Imperia P107 Manual Pasta Machine Review

The Imperia P107 is a Manual Pasta Machine without cutters. It comes to make tender and flatten the pasta dough. It enables you to make the perfect pasta sheets for making wonderful pasta. Imperia P107 Manual Pasta Machine without cutters produces pasta sheets of restaurant like quality. The design and the materials used in the making of this machine are different from other ordinary pasta maker.

It is very fast and saves your time too. Imperia P107 without cutters takes less effort whereas other pasta maker is sometimes difficult to use. It has the best rollers. It is long lasting and serves you with a great service. The outlook of this machine is also beautiful. It provides you huge amount of pasta sheets within very limited period of time. It is a manual pasta maker therefore produces less noise.

Imperia P107 Manual Pasta Machine Review

The durability, accessibility and services provided by it are undoubtedly the best. The name suggests that this machine does not come with any cutters. Some accessories are available in the market which makes it smarter. Even so having this utility in your kitchen will change your pasta making experience.

Product Details

Imperia P107 Manual Pasta Machine without cutters has the best rollers and exterior with a very simple design. Though the pasta machine is very simple in design, it provides you with a great service. The company has used chrome plated steel to make the rollers and the base of this machine.

It enables you to make very smooth pasta dough consistently. The exterior and the rollers look beautiful and together it becomes a perfect pasta machine. It does not come with any other cutters therefore widely used to make pasta dough as mentioned earlier. It is specially made for the purpose therefore the quality of the pasta dough is unmatched. This maker comes with the base and the crank. Additional accessories like drying rack and small hand crank are available in the market. The machine is made as the standard of industry or professional kitchen.

If you bring this machine in your home, you will have the smooth, flatten and tender pasta sheets. There is a turning knob on one side of the machine and on the other side there is the place for attaching the handle. It is a manual pasta machine therefore it is operated by hand. Also, the design is very appealing and fascinating.

Special Features

ImperiaP107 Manual Pasta Machine without cutters has some special features. The base is 8.5 inch/ 12 inch and is of very magnificent in its outlook. The machine is the first choice of the lovers of aesthetics. You can place the machine at any corner of the kitchen and it will look beautiful because of its glossy and shiny color. It has a roller of 9 inch therefore it can produce a huge amount of pasta within very short period of time.

It can produce 25 pounds of pasta dough per hour. The rollers of this machine are appropriate for making the perfect pasta dough. The company has not compromised at all while making this machine. The chrome plated steel is at its service which you come to see if you buy this piece of wonderful machine. It will present you with everything you look for in a perfect pasta maker.

It does not produce much noise and is very stable unlike other pasta machine because of its smooth rollers. The knob is an addition to the easy operating system of the machine.  The knob has thickness numbers on it which will allow you to decide the thickness of your pasta sheets. This helps you to make different pasta as different thickness is necessary for different pasta. These are some of the special features of The P107 Manual Pasta Machine without cutters.

How to Use

The P107 Manual Pasta Machine without cutters will give you the best experience of smooth and easy operating system. The dough processing is very much easier and does not require much effort or special attention like other manual pasta machine. The machine is always ready to use.  The setting up of the machine is very easy. You just need to place the machine on the kitchen table.

To make smooth and better pasta dough you need to follow some very basic steps. The dough making will be same as you make dough for other pasta machine.  You need eggs, flour, water and salt for the making of the dough. Only this time the dough will be more smooth and tender when you put them through the rollerP107 Manual Pasta Machine without cutters.  You need to mix the ingredients to make the dough. Add some more water to it if the dough seems very dry. Then knead the dough well so that they get properly mixed with each other.



While kneading if the dough becomes too sticky add some flour and keep kneading. You can make variations in flavors simply by changing the ingredients. For instance, you can change the flour to bring a variation in the color of the dough. Whatever the flour you have used the Imperia P107 without cutters will turn into a tender piece of pasta sheet. When the dough is ready put it through the rollers of the P107 Manual Pasta Machine without cutters.

The knob can be adjusted to acquire the thickness you want. You can just roll it to change the position of the rollers. As it is a manual pasta machine, you need to use your hand to rotate the handle. You can use your other hand to handle the sheet that comes out of the rollers. You need to put the dough several times through the rollers for the desired pasta sheet.

How to Clean:

The easy design and less accessories allow you to easily clean the pasta machine. It will cause you less trouble to clean Imperia P107 without cutters unlike electric pasta maker. The rollers are very smooth and if the dough is kneaded well it will not stick with the rollers. Therefore, you don’t have to clean much of it. But cleaning on a regular basis is necessary just to keep the machine intact.

It will keep the machine shiny and look like brand new new after several uses. Take a soft cloth or brush to clean the pasta machine. Cleaning it just after the use is preferable. If the dough gets dry it may cause scratch on the machine. If the dough gets dried use a wet cloth to clean up the machine. It is a piece of cake and you just need a swipe to clean it up.

Types of Pasta It Can Make:

The machine has the capability of making all types of pasta. As no cutters and such accessories are available with this machine. Also, it is incapable of making different types of pasta without buying additional accessories and cutters. But pasta sheets of fine quality is for pure, delicious and authentic pasta. You might want to have this pasta machine to experience a different and easy process of making pasta. Having different cutters will allow you to make pasta of different shapes and sizes. For example, you can make angel hair, ravioli, lasagna, paralleled, spaghetti, fettuccine and what not.

About Brand and Company:

ImperiaP107 Manual Pasta Machine without cutters is from Imperia. It comes from Italy like other Imperia products. Imperia are known and very popular for producing best pasta makers all over the world. It has kept its reputation from the very beginning. The pasta makers of Imperia are known among the customers as giants of pasta making.

They are famous pasta makers because of the building quality, productivity, longevity, time efficiency and other services that they provide. Imperia have so far produced many kitchen wares along with pasta makers which proved to be very popular. For example, many restaurants use Imperia Manual Restaurant Pasta Maker for making pasta.

It has the best customer reviews and rated as the perfect pasta maker because of the life-long service and quality of the machine. ImperiaP107 Manual Pasta Machine without cutters is no exception. We expect that it will provide you with the same service as other kitchenware’s of Imperia.

Price and Warranty:

The price of Imperia P107 is a Manual Pasta Machine without cutters is $598.00 and has a warranty of a life time. The price is very high. It has no reviews on the Amazon and nobody has ever rated this machine. The price of this machine has made it very costly and un-affordable. Therefore most customers try to avoid buying this machine. Apart from that, we expect that this machine will provide with the best service.

Pros and Cons:

Imperia P107 is a Manual Pasta Machine without cutters has both good and bad sides. This machine is wonderfully engineered to make pasta sheets. The building quality is awesome and the materials are highly durable. The sturdy construction of this machine is very desirable. But there are other facts to consider. This machine is un-affordable for the common people. It does not make any kind of pasta but has a higher price which is very absurd.

There are no accessories available with this machine rather you need to buy additional accessory which will cost more money. No matter how better services it provides the negative aspects of this pasta machine are overwhelming.

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