Best Pasta Maker Reviews and Complete Guide 2018

Ovente Pasta Maker

Ovente Pasta Maker

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“I have been using Ovente Pasta Maker machine for three months,” said an user, not a friend. “It gives best service form starting to now. The members of my family also use this machine.” They say it is one of the best market product than any other in our house. “It takes a great part in my home. It takes very short time to make Pasta.”“When my children want to have pasta, my wife has to make different kind of them. Ovente helps.” “Some of my colleagues have visited to my house. They have eaten two kinds of pasta and praised it.”

Pasta Makers in the Market

There are different kinds of pasta maker in the market. But the best machine is Ovente Pasta Maker. Some of my colleagues are using different kinds of machine.

They have said that this machine is the best pasta maker than any other. Most of the users say this. This machine gives some advantages. It gives a comfortable life also. It takes to make pasta less than an hour. The roller of this machine is kithchenaid. It has adjustable thickness setting ranges from 0.5m to 3mm. The weight of this machine is 6.3lb. It also be used to work with polymer clay. So, anyone can use this machine in his/her home.

Features: Ovente Pasta Maker

The type of this machine is Slicers and grating and dimensions 8.5 inches high x 8.5 inches wide x 6.5 inches long. That means it is very easy for using and gives delightful pasta in your home. An adjustable pasta cutter is included for added benefit allowing you to efficiently cut perfectly sized ravioli. It has smooth rollers for kneading and preparing dough. The machine is included with interchangeable, seven thickness setting and clam. The primary material of pasta machine is metal.

It creates fresh pasta in your home. The process of making pasta is very easy. The kneading works flawlessly and the value clipper works well its job. It is one of the best electric pasta maker. Ovente pasta maker with this specialized ravioli attachment to help create perfect pasta in your house.It is an ideal machine for producing delicious pasta. The machine gives product to fulfill the market demand. The machine is being used all generation. And it takes a massive part in local or online market.

Customer reviews on Pasta makers

What doesCustomer reviews onPasta makers say about it?“You can try it. You can be decorated it in your kitchen nifty.”“Someone who loves to eat pasta, I think he or she uses this machine.” The machine has many variations. You can also change the flavor of pasta. We want to say thatyou can take different tastes through this machine.

“The best choice of pasta machine can be from Ovente Pasta Maker. The best quality of this product is made in Italy. Ovente Pasta maker takes very short time for making pasta.” So, you will be able to enjoy pleasant service from it. It has been made by Carbon and Stainless steel with a vintage finishing which is real beauty. “I didn`t know the name of this machine before. However, I love to eat Pasta. When I visited my friend`s home, I got the different taste of Pasta. My friend`s mother served up some foods included with Pasta. I ate Pasta and it was really delicious food. Then I thanked her for making awesome Pasta. She said that you should thank the machine of Ovente. She also suggested that you could buy it local or online market.”“I decided that I would buy a Pasta maker. I read pasta maker reviews. I searched all the best sites for Kenwood past maker. I found the best pasta machine was Ovente brand….” There are many such customer opinions in a number of e-shops.

Want to try it?

For those who want to buy a pasta maker,we would suggest Ovente Pasta Maker. Of course, we would like to suggest 10 more brands. We here have the best collection of the market. You just click for one, and get different kind of pasta.

Check Out Our Top 4 Pasta Maker Review:

  • Ovente Vintage Pasta Maker

  • Machine Type: Manual
  • Best For: spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagna and ravioli
  • Our Score: 4.7

  • KitchenAid Pasta Machine

  • Machine Type: Electric Pasta Maker
  • Best For: Fettuccini and spaghetti
  • Our Score: 4.6

  • Phillips Pasta Maker

  • Machine Type: Electric Pasta Maker
  • Best For: Spaghetti, penne, fettuccini & lasagna
  • Our Score: 4.9

  • Homestart Pasta maker

  • Machine Type: Electric Pasta Maker
  • Best For: Fettuccini, noodles and spaghetti
  • Our Score: 4.5

KitchenAid Pasta Machine

KitchenAid Pasta Machine

Editor Rating:

In aid of freshpasta dishes, KitchenAid Pasta Machine brings you to a heaven of a perfectly prepared platter of it.It is high time, no more wasting time and energy, and settling for pre-packaged pasta because this pasta maker makes authentic pasta saucer in conjunction with best ever taste. Making your own mouth watering noodles, fettuccine, lasagna, or linguine fini with this best pasta machine is now duck soup. This 3 piece metal set containing a pasta roller, spaghetti cutter and fettuccine cutter works as an assistance to your everyday pasta needs. To all the intellectual people, do check the pasta maker reviews; they would definitely make you judge the quality of this best product.

Best Electric Pasta Maker

The complete directions, cooking tips and recipes for homemade pasta are included with the best electric pasta maker set.The ease of the use of it will satisfy from the beginners to the advanced users. The cleaning of the accessories of the pasta maker can be a challenge to the user since it cannot be washed in water for being an electric machine. The dried-on particles of the prepared pasta may stick inside the maker, soalong with the entire directions, wooden cleaning brush and toothpicks are incorporated with it.

Homemade pasta

Making easy and quick restaurant-like work of flawless homemade pasta in none other than your own kitchen deals with your crisis of time and helps you to make your own scrumptious pasta often at your home. People get doubts that it rolls the dough, and that is the only work, isn’t it? But do not get fooled, as with the sheets of pasta you can do startling stuffs, making own lasagna, different shapes of pasta and the best part is making own KitchenAid ravioli!

If you own a KitchenAid stand mixer then for ideal thin pasta, this pasta machine helps you with yourPasta Roller. To make sheets of dough as per your desire is now easy as pie with the set. And then you can cut the pasta yourself into squares for making ravioli or thick noodles or for perfect uniform pasta you can run the sheets through the spaghetti or fettuccine cutter. The attachments of 6-inch best pasta roller helps you enjoy fresh, frozen pasta or dried for later.

KitchenAid pasta machine

As anticipated, like any other decent pasta maker, with KitchenAid pasta maker you can also adjust the thickness of the pasta rollers. People of manual hand crack pasta rollers consider it tough to handle the pasta makers but as KitchenAid pasta machine is a motorized pasta maker, you feel free to use one hand for guiding the pasta sheet through the roller and the other to hold the dough sheet. Once you are shifted to this product, you will be able to compare the superiorities. Since it is made of sturdy and long-lasting metal, it will provide you enduring service. Whereas, the speed of pasta makers make user concerned, this product will reduce the worries for the reason that the speed of the rollers are just right; is not too fast neither too slow. This nifty piece of equipment not limits you serving only lasagna sheets; it provides you an opportunity to do experiments with new pasta forms and plates.

Unlike other pasta maker this stainless piece of KitchenAid paste maker supplies you the platter of pasta you wanted to have every time you made it before. Nothing is perfect and so KitchenAid is up to improve all the lacking of the product. As it is the best pasta machine for home of all times, keep supporting us as your reviews are our inspiration.

Philips Pasta Maker

Philips Pasta Maker

Editor Rating:

If a robot with 200W power supply keeps beating your ceaseless supply of dough with a force of 1600 pounds, how much pasta can it produce? Bet you cannot solve this math, and you will win. What if we ask it to a technician of Philips Pasta Maker? Can they answer? No. We do not need such foolish math. We need pasta. We need something good to eat; it must be quick; delicious, and nutritious. Better if it be free from fat; we may thank God later for that. But right now, we have a question.

Why are talking about Phillips? We need a pasta maker, just a best pasta machine in the market now. We do not need Phillips advocacy for that. We need a good machine with food grade plastic, with some beauty, but above all, it must be good for its purpose. It should have at least a year of warranty; must work within 10-15 minutes; must know how to add flavors; must know how to produce 20 different types of pasta all by itself.

Electric Pasta Maker

Well, we are human, creative. We can imagine and ask everything possible or impossible. But, aren’t we asking too much of an electric pasta maker? What can a best pasta roller do for us? We give it some flower, some other ingredients, push the power button, and it gives us pasta. Enough!!! Enough???

There is nothing called “Enough” when it comes to love. We love food. So, if we buy a pasta maker, it should know how much we love food, and how much we expect from it. A lovely pasta maker should know making all sorts of pasta. Besides, yes, there is something more to say. What if it can make noodles, spaghetti, fettuccini, penne, and more? It must be so sexy a machine. We can give up a bf or gf, but not part with it.

Different Dishes of Pasta

Well, dear visitor, none of these demands is dream. We are practical people with business. We have no time to waste reading foolish product reviews. All that we have been talking here are possible long since. But Philipsis not a programmer machine. It can make 20 different dishes of pasta with 20 different tests and 40 different flavors, but you will have to assist it. It will come with a recipe booklet. There you will find every detail on how to do what. Even if it is true that you never made pasta in your life, never even heard of it, you can do it. It’s as easy with this machine as anything (you can imagine, for we did not have any interview with you, and cannot guess what is easy to you).

Phillip is a unique package with its cleaning tool. It gives you 4 awesome shaping discs to shape your dishes of Fettuccini, Penne, Lasagna, Spaghetti and more. All you have to do is: set the machine rightly. You can read its setting up manuals. It’s just a matter of socketing. Then open the booklet; arrange the mentioned ingredients (raw food items). Put them appropriately into the machine. You can do some modification of the recipe if you dare some new tests. Well, you are done with your responsibility. Now, power the kitchenaid pasta rolleron. You will get a feedback of your labor within 15 minutes.

Pasta Maker Kitchenaid

If anything happens with your Home Pasta Machine, please feel free to contact your shop. Your product has full 1 year of warranty. It will, by dint of its virtue, serve you for 4-6 years. And you can extend its life span even more. The whole world is at your service, sir. But, please make sure you buy it from an authorized dealer or seller. And, the services it provides applicable only to its direct buyer, and not a second buyer. So, here we think we cab pause. If you want to read more about your Philips Pasta Maker, please click on read more. Of course we have much more to say on pasta maker kitchenaid. Best Regards.

Homestart Pasta Maker

Homestart Pasta Maker

Editor Rating:

If you have to share one of your most delightful fooding experiences, which ones will you like to pick? Too many thoughts in mind? Okay let us help you. Isn’t a bowl of fresh homemade pasta leading your thoughts? I am here to introduce you to the easiest way of pasta making. Homestart pasta maker is the revolutionary machine which has come out as a blessing for the pasta lovers. The question is whether the pasta machine is manual or electrical. Basically this machine is manual. That means you have to put some extra effort as you just cannot get the pasta made by pressing a switch. You have to make pasta using your hand. Hey, don’t freak out. What if it’s manual? In this world of obesity I consider it as a blessing. As your hand keeps moving while making pasta, you can consider it as a hand exercise also. So, it also provides you a free exercise session. Okay jokes apart, it is a bit difficult to use it for not having a motor obviously. But its simplicity has made its market so well off.

The simple features have made it the best pasta maker.We all are intelligent people here. So, instead of believing my words, you must check the pasta maker reviews, there you will find mostly positive reviews. Isn’t it wise enough to follow reviews as they were put by folks who have used it?

Features of Homestart Pasta maker

Nowadays we face so many complications in our life. I bet you won’t like to have some extra complications with your pasta machine. Having a (or some) bf or gf, and your boss, or you study pressures have already filled the quota of complications, I guess. So the pasta maker has come with a no complication machine. Its best part is its simple features. It may seem that I am talking irrelevant. Actually that’s because there is nothing special to talk about its features as it has the simplest ones. Its durability and quality have actually maintained its market value. This machine is approximately 8.2 inches long, 7.8 inches high and 6.2 inches wide and the approximate weight is about 6 pounds. So it is not a heavy machine at all. You can move it easily. The main thing that you would love about this machine is the clamp that makes the machine fit for any kitchen decor. Without giving much effort, you can control the thickness of the pasta. Yes you can maintain the thickness with an adjustment knob. Its chrome plated body enhances its durability. If you are upset with your extra efforts regarding its being manual, then here is good news for you. The rollers and cutters are made of anodized aluminum that makes it extremely smooth and lessens your efforts. It offers you manual book that will help you in using and keeping it perfectly. If you still face any problem you can get help from the nearby shops.

Multi performances

In this era of robotics who doesn’t love multi-tasking appliances? We all want to save our time. The machine has come with great multi-tasking opportunities. You can make ravioli, roller, noodles, and spaghetti and so on. Don’t you believe my words? Then give it a check. And it’s not all that we are offering .You can also maintain the thickness of your pasta from .3mm to2.5 mm. And I haven’t told you about the best part. You know what? It can produce 9 different sizes of pasta. So now you tell me isn’t it a tough competition for the best electric pasta makers?

Concluding Words

It is the best pasta machine of all times. A bowl of fresh, delicious pasta can be compared to a piece of heaven. And the Homestart pasta maker is the key to experience the heavenly pleasure. But it is a world of limitations. Our pasta maker also comes with some disadvantages. Though it is the best pasta roller but still it has some limitations in making various dishes. And being manual is another lacking of it. You can search for kitchenaid ravioli, kitchen pasta roller for your satisfaction in comparison.

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  • Cucina Pro Pasta maker

  • Machine Type: Manual
  • Best For: Fettuccini and spaghetti
  • Our Score: 4.4

  • Weston Electric pasta maker

  • Machine Type: Electric Pasta Maker
  • Best For: spaghetti, fettuccini & flat sheet noodles
  • Our Score: 4.5

  • Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

  • Machine Type: Manual Pasta Maker
  • Best For: Fettuccine, spaghetti, flat dough sheet, tagliolini
  • Our Score: 4.3

  • Gourmia Pasta Maker

  • Machine Type: Automatic Pasta Maker
  • Best For: Pizza, baguettes, biscuits or even cake
  • Our Score: 4.5

Cucina Pro Pasta Maker

Cucina Pro Pasta Maker

Editor Rating:

Cucina Pro Pasta maker is one of the best pasta makers in current market. Making pasta will be hard if you don’t know how to operate a pasta machine. But Cucina pasta machine is easy to operate. You don’t have to face any problem to make it by making your kitchen dirty. You can also create different tastes of your pasta by mixing different flavors. It is also easy to customize. You can add different attachments to improve your pasta maker. It will consistently give you quality food and good result till next few years.

All Cucina Pasta Makers

Cucina Pro has launched approximately a million pasta makers in the market. We are serious. It we just start counting the number of items they have launched, you will need a glass of water to read them all.

Here is a demo: Pasta Maker Deluxe Set, Imperia Pasta Maker Machine, Pasta Maker Machine, Cucina Pro Pasta Making Machine Motor Attachment, Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta, Cucina Pro Cavatelli Machine, Imperia 12-Square Ravioli Maker, and ….…. of course, there are many more items to add. Better we focus on one machine here. Surely, we have covered all its best products in our brand and review pages.

Pasta is one of the most popular foods among all classes’ people. People go to restaurant to taste the best pasta around him. Some try to make it in their own house. For this they try different brands’ machines. Most of the people try what their relatives or colleagues use. But we believe that most of us do not know what the best pasta maker machine is. Some of us do know it, for it is long since we have been gathering public reviews of Pasta machine use. Here we are just sharing our collections with you to find out the best pasta maker.

Best Pasta Maker

Cucina pasta maker, in chrome coated steel, is worlds’ one of the best pasta maker both in beauty and function. It is on market with the best review since 2016. This is such a machine that can provide you at least 20 different dishes with different flavors. You will be also given a pasta recipe book and an instruction book. With this you can also try to experiment your cooking with cutting your items by knife and process it in this maker. It is easy to clean with soap and water. This is easy to operate, so there is no worry to clean your kitchen twice. We will also give you warranty of minimum 1 year. We assure you that nothing will happen to your pasta maker.

Manual Pasta Maker

Homemade pasta is simple and fun to make by manual pasta maker. But there are also some motorized pasta maker presented by Cucina which has made it easier and saves our time. If you want to make your pasta without any hard effort Cucina pro pasta maker is the best kitchen accessories. There are two types of pasta maker: Pasta roller and Pasta extruder. Pasta roller resembles the classic manual pasta maker instead motorized Cucina pasta maker will lessen your work of rolling pasta dough through pasta roller. It pushes the pasta shapes out instead rolling the dough.

Automatic Pasta Machine

Cucinapasta roller is the best pasta roller which will provide you by multiple services. You can also make spaghetti and fettuccine noodles with this. This is the best attachments to make your neighbor jealous. This is an automatic Pasta machine including cleaning brush and stainless steel body. All kitchenaid stand mixers fit with it. This is the best pasta roller for homemade pasta.

If anything goesunlikely(like you set it wrong, or don’t understand the user manual) with your pasta maker,you can also contact with the nearest shop dealing in Cucina Pro Pasta Makerdirectly or online. We are always available. Thank you.

Weston Electric pasta maker

Weston Electric pasta maker

Editor Rating:

The day of rolling and making pasta is over. Now is the time to plug in Weston Electric pasta maker to get the high quality Italian pasta at home. There are a lot of electric pasta machines in the market but choosing the best electric pasta machine is a dilemma. Not to worry because Weston is introducing you with the best pasta maker the market. This pasta machine provides you with the best quality of pasta in only a matter of minutes. You just have to make the dough, plug the machine in and in about a minute or two, you get the precise sized pasta in your hand waiting to be cooked. Weston pasta maker makes the pasta sheet really thin. Adding the features of this pasta maker you get to know that this pasta maker is really handy. Moreover it is really small, so that you can take it anywhere you want to go. Its steel body makes it durable for a long time. It has many more features which will amuse you and make you interested to buy it at once.

Electric Pasta Machine

Among these features let us start from the beginning of how this product has been made by the manufacturers. This particular pasta machine includes the best rolling and cutting equipment. It is also programmable and the manufacturers included nine adjustable settings just to produce very thin pastas. The cutters are adjustable to any shape which the chef wants to make. Weston electric pasta machine is considered to be the best electric pasta machine just not to be the only programmable pasta machine but it has the heavy duty construction and metal housing. From the Italian cuisine to a household work, this pasta machine is providing its service in a drastic way.

Thiselectric pasta machine has two sorts of speed system. The fast roller speed control lets you to prepare pasta in no time. But if you have plenty of time and you want to make your pasta really good you can also use the slow roller speed control. Weston electric pasta machine has also who won the fan’s heart by providing the best safety precautions. The safety cover on this particular pasta maker turns the machine off if the rollers are exposed.

Features of this Kitchenaid Ravioli

Previously some manufacturers made attempts to make electric pasta machines but they failed to consume less electricity. Their lack was to make less consumable machine with high consumable motors. But Weston pasta maker conjured this problem by releasing this model of pasta makers. In this model they have set a 90watt 120 volt 60Hz motor which also creates less sound. The roller is also set in the measurement of 5 3/4-inch across blades. This lets the pasta maker to create 1/10″ thick pasta.For a great reputation the company is giving away a free roller and a cleaning brush with this product.

Story of a Pasta Lover

We often hear people saying, “I have been married for about 6 years now and my wife is really a food lover. She wakes up every morning and starts worrying about what she would cook for us every day. I think it’s her passion. Actually it’s more of a hobby to her. She really likes cooking. In her kitchen, she uses all her favorite music while she cooks. She thinks, it makes her foods more delicious. However, she often tries herself with new recipes. She used to make me different dishes of lovely pasta. But, about a year ago, she left me. So, what will happen to me now, guys???” Dear, we have many solutions for you now. Go to a nearby shop and get the ingredients ready.

By the way, there are more facts to share about Weston Electric Pasta Machine. If you have enough time, please move to our detailed review section.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

Editor Rating:

If you want the strongest Pasta Machine ever made from stainless steel, HIC Harold Import Co offers you a challenging one. It’s Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. We won’t take long to tell its features. It offers 9 different colors to match your kitchen decorum. Honestly, is it impressive or not? You can pick Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, Black, Copper, Silver, and Even Pink. We know we won’t eat its colors. You know which one will perfectly match your colorful, clean and lovely kitchen.

Marcato Atlas is made in Italy. We are not trying to tempt you saying that as it is from Italy, it will certainly produce Italian pasta beyond doubt. You can make your own no-one-in-the-world-ever-tested pasta by this machine. It all depends on what ingredients you use and how you use them, you know. But if you have anItalian Pasta recipe book, well, you are complete in your package.

Atlas Pasta Machine offers

What else Atlas Pasta Machine offers? You get 10 fine thicknesses from your past dough. Make it like a paper, or bullet prove flour jacket; it’s all your choice. Just ready your hard worked pasta dough; roll it through Atlas,best pasta roller, and then cut it through the same best pasta maker. There is a bit more to say. That is, with this pasta maker kitchenaid, you can have3 different pasta shapes, andif you like, or if you need, you can have all12 cutting accessories available and made for Atlas. They come separately. Of course, you can buy them separately only if you want.

Best Pasta Machine

What are those features we expect from a pasta maker that make it the best? There is no straight answer, is there? It always depends. It depends on how long and how well it serves. It depends on how many ways it can be used and how easily it can be used. It depends on how much time it saves. How easy to keep it clean and so on (you know, you may have more demands in your mind). Talking about Marcato Pasta Machine, we can assure you that you cannot destroy the machine unintentionally of if not accidentally in 10-years. For it offers you a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years. If anything goes wrong with its parts, you get a replacement. It’s all stainless steel. Your dough cannot eat it, nor can your foodie self or family member/s.

Best Electric Pasta Maker

Marcato8320 is not an electric pasta maker. But it is almost an electric one. What do we mean? We mean that you can replace its hand roller part with an electric motor and thus you get a Best Electric Pasta Maker, almost the best, frankly speaking (for there is Phillips that can make you dough in its stomach itself which you cannot expect from Marcato 8320). But Phillips used plastic, Marcato is all steel. So, there is no comparison. They are best in their own ways, by dint of their own features. You have to buy the electing roller separately. You will get a manual on how to attach it. It’s very easy. And once done, you will just have to place you dough rightly and press a button to get it rolled and thereon shaped.

Accessories for Pasta Maker

You can buy a Dispenser, a Pasta rack (drying rack), a bike (not to ride on it, but to run of pasta sheets with 9 wheels, and a homemade ravioli (if you like). Besides, you will need a dry brush to keep you tools clean. Cleanliness is a must, you know.These are just some helping hands. If you love pasta, if you often intend to taste pasta, you will need them by and by. It’s a fact. You can avoid spending for them at the very beginning though. The rack will help you drying as much as 2 Kg of pasta sheets or raw pasta. However, this is just a briefing on Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. You can read more to know the product details and other things like warranty and so on.

Gourmia Pasta Maker

Gourmia Pasta Maker

Editor Rating:

Gourmia has launched as many as 6 pasta and relevant kitchen aids in the market. There are just several GourmiaPasta Makers with different features and price range. Gourmia GPM630 One Touch, Gourmia GPM100 Electric, Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric, Gourmia GSS9210 Spiral Slicer, Gourmia GSS9275 Tri-Blade Spiral Slicer, Gourmia GES580 Electric Spiralizer are the products. Not all of them are pasta makers. But they are connected with you ready dish of Pasta either with dough, or with vegetable. Our focus here is the best pasta makerGourmia has. So, let’s not waste your time on relevant items.

Latest Pasta Maker

Let us focus on Gourmia GPM630 One Touch GPM630, the automatic pasta maker.

Launched in October 30, 2016,it’s the latest pasta maker from Gourmia only in black color (black and white combined). The black is smart. Anyway, we will come to its beauty later on. Right now we want to brief its features. It has a DC Motor inside, a 120 volt motor. It has asteel frame along with other food grade plastic parts, pretty strong to seat on. It comes withLCD Touch Control Panel. Do you love it? Touch is everywhere now. So it may not seem anything special. But in the market of best electric pasta maker, touch is a modern addition. Most of the pasta lovers still use hand rolling stealth pasta maker. Some use power switch machines. But touch has just arrived. Very few people has replaced their old one, or bought this new one.

Automatic Pasta Maker

By automatic, we do not mean that you tap on button on your smart phone and get a ready dish of pasta in 10 minutes. We are sorry if it hurts you. Nothing so advanced has yet been launched in the market, but they are of course in the labs. You just have to wait a few more months for that (1 year at best). But in the meantime, this service can be afforded from online delivery restaurants, of course.

But, what do we mean by Automatic Pasta maker? If you put the necessary ingredients into Gourmia GPM630 and touch its power button (of course plugged into power supply), it will produce your dough and thereon your pasta, the raw, flavored pasta.But it has another amazing automatic feature. It automaticallyoffs the motor if you forget to power off its power supply and open its lead. So, there remains no risk of being electrified in case you or any one in your family accidentally opens container forgetting to switch off the machine.

Special Features of Gourmia GPM630

It is CertifiedETL. So, eat good food and live happily. Not all the machines in the market bothers certifications, perhaps dare not to. This kitchenaid pasta roller has 13 shaping discs. You can hardly use them once in 2 weeks. You will forget the test of the first shape long before you test the 10th, and you still have 3 more to go through.

Besides, this is best pasta machine because it’s a Multi-functional Machine. It mixes; it kneads, and it extrudes. It makes doughs, pastas, dumplings, won-tons, and something more(it makes sausage as well). Frankly, Gourmia is offering too much in its pasta machines for home, aren’t they? And it’s not a million dollar product. How can such kitchenaidraviolibe so economic? Perhaps, the CEO of the industry is a foodie him/herself. He/she knows the pain of every foodie. We foodie need so many kitchenaids that each of us need to be a Bill Gates, or a Michael Bloomberg. However, there is much more to say about Gourmia Pasta Maker. You can move to our review page if you have enough time for that.

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