Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta Maker Review

Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta Maker (copper) is mainly a manual pasta maker though you can convert into an electric pasta maker. This pasta maker has everything you are looking for. This is a perfect pasta maker that guarantees the genuineness of pasta making. There is a combination of tradition and contemporary style of pasta making in this excellent pasta maker.

What makes it more perfect is the unique and beautiful building material and quality, easiness of use and longevity along with other services it provides. It also has the best rollers and cutters which are very easy to clean. It comes with a crank, the base, and a clamp to hold it with perfect stability.

Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta Maker Review

Two sets of cutters come with this machine as a default and also you can also buy accessories you need to use the machine of its best capability. Healthy pasta is there because of its building materials. This machine is a piece of classical art which can be motorized and also operated by hands. The durability and productivity expected from customers are fulfilled by this machine.


The simple yet fascinating design of this machine is specially made for the pasta lovers who like to taste different types of fresh and delicious pasta. It has other colors too with the same service. The functional use of this machine is made to reduce the complexity of making pasta. So, the people had to face earlier. It is made with Oxy chlorination process with organic colors so that the purity of pasta remains perfect. It is mainly made of anodized Aluminum which illustrates its supreme quality.

There is an absence of chrome and nickel like other manual pasta maker. Therefore, the pasta will be absolutely pure. It is only of 5.7 pounds and therefore very light to move and store in your kitchen. Moreover, the wonderful copper color increases the beauty of your kitchen. The different accessories are also there to provide best shape and size of pasta. The machine is designed in such a way that it will last long and will consistently provide you with great service.

Special Features:

The special features of this machine lay in the special making process of the machine It also helps the types of pasta it produces and the accessories it comes with. The machine is called Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker because of it 1500 mm roller length. As mentioned earlier the making of this particular machine is different from other pasta maker and also the materials are different, it ensures that no residue of any metal will be present in the pasta you make. Alloy is used to make the rollers and cutters. It has a huge range of pasta cutters which allow you to make pasta within shorter period of time also the attachments and detachments are very simple process.

The crank is flawless and wonderful in color. The clamp attaches it to the table which prevents the machine to disturb you by moving at the time of making pasta. There is a thickness adjustment knob with visible thickness number on it. You can handle the knob with one hand. It stands out for almost 10 positions ranging from 2mm to .25mmIt allows you to control the thickness of pasta sheet according to your will. It will help you to make different pasta as different thickness is requires by different types of pasta.

How to Use:

The pasta making process with Marcato Wellness 150 Pasta Maker is very easy. To start making pasta you have to set up the machine first. In order to do that you must attach the base with the table by using by the clamp provided by the manufacturer. You must tight it so that it becomes stable and does not move or jerk while making pasta because that might affect the pasta shape. Then you need to attach the crank to its place in the roller section. You must make sure that the roller can be rotated smoothly without much effort. Your machine is ready to make pasta. Now, you have to make pasta dough in order to make pasta sheets. The dough is made with the mixing of flour, eggs and water.

After mixing, knead the dough well till the time it stops sticking with your hand. When the dough is ready you must put the dough through the roller and slowly but steadily rotate the handle. Adjust the knob to acquire your desired thickness. Then you must attach the cutters according to the types of pasta you want to prepare. You also need to change the position of the crank and attach it with cutters. Then put the sheets through the cutters and watch beautiful pasta coming out. It is that easy to make pasta with it. It takes lesser time than the ordinary pasta maker. If you motorize it, you will take even lesser time.

How to Clean:

If you want to keep your machine shiny and have a great service for a longer period of time without failing, you must clean it after use. The cleaning process Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker is very easy. The design is very simple therefore you can easily clean the machine. The combs and accessories can easily be removed because of its simple design.

It allows you to clean the machine perfectly. You can clean them with a small paint brush or piece of cloth. You just need to make a swipe over the tools to remove the additional dough that sticks to it after making pasta. If you clean it regularly after using, you will always have a shiny pasta maker in your kitchen.

Types of Pasta It Can Make:

Wide ranges of pasta making cutters are available with Marcato Atlas. All the accessories are compatible with this machine, therefore, allows you make different types of traditional Italian Pasta. You can easily make Mafadine, Linguini, Reginette, Pappardelle, Lasagnette, Bigoli, Ravioli, Raviolini, Vermicelli, Trenett, Spaghetti Capellini, etc. Also, you can have Spaghetti Chitara, Fettuccine and many other traditional and popular pasta. All these accessories allow you to make these very easily and you can guess how fun it would be to have Atlas Pasta Maker in your kitchen. You can make different types of pasta every day.

Company and Other Products:

The logo in the machine shows the class of this machine. This beautiful machine is made in Italy. It is manufactured by Atlas. We expect that Wellness 150 Pasta Maker has maintained the quality of the other products manufactured by Atlas. Atlas has also produced Marcat Atlas Biscuit Maker, Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Machine with grand Mill Motor, Marcato Atlas Tacapasta collapsible pasta and noodle drying rack, etc. along with this product. This product will surely give you long lasting and quality service like other Atlas Products. The has been no complaint has ever been by the manufacturer about the quality of Atlas products.


Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness is like the magic lamp of Aladin. The only difference is that it only fulfills the wish of your love for pasta. If your mouth is watering, you might want to have this magical machine in your kitchen. It will help you to taste different types of healthy and pure pasta. We warn Pasta freaks not to buy this machine because they will not be able to resist the temptation to have pasta every hour of the day.

Price and Warranty:

This machine is cost efficient if you compare it with other pasta maker and the services provided by them.  This machine is available at only $97.77 and come with 10 years of warranty. There is a balance between the price, warranty and services it provide unlike other pasta machine. For example, Ovente PA5155 Vintage Pasta maker is available at $72.98 and has no warranty. Also KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe has no warranty and is available at $279.00. Considering all the facts and comparison it shows that Marcato Atlas is more affordable and qualitative product than the other pasta maker. Many customers have praised this aspects of Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker.

Pros and Cons:

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker is a famous company all over the world and makes healthy pasta for you. The qualitative sides are ensured by the manufacturer therefore we expect that it can be called the perfect pasta maker. Other pasta maker like Imperia Restaurant Manual Pasta Maker uses chromed steel whereas Wellness Pasta Maker uses anodized aluminum. For this reason, the pasta is more healthy and hygienic than the pasta made by other pasta maker.

The incomparable building style and with perfect price and warranty it should be the most popular pasta maker in the market. The pasta making process is very easy and takes less time. Also, when you motorize it takes lesser time. Shocking fact is that no customer has viewed or rated this pasta maker. Apart from that we expect that this pasta maker has things yet to discover by the valued customers. From all these perspective we can tag it as a best pasta maker.

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