Imperia Series Manual Restaurant Pasta Maker Review

Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro has a semi-professional value in pasta making sector. It is primarily a manual pasta maker with a capacity of working with a removable motor. It provides the best rollers and cutters. This pasta maker is different from other pasta makers for its stylish and innovative design. Also, there are several attachments available. The company designed the maker for professional use therefore it gives an efficient service in the kitchen and a restaurant like pasta quality at home. This pasta machine is known for its durability, usability and productivity.

Imperia Series Manual Restaurant Pasta Maker Review

The pasta making process is faster with this machine as it is a convertible pasta maker. This saves precious time and extra labor. This is a perfect pasta maker for a kitchen to make pasta on a regular basis.

Product Details:

Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro has a very sophisticated and effective design. The practical design is similar to the pasta makers by Imperia. Therefore it has the same capability of making wonderful pasta. It is made of chrome plated steel and is not polished therefore it is not glossy. Material like steel gives a longer life to the machine. It normally comes with a handle, a clamp and a base.



There are other attachments which will allow you to bring variations in shapes and sizes. They are also available but do not come with the machine like the one  Imperia Restaurant with Handle Manual Pasta Machine. The whole machine is around 25 pounds in weight. The building quality of this machine is amazing. The stainless steel base and stylish and innovative design is new to the pasta making sector. It is specially designed for the comfort and smooth experience of pasta making.

Special Features:

Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro has everything you are looking for in a pasta maker. This machine is capable of making pasta sheets of different thickness because of the thickness adjustment knob. The clamp limits unnecessary movement which may cause strain in the pasta. The handle is easily operated by hands. You can operate and adjust the thickness knob at the same time.

It has a wonderful rate of making pasta which can also be enhanced. The high quality materials ensure the long life of the machine. It also makes this pasta maker more durable than any other pasta makers available in the market. Also, the easy accessibility allows you to operate the machine without any complexities. This machine is wonderfully time efficient too and produces less sounds. Last but not the least it makes high quality and flavorful pasta.

How to Use:

Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro is also known for easy accessibility. The machine has three parts-the base, a clamp, a handle. One should attach the bed to the table by the clamp which comes with it to make it stable. The handle is used to operate the machine. Pasta making process with this machine becomes very easy once you know the functions of different parts.

Make the dough using ingredients according to the flavor you want to have. Then flatten it to put them through the rollers. Once the dough is ready adjust the thickness settings by readjusting the knob. Put the sheet several times to have a better pasta sheet. Then, attachment is required to have desired pasta.

Add any attachment and put the sheet through it while rotating the handle. The pasta will start coming out. The whole process can be done in a shorter period if you attach a motor with the machine.

How To Clean:

The simple and sophisticated design of this machine is very easy for the users to clean. Although no cleaning accessory comes with the machine, you can clean effortlessly by just using a brush or cloth and in kitchen taps. Take a soft cloth and soak it with water if necessary to clean the base and around it.

You can use a brush to clean the additional attachments as they are removable. The consistent and long lasting service of the machine depends on proper caring of the machine. To shine like new and having the same service after ages you need to clean it on a regular basis.

Types of Pasta It Can Make:

Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro is capable of making pasta of different shape and sizes. Because it has rollers to control the thickness of pasta sheets which is necessary to make different types of pasta. Another reason is that a number of attachments are available in the market and are compatible with this kitchen tool.

Both these features allow this machine to make wonderful pasta of different kinds. Make pasta sheets according to the required thickness and attach the necessary equipment with the machine. Then you can bring a variation in the taste. You can make various pasta like- fettuccine, spaghetti, angel hair, pappardelle, and gnocchi if you have the attachments in your kitchen. They don’t come with the machine but available in the market.

About the Company and Other Products:

Imperia Series Manual Restaurant is manufactured by CucinaPro. CucinaPro has launched more than 25 products so far. Those gears are different from similar gears of other companies in a remarkable way. The services are valid with having some happy customers. You can rely on any product of CucinaPro.

The Italian handmade kitchen gears have extra admiration all over the world. Imperia Series Manual Restaurant is no exception as a product of CucinaPro. CucinaPro has become another name of reliability. It has launched several products like-CucinaPro Electric Tortilla Maker, Wooden Pizza Peel by CucinaPro, CucinaPro 1473 Non-Stick Four Square Waffle Maker, CucinaPro Pizza Maker and Everyday Baker and many others. All these products have extra demand in the market like other famous brands and their products.


It is like a magic tool in the kitchen just like the magical kitchen where you get anything you want. Ask any variety of pasta from this machine and it will prepare it for you. The magic of this machine converts little pasta dough into pasta of different sizes, shapes and flavors.

This magical machine works by your hand or by detachable motor. It has the capacity of making pasta like a wizard who has the capacity of showing magic tricks. Don’t get too excited so fast. You have to make pasta dough properly to see the magic trick.

Price and Warranty:

The products of CucinaPro always have the collaboration between the price and warranty of the products. Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro is slightly different from other products. This pasta machine does not have any of the valued customer ratings.

This pasta machine is available at $599.00 on the Amazon. The price is high and it is an expensive machine. But the features and services of this machine has some advantages one should consider. The warranty is not specified by its manufacturer. This machine probably has a warranty of a life time.

That means having this pasta machine is like securing the smooth pasta making experience for a life time. This expensive machine may also seem to be un-affordable on to the customer but the over-all aspects of the machine require a second consideration.

Pros and Cons:

Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro has both sides. Though the negative aspects are less than the positive aspects, you might want to know all about this machine. The main advantage of having this pasta maker is to have the feelings of pasta making in a restaurant with identical quality. It is because the machine will give you a professional experience of pasta making.

It will also give the experience of an electric pasta maker. The assistance of a motor will increase the pasta making capacity of the machine. Therefore, it will allow you to have pasta while saving manual operation and also a great deal of precious time. Different kinds of pasta making quality will help you to make new recipes. So, you dont have to make the similar type of pasta every day. It will bring a variation in the shapes and sizes of the pasta.

While talking about the negative aspects we must mention that this is a very expensive machine. Also, the additional accessories that you have to buy are costly too. It does not make pasta dough automatically like electric pasta makers for sure but it certainly makes better pasta than them.

Customer Reviews:

Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro does not have any customer review on Amazon. But we expect that this convertible pasta maker will be a great choice for your kitchen. The aesthetic aspects of this machine will change the decorum of your kitchen. The awesome design of this pasta maker has a value of its own. It makes your kitchen beautiful by matching with the color of other kitchen tools.

This machine is enchanting and catches the eye of a beauty lover.   Also, the qualitative purposes will serve you with great intensity. It will mainly help you to make fresh, delicious and healthy pasta for your near and dear ones. Ease of use, productivity and the long lasting service of Imperia Series Manual Restaurant by CucinaPro will be the first thing you might want to consider while buying a pasta machine.

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