Weston Electric Pasta Machine Review

“Weston Electric Pasta Machine” by Hamilton Beach and Weston Electric Pasta Machine by Weston are not the same pasta makers. Clients have pretty bad experience with pasta makers labeled Weston made by some Hamilton things. So, dear clients, if you wish to be deceived now, it’s up to you. It was our responsibility to inform you, we are doing it.

Weston Pasta maker by Weston has the ASIN number B01MU771FQ, and we do not want to talk about AISN of other products. They look exactly the same, same color, same shape, same design, and same image. But they have different price and different customer experience.

Weston Electric Pasta Machine Review

It weighs 15.2 pounds. It is just released in Amazon.com in January 4 this year (2017). But this is for advertisement only. You can add it to your cart now, but you will get it in March, around 1st to 6th of March.

This is not a fully automated pasta maker. By this we mean that it does not make your pasta dough. You have to make your own dough manually or by some other machine. There are simple and heavy duty dough makers there. Weston itself sells such dough maker. With one dough maker, you can make dough for a million purposes. Perhaps, that is why Weston did not attach a dough maker with its pasta maker. This electric pasta maker only makes pasta and noodle sheets for you. By the way, we won’t boast that this is the best pasta machine ever. It is yet to be discovered.

Features of Weston Electric Pasta Maker

Features of Weston Pasta MakerIt has a safety cover build with sliding safety guards.  There are smooth rollers, Fettuccini Cutter, and spaghetti cutter below the safety cover. Your task is to lift the cover and put your dough on the roller (according to its width). Then pull the cover on it. Then you plug the power cord, and then you switch on the machine.

You can fix the thickness of you expected pasta sheet before you switch on the machine. If you do it before switching it on, there is no risk of spoiling the machine in a year or two.

You will get a smooth work. There is an adjustment knob on the left side of the machine. Use it however you want. Just keep in mind that if you play with this machine, you will get playful pastas, that’s all.

The Weston Electric Pasta Machine comes with a 40 cm (40-42) long power cord. Just above the cord line, there is a power switch. Please do not switch on the machine before you plug in the cord.

Besides, the machine comes with a 3-conductor cord. So, you will need a 3-pong grounding socket. In case you have 2-pong sockets only, you will have to buy an extra 3-pong socket. We will suggest you to use a 3 pong socket. And if you have to extend the cord, you must use a 3-wire cord with 3-pin conductor and sockets.

How to Use Weston Electric Pasta Machine

Make sure you checked the device properly before you start using it. Is it ready with all its parts properly set? If that is OKEY, we can have a look at our dough now.

How is the dough? If it is too wet, the machine may fail to function properly, we mean, it may fail to produce 0.3mm pasta sheet as it is promising. It the dough is too dry, the roller may get stuck with your dough, we mean it may fail to roll any sheet out of a stone, you know. So, the dough should be moderately wet, tender enough to roll.

Please do not push your lovely dough into the machine. The machine has a technical speed. You can increase or decrease that speed. And once you are done, please let the machine work at its own will. Pushing dough through its roller or cutter may be injurious to its motor health.

Besides, you should not try to repair the machine with any metal things while it’s connected to electricity. It’s just a matter of common sense, but often we lose it when we are in a hurry. Besides, please do not grab the machine with wet hands when it is plugged in power supply.

Though nothing should happen; water dripping from your hand should just slide down. But there is electricity in it. So you should not take any risk. Water may drip into its motor and it may turn into a disaster. We believe you understand what can happen. If you are lucky, just the motor may burn out. But if you are unlucky, we cannot say what will follow.

How to clean Pasta Machine

Weston Pasta Maker- How to clean Pasta MachineWeston comes with a wooden cleaning brush. Why is it wood? Why not steel? Steel will make no good cleaning brush even if you use plastic hair on its head.

This may happen that accidentally you might pick the brush while it is plugged in power supply. Can you imagine the consequence? Besides, steel will scratch your lovely pasta machine. We believe you won’t love it. So, wood the both the safest and modest material for brushing an electric machine.

Besides, you can use toothpicks to clean the stubborn dough parts sticking to your machine wall after making pastas. They are pretty good for that. However, no matter when you clean your machine or with what you do it, pull the cord out of power supply before you do that.

You can use dry rags to keep it clean every time you use it. Keeping it utmost clean is very important. After all, you use it to make food items. Besides, you should set the machine on an even, firm and clean table or desk.

Small details of Weston Pasta maker

This kitchen Aid is all stainless steel and food grade plastic. Weston labeled pasta maker produced and delivered by other companies have complains against them.

Be sure we mean the pasta makers not produced by Weston, but by some affiliated manufacturer. Many said that they could not use their pasta maker thrice. Some said that their machine goes too hot, even noisy. Many say that the machine is too slow; they can work faster manually. These, we believe, are facts. And perhaps, that is why they keep a low price of the machine.

Real Weston will cost you about a $100-120 more than that of other Weston’s. It’s a matter of fact. No customer has yet reviewed real Weston, it’s not among the users yet. We are waiting to see if it is really better than that of its partner’s product or not. There must be a reason Weston is claiming a double price of a lower weight machine. Perhaps the technology they have is not the technology their business partner in other land using. And there is Italian and China Weston. There must be a difference.

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Types of Pasta

How many types of pasta are there in your area? And how many are there in the world? Well, we have a gross idea about the world pasta (as much as it is available in the webs), but we do not particularly know about your area, because we do not know which area you are from, frankly.

You can be from anywhere. But wherever you are from, now you can make any pasta possibly or imaginatively exist in the world or outside world if the recipe is available or you yourself can produce it. How? Of course, a mere machine is not everything that can make it possible. So, we won’t say that now you have got the best pasta machine ever. No, not everyone can do it. It requires passion; Also it requires ingredients, and it requires time. It requires much more that these, if you love cooking, you know what it requires.

Price Specification

According to Wikipedia, there are 187 dishes of pasta. We believe there are more of them. So, dear pasta lovers, there is no end of your love. You can enjoy them for the next 200 years. You will hardly remember the test of the first dish before you reach the 50th, and you still have 100 more to go with.

Therefore, enjoy your life. Oh! We forgot to tell you about the price of Weston Electric Pasta Machine. It was around $250 while we were writing this review. Hope the price did not go up. Weston is not that cruel. But you should, of course, check its price in Amazon.

Maybe you can have an offer; maybe it is $240 now. There is just one more thing we have to say. Please let us know your experience of using this Pasta Machine. If you kindly get back to us using the machine for a while, and tell us if you are happy with that (we are not expecting any disappointment though) or a bit disappointed, we will be happy to share your experience with the world. It will help us sorting out products, the best ones that we always to talk about. Thanks for your time. Best wishes!

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