How to Take Care of Your Pasta Maker like a Professional

Tips to Keep Your Pasta Maker Healthy.

If you already have a pasta maker in your home then you must be a great fan of pasta. Making pasta can be a tiring and difficult thing to do if you lose the love and patience. Where cooking and eating pasta is a fun thing to do, maintain the pasta maker is not.

In order to make great pasta every time, your pasta maker needs a lot of love and care. If you abandon the idea of maintaining the machine then trust me, it won’t last long. In this short article I’m going to help you by providing some tips that will keep your pasta maker in good shape for a long time.

Well, here are the short tips for you.

Cleaning is the best thing to do – Tips to Clean Your Pasta Maker like a Pro

Yes, when it comes to pasta making, things can get really messy. You must keep in mind that after every use, your pasta maker requires a great amount of cleaning. The pasta dough can stick inside the unit and should be cleaned as soon as possible.  Here are some cleaning tips for your pasta maker.

  • The first thing that you should do is read the instruction manual thoroughly. They have everything you need about pasta maker cleaning. They will guide you about disassembling the unit too.
  • If you own a pasta maker you have to clean it regularly, this is the reason most people prefer to buy pasta rather than making them.
  • The basic cleaning of pasta maker is pretty easy. You can do it in two ways, just take a cotton cloth and push it against the rollers and roll it, or you can use scrap dough to clean it.
  • To clean the roller with the dough you can just make one or you can simply use play dough to take out the dirt from the roller.
  • Cleaning the rollers and cutters are not enough. There should be remains of pasta stuck inside the machine that also need to be cleaned.
  • In order to clean your pasta maker thoroughly, you have to take it on a table and gently disassemble it. We know that it can be hard for you but after a few trials you will be able to take it apart easily.
  • For this you would need a screw driver and a small wrench. Also, for cleaning a stiff brush, a long needle for taking out the bits and edible oil for the moving parts.
  • Don’t take out the parts that don’t need any kind of cleaning. You might have problem assembling them later.
  • Always keep the unit on a flat surface otherwise they will not fit well.
  • You may have to take them out of the clam and make the unit upside down to take out the bits that has found their way deep inside the maker. Use a long needle or chopstick to do so. You can attach a cloth on top of it if you want. That will make things easy for you.
  • Always use a clean dry cloth to clean the pasta maker, don’t forget to take out the extra oil from the machine.
  • It’s not wise to clean the pasta maker with water as it’s made of metal. Water will cause it to rust.
  • If you haven’t used the machine for a long time or you are using it for the first time you should probably throw away the first small batch of dough from your machine.
  • To keep your maker clean you just can’t but be extra careful while rolling and cutting the dough in it. It’s up to you to make your pasta without causing it to stick to the rollers or inside the maker.

Well, these are the basic cleaning tips for your pasta maker. Now, if you have anything to add to it or if you have anything to ask me, you can say it in the comment section below. Your query will be considered carefully.

Also, there are some things you should not do with your pasta maker.

Things Not to Do With Your Pasta Maker

For keeping your pasta machine healthy, there are some things that you must follow. I will compile some things for you so that you won’t hurt your beloved pasta machine.


  • I have already warned you about not using water to clean your pasta maker. However you can use wet wipes to clean the rollers but make sure to dry them with paper towels after you do so.
  • Never ever use anything sharp to clean the rollers. They will put scratches on them.
  • Do not jam the cutters while installing or taking them out, be extra careful. Otherwise you will just jam them and taking out a jammed cutter is really a difficult job.
  • Do not drop the machine or any of its parts. A slight damage o any of the parts can cause the whole thing to malfunction. I’ve heard reports that people had to get a new maker after dropping the one they use.
  • Do not forget to make all the required adjustments before using the unit. You should do your experiments with the thickness of the pasta to make it exactly the way you want it to be.
  • Do not keep it on an unstable state. You will never get your desired thickness or slices this way.
  • Try not to force anything to the unit. If it doesn’t fit, leave it. There must be reasons for that. Try finding that reason and then solve the problem.
  • Do not forget to wrap the unit well before storing it for the next use.
  • Also, you should not store and use the pasta maker on a humid environment.


If you follow these things I have mentioned in this article, your pasta maker will go a really long way. A pasta maker can serve you for more than 20 years if you know the right model to get. This site, Pasta Maker has really helped me a lot in finding the best pasta maker for me.

I hope my effort on compiling these tips about pasta maker maintenance will help you a lot. Thanks for your time.

Donal Donnelly

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