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Are you a true a pasta lover? Do you want to experience a platter of homemade pasta? Then this article is meant for you. In this article I am going to introduce you to the best pasta machine of all times. The world known brand Ovente presents the desired machine to make authentic pasta. Ovente pasta maker being the best pasta maker ensures you a well maintained batch of your own crafted homemade pasta each and every time. This product is a dream product for people who are health conscious and are battling a budget issue. This machine allows you to enjoy fresh pasta, spaghetti, Fettuccini and noodles in your desired shapes and thickness. And you know what? The best part is you can witness your pasta being made and so there won’t be any hygiene issues. And all these facilities will cost a nominal amount of money.

About Ovente Pasta Maker:

Ovente stainless steel vintage pasta maker is basically a manual pasta machine. That means it is not operated with electricity rather you have to put efforts to explore your pasta. Though it is a manual pasta machine but it has been proved to be a great competition for many of the so called best electric pasta makers. This machine comes with a interchangeable 7 different thickness settings attachment. With this attachment you can easily adjust your pasta’s thickness according to your preference. It includes two built in cutters. The cutting attachments give you the liberty to cut the spaghetti or Fettuccini in several sizes. This very product is released for all your pasta fantasies to come true. This chrome plated affordable machine takes your pasta fascination to another level. This machine also flattens polymer clay along with the pasta dough. You can maintain the thickness from .5mm to 3mm and enjoy restaurant quality pasta at home.


This very product is made of stainless steel, food grade carbon and plated with chrome. This chrome plating feature keeps it safe from stains. It weights about 4.3lb. It has three different colors: stainless steel, matte black and metallic red and two sizes of 150mm and 180mm. You can also try for several accessories marketed by Ovente. It includes two adjustable cutters to cut the spaghetti and Fettuccini in desired shapes. It also offers a steel hand crank with a plastic handle. This crank has made it the best pasta roller. It also provides a clamp that ensures your comfort while using it. The adjustable roller is 5.9″ wide and crank length is 5.25″. All kinds of dough can be used from .02″ to .12″.

How to Use a Ovente Pasta Maker:

The Ovente pasta maker is a comfortable machine. As you don’t need electricity to run this machine, the risks become a low shot. Things are very easy with this machine. First of all you have to make the dough. Make sure the dough is not too dry or too wet. Then the dough needs to be placed under the rollers to flatten it for spaghetti. After the dough gets flatten, adjust the sizes with the cutters that come with the pasta machine. Sizes can be adjusted from.5mm to 3mm. If you intend to make noodles, you need to select the cutter’s size. To get thick noodles the wide cutters should be used and for thin noodles, you need to use narrow cutters. Sometimes the dough gets very dry and the cutters can’t cut it. In that case, you need to add water in the dough. For lasagna sheets the pasta roller attachment should be used. Using the 7 different thickness settings attachment, the thickness of lasagna can be maintained. As it is a manual machine, it illuminates complications. It can be handled very simply. Does it seem to be a flawless machine? Well, maybe it is not completely flawless but it comes with the least flaws.

Pasta Types:

The real pasta lovers are never content with the limited sizes of pasta. And this product has been manufactured giving priority on the needs of pasta lovers. Pasta lovers are always keen to explore different shapes of pasta. I mean, seriously, who wants to eat the same pasta every time? We all love exceptions. That is why Ovente has come with a dream product. The Ovente pasta maker allows you to enjoy 7 different shapes of pasta. You can get every sorts of pasta using this one machine (Ravioli, noodles, Fettuccini, spaghetti, penne, lasagna and many more). You can add whatever flavors you want in your dough. If you want to get nutritious pasta, you may put healthy ingredients in your dough and enjoy your desired pasta. You can also add extra salt if you want it to be a bit salty. Again spices also can be added. That’s not all, for the spaghetti lovers it is likely to a blessing as you can adjust the thickness of your spaghetti. This product is surely a treat to your kitchen appliances.


Ovente pasta maker offers numeral attachments. The 7different thickness settings attachment is the main attraction of this product. It gives you all the liberties to make authentic pasta according your desired shapes. You also get two cutting attachments. The cutting attachments can cut the lasagna sheets from 1mm to 12mm. Well, that’s not all. You will get a pasta roller too. This machine is a complete set of pasta making. All your pasta related desires will come true with this machine.

Price and Warranty:

This product comes at a very cheap rate. People with low budget must give it a try. This product is available at around $45 recently. It won’t take its price higher hopefully. You can get it from several online shopping sites. This amazing product is worth paying this amount, I guess. And if we talk about the warranty, it provides the same one year warranty like all other brands. But you have to register it within one month from the date of purchase. But obviously the company has some conditions too. The warranty wouldn’t be activated due to misuse. Purchase from an official retailer should be ensured to activate the warranty. Again accurate using and maintenance can extend its life time.


Maintenance of any product is very important for getting served by it. Though our pasta maker is very much sustainable but it owes a little bit of care from you. You must keep it away from children’s grip. Let your kids use it under your supervision. As it is made of steel it should be kept under tolerable temperature. High temperature can deform it or damage the parts. The cleaning process should be done very carefully. As the parts are detachable, cleaning is very easy. You can personally clean it or use DW to clean it. After cleaning make sure all the parts get dried before you put them back. Use a brush to clean the rollers. Using knives or clothes are strictly forbidden. Store the parts in a cabinet or box so they won’t get lost.


Before a purchase you must go through the pasta maker reviews. See what people think of this product as it will give a clear view of your product. You can justify your buy only by having the clear ideas about the product. You may also go for some comparison with the leading brand’s products like the Kenwood Pasta Maker, Kitchenaid Ravioli, Kitchenaid Pasta Roller and so on. You will get to know what your product has and also what it lacks. Though our machine is a manual machine and this is an era of technology, it has maintained its legacy due to its brilliant features and viability. The other products like the Kenwood pasta maker gives you comfort as it is motorized but it has limitations in its performance. It can’t work for a unlimited period but the Ovente pasta maker allows you to work for a unlimited time being. Isn’t having limitless compatibility a great feature? I think so. Again it offers a handsome versatility in shapes and sizes of pasta. You can make 7 different thick pasta where all the motorized machines offer you maximum 3 to 5 shapes. But one thing that should be mentioned is the motor thing. You have to put some effort for this machine. But the electric pasta machines works with a simple touch. But for a pasta affectionate person it should not be a big deal. Besides, this product costs very low. All the electric machines are very expensive in price. Also you have to pay for electricity while running it. It almost proves 3 times more expensive than the Ovente pasta maker. Again no use of electricity refers to an eco friendly gadget. Using the Ovente pasta maker you can also contribute to your environment.

We all love restaurant made or packed pasta but the hygiene issue prevails in all sectors. To ensure a healthy platter of fresh, yummy pasta there is no alternative to use the reliable Ovente pasta maker. It is a benediction to healthy fooding.

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