How to Select the Best Pasta Maker : Quick Selection Tips

Are you a pasta fanatic person? Are you in search of some amazing pasta machines that will lead your pasta fascination to another level? Okay, Selecting the Best Pasta Maker is pretty much easy. You can compare 5-10 pasta makers, and you can have an idea. This article will let you know how to select the best pasta maker.

I am here to give you necessary notions that will help you choosing the veritable machine for you. When you are up to any online shopping, you will get to see innumerable options. In that case, you must choose products that can meet your requirements.

A Quick Selection Tips: How to Select the Best Pasta Maker

Before buying a pasta machine you must check out the following properties. A product’s features describe the product’s Materials, durability, sustainability, motor power (electric), working ability and so on. To justify your purchase, you must check out the features of the following categories:

Category 1: Complete Electric pasta machine

  • Motor: 200w
  • Weight: 16.5 pounds
  • Color: white
  • Material: Food-grade plastic and colored-steel
  • Product comes with a measuring cup, cleaning accessories, booklet

Category 2: Manual pasta machine with attachable motor

  • It is basically a manual machine but can be operated electricity as well.
  • Weight: 3-5 pounds.
  • Material: stainless steel.
  • 10 years warranty
  • Attachments: a roller and 12 pasta cutting accessories.

Category 3: Electric pasta machine with saving motor

  • Motor: 90 Watts
  • Weight: 15.2 pounds.
  • Roller speed: Fast/slow control
  • Attachments: 9 adjustable pasta thickness settings.
  • Non-adjustable: Spaghetti, fettuccini cutters

Category 4: Electric pasta machine with modes

  • Modes: 3 modes (kneading, extruding and drying).
  • 110V motor
  • Automatic timer
  • Weight: 9.2 pounds.
  • Attachments: 2 measuring cups, 8 pasta cutters.

Category 5: Manual pasta machine

  • Material: chrome coated steel.
  • Weight: 16 pounds.
  • Makes pasta, ravioli, spaghetti, angel hair, fettuccini, and lasagnette

Making a choice

Following the above features, you can find out which category you are looking for and the right way to select the best pasta maker. They are just categories, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are not their ranking. So do not misunderstand that we are prioritizing some of them and demeaning the others.  You can look back at the categories again, look carefully, and make your decision.

Hope you are decided. Are you? If you are, you can now look at which brand they stand for. Category 1 stands for Philips Pasta Maker, 2 stands for Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, 3 stands for Weston Electric Pasta Machine, 4 stands for Gourmia Pasta Maker, and 5 stands for Cucina Pro Pasta Maker.

They are all brands; they are electrical, semi-electrical and manual pasta makers. Therefore, if you need the machine just for using at home, you can try manual pasta makers. But if you intend to use it professionally, you can go for the electric ones.

You can also have a look at KitchenAid Pasta Machine, Megilo Pasta Machine (the electric ones) and Ovente Pasta Imperia Pasta Machine, Homestart Pasta Maker (the manual pasta machines). They are also very competitive pasta makers. Knowing them would help you to decide to pick the best one for the next few years.

Price and Warranty

This is the most significant criteria. A gadget within your budget that also performs well and is sustainable, this is a clever buy. If you are using the pasta machine for your personal purpose, you definitely won’t buy an expensive high functioning machine. All in all, it is an average working machine in a manageable price is best for you.

So, people who want an average rated product can choose products costing within $100. Marcato Atlas, Cucina Pro, Ovente, Gourmia, Home start these are the averagely rated brands. If you want products for daily use at home, you can easily buy them. But the high functioning products like Philips, Weston, Kitchenaid, Imperia are also high at cost.

But these products can perform multi jobs. You can make different dishes with them. Even you can get a restaurant like pasta using these products.

The Philips pasta machine is one of the best electric pasta machines. Approximate price of this machine is $288. But this machine is worth paying this price. You will be so comfortable while using the machine. Even you can try different pasta recipe with this machine. It is one of the best pasta machines so far. You will have a warranty of 1 year. It is extremely sustainable. Again the Imperia pasta maker is a one touch machine that costs approximately $551.This is an all in one machine.

Warranty and Prices of Some More Pasta Maker

It is the best pasta roller. It is the most expensive pasta machine in the present market. So, it produces 26 pounds pasta in one single hour. Also, this gigantic machine is an ideal creation for high producing purposes. You can use this machine for your restaurant as it provides you the extreme speed. It also provides you the longer lasting warranty. Kitchen Aid pasta machine is commercial pasta machine that costs approximately $ 229. This machine provides a lot of attachments to ensure a huge variety of pasta.

Kitchen aid pasta roller, kitchen, and ravioli are the most talked of attachments of the present time. The next one is Weston pasta machine. It costs approximately $253. So, this machine is a dream gadget for all the pasta lovers. It is just amazing. With this machine, you can make different types of pasta within few minutes.

This machine provides the warranty of 8 long years. The Marcato Atlas is a low budget machine with full of wonders. It will cost you only $71, in exchange you will get your desired platter of heavenly pasta. This machine works perfectly. It can satisfy all your pasta regarding desires. Almost all the pasta machines provide the same warranty range of 1 year. But some pasta machines offer you a longer period of time such as the Weston pasta maker.

Customers’ reviews:

Customer reviews are very important for each and every product. It also helps you to select the best pasta maker. Also, Clients review products basically after using a certain product. So their statements are based on their experiences. It is clever to follow their reviews. But sometimes they may also prove wrong. Whatever, to justify your purchase, you can go through the pasta maker reviews.

According to the reviews, the best product so far would be the Marcato Atlas pasta machine. It has massive reviews of 1586 customers and it got 4.5 stars out of 5. This huge popularity proves how beneficial the machine is. The next position will grab the Philips pasta maker with 342 reviews and 4.5 stars. Though it costs a bit high, its work efficiency has made it so popular amongst people. The Cucina Pro pasta maker ensures 198 reviews and 4 stars.

The Gourmia pasta maker has 58 reviews and 4 stars. Homestart pasta maker being the best pasta maker in the manual category has 60 reviews and 4 stars. The other pasta machines like the Kitchenaid, Ovente, Weston have no reviews. Many people haven’t reviewed them but it doesn’t mean that they don’t worth buying. The Imperia pasta machine has 5 stars with 3 reviews. Though very few customers have reviewed it all the reviews are positive. It also smells something beneficial and worth using.

For a pasta lover

I don’t think the price does matter. But it is not true that the expensive gadgets will be the promising one. The low priced products with fewer reviews can be proved better also. Following reviews is wise but trusting only them is extremely a foolish act. So, think of your own necessities and buy products based on your budget and needs. At the end of the day you are the one to use it and so you should purchase it spontaneously.

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