Philips Pasta Maker


If you are a pasta lover as well as a hygiene concerned person, this very product is made just for you. I have been using this product for almost two years. According to me it is the best pasta maker as well as the best pasta roller of all times. I always had great affection for fresh homemade pasta. But being an extremely lazy person, always felt apathetic to use the manual pasta maker as I had to put physical efforts to get my desired pasta. And the moment I got introduced to this one of the best electric pasta makers, I just fell for it. This machine has very useful features with an eye catching physical appearance. You can get your pasta ready within 15 minutes with a great finishing. This all in one machine offers you pasta in different shapes and sizes. You can make spaghetti, ravioli, noodles, Fettuccini, penne, lasagna and so on using the shaping disks. It also offers additional shaping accessories for noodles. It ensures a pound of fresh pasta with its automatic kneading, mixing and extruding features. I found the texture of pasta very fascinating. Advanced engineering and the materials have enabled the machine to machine to exert 1600 pounds force. This immense force kneads the dough perfectly and maintains a good texture. What I personally love about the machine is you can mix any ingredient you want into the dough. What else anyone can ask for! Still it offers many more. I feel so comfortable while using this machine. It appears as in the nightmares of using manual pasta machine has finally ended. It has gained a vast popularity due to its easy accessing quality. This product is incredibly easy to use. From a baby to a granny, everyone can use it. I am not being biased at all. All the good names are coming out of me just because it deserves all these.

Features Philips Pasta Maker

To justify your purchase you must know the detailed features of the very product. I went through almost all the reviews and you tube videos to get the best product. And among all the products its features met my demands. It is not very easy to carry this machine as it weighs 16.5 pounds but it ensures a non-slip feet. Trust me it is damn easy to use as it doesn’t slip away. It consists of a detachable shaft, on off switch, LED display, preset cooking option, and automatic shut off features. Again ready signal, power on light these features enhance its compatibility. Philips pasta machine also ensures a cleaning tool, a measuring cup and a recipe booklet. This cleaning tool keeps your machine neat and hygienic. With the measuring cup you will be able to measure the correct quantity of your dough and. The booklet according to me is the main attraction. I personally found it very helpful. This booklet elaborates the machine’s ins and outs. It also provides some pasta recipes. The powerful 200 W motor makes quality pasta within 15 minutes. Yes exactly 15 minutes. I am not kidding at all. I still remember, the first time when I put my dough into the machine I was stunned because my pasta started to come out before my water boiled. Now you can easily estimate how fast it works. But I would like to mention that the motor’s ability depends on time. Gradually, somehow, the speed decreases. There is solid difference between its performances between now and then. Though it became a bit slow now but still it works good. Another thing I have to mention, it works silently. Even a baby can sleep next to it as it doesn’t make noise at all.

Using Philips

Though this machine provides a booklet, there are certain things that I would like to mention about using this product. I would like to share one of my experiences. I faced a disaster as I once put in excessive ingredients. So, you should be careful about it. The maximum amount of flour for that can be used in each batch is 500g. Using more than 500g of flour may damage your appliance. As the pasta maker is mainly made of plastic you have to be very careful about the temperature issue. You should not use ingredients that are $60 or above. Also it should be kept in temperature less than $60. Otherwise, the appliance can get deformed. You can select the extrusion once the dough is mixed. Otherwise, the lifetime of the machine will be hampered. Pouring water in the chamber before setting the chamber lid is strictly prohibited. You may not pour any liquid into the switch hole. In order to maintain the lifetime you should not make it work continuously more than 45 minutes. It’s better to give it a pause for 15 minutes and then get restarted. One more thing, never switch it off before the process is done. I found the machine extremely friendly while using. But these simple things should be maintained to get better performance and a long life time. Following these simple steps you can ensure your machine’s sustainability. I have always maintained these steps and enjoying a healthy machine. You can also attach kitchenaid pasta roller and kitchenaid ravioli maker to enhance its versatility.

Compared with others

In this era of technology no one is dumb enough to buy anything without comparing. And I am also not a dumb one. Before purchasing this machine I did a lot of online researches. I had gone through almost all the pasta maker reviews. According to my research Kenwood pasta maker, Atlas Electric Pasta Machine and Kitchen Aid Pasta Machine are three other brand names that dominate the pasta machine world. These products along with the Philips are the most suitable pasta machines for home. If we compare my machine with the Atlas pasta machine, the first thing that should be noticed is the weight. The Atlas is almost half of the weight of Philips. It is only 8 pounds; this makes it easier to carry. But the Philips is a bit heavy due to its heavy motor. The Philips is operated with a 200V motor but the Atlas has an 110V machine. That is why the Philips pasta maker provides a better work efficiency. The Atlas pasta maker makes 3 different shapes of pasta in 9 different thicknesses. But the Philips ensures 8 different shapes of pasta. The Atlas is made of chrome plated steel. And the chrome plated body makes it more sustainable. There are differences between the Atlas and the Philips but according to me Philips is more reliable than Atlas and Philips pasta maker also ensures variety of shapes. Again if we compare with the Kitchen Aid pasta maker, you can always prefer Philips. People, who would like to make pasta on a daily basis, should choose Philips. Philips is a kind of unique product in the market. It is capable of storing its own parts. No other brands give you this facility. Again the number of varieties shapes of pasta it offers, no other products can even get close to it.

Homemade Pasta

When I finally decided to buy a pasta maker and came to know about the price, I won’t lie, I kind of was shocked. I took really a long time to decide whether I should spend so much money on a pasta machine. But I was literally a pasta obsessed person. And the idea of getting fresh homemade pasta influenced me to buy this expensive gadget. But trust me, when I witnessed the first batch of perfect pasta, I was on cloud nine. I was quite satisfied spending my money on this appliance. This machine provides one year of warranty. But you have to buy this product from their original clients. Any problem regarding the product is supervised by the shop owner. But you must keep your receipt secured. But you must purchase it from a reliable source. I personally didn’t face any disturbance during the period of my using.

Best Pasta Machine

According to the experts this product can tolerate more load than any other pasta machine. It has a 200V working motor that can tolerate making pasta on daily basis. This product has ensured its safety. It has a safety switch and lever that will not let the machine work if the discs are not inserted properly. The experts have also referred that this machine provides several cleaning devices. The cleaning devices are specially designed and these make it easy to be cleaned. It provides a storage facility. It has a hidden drawer that can store its parts. So it is easy to store the parts and they don’t get missing. It saves time as it works very fast. In just 15 minutes it produces 500g of pasta. It provides varieties shapes of quality pasta. Buyers can add more flavors in it. This machine helps to get healthy pasta as the user can add their own healthy ingredients in the dough. These qualities have made it one of the best pasta machine in this competitive market.

Pasta Freak

Being a pasta freak and a self-reliant person this machine appeared to me as a blessing. Now I can enjoy homemade pasta whenever I want. I don’t need to depend on restaurants to enjoy my pasta. I can add my own flavors in it. I can enjoy my preferable shape and most importantly its hygiene level is known to me. It’s worth spending money on this gadget, on Philips pasta maker.

Donal Donnelly

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