Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Review

When jaded or worn-out, if you are offered a bowl full of flavorsome pasta dish, what would be your retort? No matter how polite and gentle you react before people, you will certainly be so blissful to have you beloved pasta dish on your hand. When it comes to pasta then the only brand Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker comes in aid of you.

The Marcato Atlas Pasta machine or Grain Mill Motor will never dissatisfy you, because it has the quality to provide you the best pasta in less time than any other pasta maker. You can use any manual pasta maker to make your pasta dish. But have you ever imagined what if you get such a motor that provides with you Grand-ma flavor pasta but in a half time than the previous pasta maker?

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Review

This Pasta Maker Motor will always help you to create your very own pasta dish in no time. And here you can save your energy and time both. So with the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Grain Mill Motor, time and energy saving is totally in, but homemade delectable pasta is never out!


  • Made by Marcato
  • Features two speeds
  • Fits almost every Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker. Can cope up with Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Pink, Gold, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Black, Green and Copper. Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Classic, Atlas 180 Pasta Machine and also with the Marcato Marga Grain Mill
  • Not washable in water. Pasta machine or any parts of the pasta machine cannot be washed in the dishwasher
  • 3 year warranty

Specifications and Qualifications:

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine/ Grain Mill Motor is made in Italy with will help to gain the best pasta dish for your family every evening. This Pasta drive motor will fit any of the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machines. The Atlas and Ampia models which hold the CE safety seal can also be adjusted with this pasta motor. But you have to remember that the Atlas and Ampia model should be made after 1998.

Here, the great part is, for the earlier versions you can also procure an adaptor. All the pasta machines of Marcato Atlas will be motorized with this device. That means, if you have any Marcato Atlas crank pasta maker which is also called handy pasta maker, then that will convert into a motorized pasta maker.

This Marcato Atlas Grain Mill Motor can alter a crank pasta maker into a 2 speed electric pasta machine so that you can get it easy to use in rolling out your healthy pasta dough into pasta sheets.

Pasta Makers that Match:

For making pasta with the best Marcato Grain Mill Motor, you need a Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. The Motor fits only in Marcato’s pasta maker. It fits in

  • The Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Classic
  • Atlas 150 Pasta Machine (Pink, Gold, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Black, Green and Copper)
  • 180 Atlas Pasta Machine
  • Marcato Marga Grain Mill

Motorized vs. Handy:

This is the age of revolution and why would you be stuck in the former way of living? People are busy with stuffs nowadays and no one has time to make food at home every day. But for you, you believe, your family and their health come first. And that is the only reason you but a Pasta Machine, isn’t it?

A homemaker, no matter she is a job holder or not, always runs for her family and brings the super native things for them. We are here just to assist you in making your healthy life easier than ever.

Just imagine about those manual and handy pasta makers. They may make your pasta to provide you healthy food. But do they save you time? No, right? You need to make your dough by yourself and then you need to put them inside the rollers.

More on this Atlas Pasta Maker..

Those pasta makers have a clamp and after putting the pasta dough into the rollers, you need to drive the clamp to get your pasta sheets from the dough. To run the clamp you need both energy and time. It is harsh for your hands too. Because when you run the clamp, it needs too much effort to run it and get the pastas done.

If you have problems regarding your hand then it is quiet impossible for you to run the clamp and make the pasta sheets. Even it is so much tough for your little children to run the clamp if you are not at home.

When your guests are at you home and you need to serve them food what would you do? Your children are going to school and you need to prepare their Tiffin or mid-day meal, then what? You are away from home and your husband or children need to cook for their own, what is the way out?

There is no one who would deny a pasta bowl when they are hungry. Pasta has reached such a position that no one will reject the dish for luncheon or dinner. Here, market packed pasta can be a solution to quench the pasta-thirst. But is that healthy for your family and fellows? It can never be.

And so Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine with Marcato Atlas Pasta Grain Mill Motor is the lone way to make homemade pasta when you are in a rush.

 Why Marcato Atlas Pasta Motor?

You can face many problems with a handy or manual pasta maker. The solution to you all difficulties is Marcato Atlas Grain Mill Motor. The only work you need to do is making you dough. You can mix any kind of ingredients in the dough to make the pasta dish healthy. Then you just need to get your Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine prepared by joining the Marcato Atlas Grain Mill Motor. What next? You simply have to set the healthy pasta dough between the rollers of the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine and switch on the motor.

That’s all you need to have a juicy and delectable pasta dish. The Marcato Atlas Grain Mill Motor will do its work and your pasta sheets will be ready before you. You will only be required to cut the pasta sheets according to your desired pasta plate and there you go.

Cut pasta will be before you ready-to-cook. Now Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Lasagna, Angel Hair and even your very own Ravioli can be primed in your own dining table if you have got a Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker with Marcato Atlas Pasta Grain Mill Motor.

Why this Atlas Pasta Maker..

You definitely want you pasta ready in the shortest period of time. And only Marcato Atlas Pasta Grain Mill Motor provides you the opportunity to get you flavorsome pasta in your kitchen in a few minutes only. In the case of this motor, you do not need to be tensed about your family when you are out of home.

If you are out, you husband can make his pasta in simply by this procedure because this is the simplest and the most time saving way. Here you do not need to run the clamp by yourself. So it turns out to be trouble free for you to make pasta without wasting energy on it.

Marcato Atlas Brand:

People are seeking for the best brand of pasta maker and other accessories and the only name comes before is Marcato Atlas. Why? It is because, Marcato Atlas, the brand is producing pasta makers since 1930 and it has been over 80 years of their experience.

This Marcato Atlas brand is an Italian brand, where Pasta itself dwells in. A pasta maker brand form the region where pasta belongs will surely know what they are doing and what they are up to. They are known best because of their focus on the materials they use and the design the make.

The patented wellness factor of the pasta rollers ensures that no detrimental particles or elements can gain entry into your pasta dough when rolling or cutting. Comparing to any other brand, Marcato Atlas provides you with the adequate warranty period. The review also says that Marcato Atlas worth trust and support to be the best brand regarding pasta machine and other attachments.


  • Time saver
  • Energy saver
  • 3 years warranty
  • Gets both your hands free so you can work with the pasta dough


  • Expensive
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic (people prefer metal because metal is long lasting)
  • A little noisy

Finishing Up:

No matter which Pasta Maker and attachments you buy, the reason of buying is dining with healthier food along with making life easier than before. Marcato Atlas is a renowned brand form 1930 from the pasta-state Italy. So no question can be raised on the pasta it makes, because you get the authentic taste of Italy.

Pasta is not only for the pro, now with Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine and Grain Mill Motor a beginner can easily learn proficient pasta making art just like the pasta chefs. Save your time and energy with the Marcato Pasta Grain Mill Motor and serve you family with the superlative pasta dishes.

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