pasta maker. It provides a 7 position dough adjuster that ensures the perfect shape for your lasagna sheets. As it is an automatic machine it does all the work for you. You don’t need to put any extra efforts. From making a dough to sprouting magnificent pasta it does all. All you have to do is just pressing a switch and getting authentic pasta. This product contains a roller and cutters. Both the things don’t come up as attachments. They are permanently attached with the machine. This machine performs the dual roles of being a pasta roller and an extruder. It is considered to be the best pasta roller of all times. As an extruder it makes the dough by itself. You just need to put the flour and all your desired ingredients into the machine and you can enjoy fresh pasta.

    How to Use Premium Electric Pasta Maker:

    Using an electric pasta maker is sometimes found difficult to the buyers. But a little maintenance and knowledge of the product can make it very easy to use. First of all you have to measure the ingredients of the dough. The user manual gives proper information of dough measurements. After you select your ingredients according to your desire, put it all in the machine. The extruding facility of the machine will make the dough for you. Then you have to put the dough between the rollers and adjust the thickness according to your need. You can make several shapes of pasta. The next step is to turn the switch on. Then adjust the cutters to give your pasta a sharp size. Make sure one thing that the dough isn’t very dry. If the dough remains dry, the machine won’t operate. The work time of this product is maximum 45 minutes. After 45 minutes of continuous work, give your machine 15 minutes break for its better sustainability. As you don’t need to adjust any attachment, it makes it super easy to use. Just turn on a switch and watch your admired pasta to come out. See, no rocket science is needed to operate this machine.

    Benefits of Using Premium Electric Pasta Maker:

    The benefits of using this machine are countless. But there are some prominent benefits of this product. As it is an electric pasta maker, it doesn’t need your extra physical efforts. This automatic machine saves your valuable time. The 7 position dough adjuster gives your pasta an outstanding shape. You don’t need to worry about the sizes also. The best part is if you are an Asian or you want to try Asian soft noodles, this product will definitely meet your expectations. You can use every ingredient in your dough as there is no limitation. It is super easy to use and maintain. It keeps you away from all sorts of complications. One of its best benefits is its amazing durability. You certainly would want your gadgets to last for a longer period. So this kitchen device will ensure you a fair purchase by being a longer lasting gadget.

    Different Types of Pasta:

    This machine offers you a vast variety in pasta making. You can make different types of pasta such as lasagna, Fettuccini, noodles, spaghetti and many more. But the best thing that it offers you is the opportunity to make tagliolini. Tagliolini is an authentic Italian dish that can be made by this machine. Many leading brands like the Kitchenaid ravioli or the Kitchenaid pasta roller can’t perform this kind of multitasking. This feature makes it one the best electric pasta maker of all times. Again you can make soft noodles. So this pasta maker isn’t confined only in making Italian dishes. It is surely worth buying.

    Attachments and maintenance:

    It is an automatic machine. Therefore, it doesn’t need to provide any attachments as all the features are built in it. It is very easy to maintain this product. The parts are detachable. You can simply clean them with clothes. It is better not to use water. Make sure to keep it away from your children’s grip. If children use it, do it under your supervision. A little care and proper use will enhance its sustainability.

    Customer Review: Premium Pasta Maker

    Hi, this is just launched in the market. No customer in Amazon has reviewed this pasta maker. Well, you can be the first person to review this. Anyone is welcome, you know. Meglio let loose only 6 of this product in Amazon. You will find more of it in other e-shops. You can compare this product with Atlas Electric Pasta Machine, Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, and Weston Electric Pasta Machine. In comparison to those machines, this is a less costly and more hardened. This machine has quite a large steel plate set at its bottom which won’t let you lovely hygienic pasta to loiter on your old (maybe new) table cloth. This is steel from top to bottom, so no worries about its durability. Frankly speaking, we do not have any idea how such a sturdy machine can be shopped at around $129 only. It’s a big service offer from Meglio.

    Price and Warranty:

    This multiple tasking product doesn’t cost you a lot of money. It comes with a very reasonable price. Currently the running price is around $130. With all the facilities, this price doesn’t seem to be a big deal. And I think it is pretty legitimate to cost the amount. This very product, Premium Electric Pasta Maker, gives you a one year Warranty. But you must have to register your product within 30 days of your purchase and you have to make sure the purchase from a legal retailer. Again the warranty wouldn’t be valid for any kind of misuse.

    Before buying this product you must go for a check on other products also, for your own satisfaction. You can compare your product with one of the dominating brands like Kenwood Pasta Maker to get better ideas. Even you can go through pasta maker reviews. You can do all the research and comparison but this product will prove to be the best one. Allow yourself to at least give it a try. It won’t let your expectations down.