Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Review

With around 1600 customer reviews (mostly very positive), 350+ answered questions (answering any question you may have in mind), and Stainless Steelbody (almost the immortal thing) comes Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, the master of the pasta world.  We think this is enough to know when we are thinking about buying a non-electrical pasta maker.

Or, do we need more information. If that is what you are looking for, let us proceed. Below you will find the product details, glimpses of honorable customers’ reviews of Marcato Atlas. And also you will know how to use it, types of pasta and other food items you can prepare with this, and some insignificant and or entertaining talks.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Review

You will also find its price specification, and a bit of comparison with similar products. You got the summary; we are going to the details now. Hum?

Product Details

This includes the Pasta Machine itself, and a pasta cutter, a lovely clamp, and, of course a hand crank. What else do you get? Marcato will send you a gift of complete instructions booklet on how use their machine (we mean your machine). We believe that every new user may need it. But if you are someone who knows these types of machine well, you won’t have to open it, anyway.

A customer will also receive a warranty card from the manufacturer. How long is the warranty? 10-year of unlimited (some says life-long) warranty. You can get three shapes of the pasta world from this manual pasta machine. And from manual, you can turn it into a electrical pasta machine as well. Marcato is now selling an additional motor set, a good one.

There is a set up manual with it. So, you know how to unscrew or screw such a simple tool, and you can change your old (in terms of buying date only, it is new forever) pasta maker and turn it into something modern. Yes, from new to modern; it suits a motor-run Marcato Pasta Robot’s transformation title.

More on Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

It has nine different colors. You would love them, at least 2-3 of them. They covered almost every grand color possible for a stealth pasta machine. It stars from black, steel and black. Simply WOW!!! But many do not love black especially when it comes to food.

It’s just alright. There are Blue, light blue, Copper, Golden color pasta machine for you. Moreover, there are Green, Red, and Silver pasta maker. It does not end here dear honorable customer, especially dear ladies.

There is a pink stainless steel pasta maker for you dears. From our part, we can say that you would love the black or the blue or the silver color machine most. So that they really look great.

You can make 0.6 to 4.8 mm thin or thick lovely pasta with Marcato. You will have 3 watering pasta shapes from this maker. Beside, you love pasta more than few other fast and hygienic foods, you and buy 12 pasta cutting accessories from Marcato. Of course, you have to pay for them. You can buy it as a full package.

Customer Reviews of Marcato

Though it has won 91% highly positive customer reviews, many of us love to hear things’ limitations first. So, let us start with the most negative ones. “The handle cracked, and I expect a return, a pasta maker, not money back. But Amazon would not grant me, for I crossed its 30 day return policy. I am disappointed,” said Amazon Customer, this is his name; we don’t edit names; we just summarize their big or eternally extended reviews.

“Metal turning out,” said Tingli Zhou. “Handle cracking,” he added. Another customer asked him if he has contacted the seller or not. “They have an excellent customer service unit,” he recommended. But Tingli did not reply in a year. It’s really hard to understand why he complained.

These are all. Only 3% of around 1600 customers have reviewed it very negatively. And many of them got a change of their product if reported in due time. So, we can move to the positive side now, cannot we?

The collection of positive reviews is almost uncountable (in a fictional sense. You cannot finish counting from 1 to 1400 at a stretch.) One of the top most reviewers have reviewed it so beautifully that 2500 customers felt forced to find that helpful.

How to Use Atlas Pasta Machine

This is stainless steel, made in Italy, and not in China. So, people all around the world are using this machine. If you kindly check the e-shops like Amazon, you will find reviewers from every corner of the world where pasta is a common and popular dish. So, you can just use it however you want. Moreover, you have every right to abuse anything that belongs to you only, you know.

Marcato will give you a user manual, in case you are a new user. And the manual will tell you all about how to assemble it, how wet of dry the dough should be. Cook and eat. You are not done. Please don’t forget to clean the machine with clean water. How hard you can screw its thickness knob. This is not an electrical pasta maker. So, you never have to worry if your motor would give up.

How to use in a word is like- make dough, moderate dough, roll it through Marcato, get your pasta sheet, and get your pasta. 

Other Food Items You Can Prepare

You know it, or naturally you should know what other dishes you can make with a pasta maker.  Yet, we must say for the very new users. Welcome dear clients. By this pasta maker, you can also make lovely lasagne, delicious fettuccine, and very popularly tasted tagliolini. All you need are their cutter attachments. You can get them all from Marcato. They are not costly, but they are sturdy, very useful for your kitchen.

Price Specification

This is so costly a Pasta Machine that you may have to go for crowd funding!!! LOL!!! We are just joking. And it’s a bad joke anyway. It not even a $100 product, though it worth much more than that. It’s only around $70. Please check for latest prices in Amazon.

There are many offers for new and old clients. If you prefer to buy a used pasta machine, you can, certainly, have around 50% discount from its original price. Used ones mean usable good product sold by some other customers who needed some extra money out of the products they do have time to use anymore.

It may also come from users who have moved automatic pasta machines and gave up their manual ones due to modernity crisis. For your kind information, we want to add that Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine sells 6-7 extra cutting attachments for all the pasta and noodle type foods. They are very cheap, not more than $20.

So, if you are, or anyone in your family is a great lover of pasta, you can think of getting some extra attachments along with the almost heavy-weight pasta machine.

Comparison with Similar Products

Weston is a comparison. This pasta makerhas not swarmed the market. It’s just on the advertisement bar. It has already gained its popularity due to its heart grabbing beauty. Its color and look are unbeatable. “Appearance first,” goes a saying. And it has made Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine.

It’s not that we cannot say what is inside Weston. It has announced its motor-power, construction materials, and other equipment that will be delivered along with the machine, what functions it is meant for and how to make the best use of it. But all its services, possible services that are being offered by its manufacturer, are in darkness.

Especially because of its bad name stamped on it by the authorized manufacturers, other than Weston itself, a customer first thinks negatively about it. But there is no such negativity about Marceto. It has proved itself long ago, by all its affiliated and authentic manufacturers. This is just immune to bad name, incapable of failure, the ultimate hardcore pasta maker. Blast it; feels its competitor! Please try. It would really be difficult.

Insignificant and or Entertaining

No matter whether you eat pasta or not, a modern home need one of these machines now a days, at least for their children and or guests. And if you test some original Italian pasta modified to your traditional taste, you have no option.  And, having a Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine can always be the safest choice for a user. Use it most frequently of less; you won’t have to worry about the health of your machine. It’s almost immortal.

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