Gourmia GMP500 Pasta maker Honest Review

It is your pasta time and Gourmia GMP500 Pasta Maker helps you making a lip smacking pasta platter in your own kitchen. Yes! Your exploration for the top pasta maker ends here. We introduce you to the Gourmia GMP500 electric pasta maker that deals with a perfect saucer of pasta in just a few minutes. Cooking and processing a fresh and healthy bowl of pasta should be swift if you have that pasta maker which is superior to the others.

If you get such pasta maker which can knead, form and dry pasta, then?You are in a hurry? Here comes a solution. This customizable pasta maker beats time and in a jiffy, you will get your appetizing pasta before you. And what if you are in diet? Only a few restaurants offer you diet pastas.

Gourmia GMP500 Pasta maker Review

So what! If you have GMP500 then you are stress free. You will be surprised to know that this machine allows you making whole wheat or gluten free pasta. You just need to choose a kind of flour you like; regular, gluten free or whole wheat, what you want? Guess what, it is only a PRESS and your pasta will be ready before you for cooking.

Product Details

The Gourmia GPM500 pasta machine is simply programmable for kneading, forming the pasta or extruding and drying. Choose any mode you like. One, two or all the three of the modes – select them to make the pasta prepared. Instead of decreasing, meandering, breaking, straightly out, the detailed design guarantees that finished pasta appears pointing down. The instinctive design and plan of the GMP500 even permits you kneading pizza, biscuit dough and baguette, and also battering cake.

The Gourmia GMP500 pasta maker with wide – ranging kit includes: 7 pasta shaping discs, pasta cutter, spanner, 2 measuring cups, cleaning brush and Gourmet user guide. So, no worries, it is just a few steps and you can get your very own pasta in your dining table.

The weight of the machine is 4.1 kg, so it is so easy for you to store it after using. If you are an occasional pasta lover or you do not have sufficient space in your kitchen then you can keep it in the cargo space and can easily carry it from the storage anytime you want.

The best ever Gourmia electric pasta maker is a unique pasta mechanism because Gourmia has used micro technology features which produces pasta in few minutes with minimal amount of flour. This ultimate pasta maker comes with anabsolute kit and enables you making variety of noodles and other food items.

How to use

The pasta maker reviews of this machine will let you know that it is without any trouble a programmable device and gives you the alternative to customize the settings by choosing from three singular modes; kneading, extruding and drying. As you have the choice to use any combinations of the three modes like; one of them, any two or all of the three modes; you get your ultimate luscious pasta as per your need.

Here, the control panel is uncomplicated including a timer control display that helps the user to select and set the time depending on the recipe booklet. Underneath the timer, there are four buttons. The on/off buttons, one to knead the dough, one to extrude the pasta, and one to fan the dry pasta as it comes out.

Cooking With the Gourmia GPM500 pasta maker

If you are the kind of cook who cannot even make toast devoid of burning it, then yes, Gourmia GPM500 pasta maker; a complete craft electric pasta machine; is made for you. Whether the flour is whole wheat, gluten free or regular, by the help of the specified measuring cup, pour the amount of flour you want to into the kneading chamber, turn it on and select your settings.

Once the kneading blade starts, as required in your recipe, you have to add the necessary liquids in it. And what’s more? You have to let the pasta maker do its job and the timer will ensure you when dough is kneaded perfectly.

After the kneading is done, for forming the pasta, just push the extruding button. In the pattern of the pasta shape, which you are using, it is to be pushed out downward. A fan will be combing your pasta as it will come out if you press the fan button.

By the use of the provided cutters, you have to cut the pasta similar to the shape of your desired noodle. And there you go, they come out fresh and all set for cooking. It is this effortless!

How to clean

This pasta machine for home is so easy to clean and maintain. Prior to cleaning, you need to make sure that the device is not connected to the power source. The main division can be cleaned by a soggy or damp cloth and should be kept desiccated. It needs to be ensured too that it is kept in a well-ventilated area.

All the other parts of the appliance can be washed in clean water. For hygienic issues and to extend the durability of the device, make sure that you clean it after each and every use.

Types of Pasta

Does Gourmia GMP500 make something out of the world? Sorry, we are going to disappoint you dear honorable client. It’s not the machine, it’s the user, and it’s you who can make something out of the world. Also, we believe, you will agree with us.

And we guarantee, if you want to taste some out of the world pasta, you can do it with Gourmia. This pasta maker helps you to make six types of noodle molds which will enable you to make different kinds of pasta noodles including the spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagna and much more.

But wait! For pasta the lovers this is an ultimate all-in-one pasta machine. And so people who are having a diet restrictions, do not worry, this best pasta maker allows you making a gluten free diet or a whole wheat diet too. People who are having diet or who are conscious of their health can also enjoy their very own pasta platter often by this pasta machine.

Other food items

If you are already amazed by the incredible functionality of the pasta maker, you have to hold your breath now. The multi-functionality allows the Gourmia Pasta Maker to make dough for none other than pizzas and cakes! If you are a pizza or cake lover, it is aexcellent news for you that the extraordinary fact of this best pasta maker is, it can knead any kind of dough of your favorite dish. So kneading pizza, biscuit dough and baguette, battering cake is now easy as pie. Grab a Gourmianow and take a visit to French bread, Italy’s Garganelli or Biscuit of Belgium.

About Gourmia

The mission of Gourmia GMP500 is to makeevery day cuisine and cookinghealthy, easy and delicious. Therefore, providing the higher standard of performance and innovation, we want to make the link stronger between the customers and us. We are promises to present you the best products for making your kitchen life enjoyable and effortless.

Customer Reviews on Gourmia

Almost 80% of the total customers are highly positive about Gourmia GMP500 Pasta Maker. Around 20 people found EasyShopper’s review helpful. He said he bought 4 of this pasta machines. Why, just not because he loves pasta, but because he has a big family. He bought one for his own, and found it good to use, and thereon, he bought another 3 for all his a children having their own family.

It was a grand gift, indeed. The top critical review has 2 lovers only. Sad!!! He is a Mr. Snooker. His only complaint was that it does not produce enough pasta at a stretch. We understand his concern. He expects his machine to work master and more profusely than it is capable of. He needs an industrial Pasta maker, or a big Pasta robot, perhaps. Of course, we do not blame him for that.

We understand that that he has a big or several big pasta lover/s in his family. A Mr. Sholom has given us a good review. He got 31 fans of his review. Also, he simply said that he managed to make pasta within 20 minutes from opening his purchase. Moreover, he got his dough ready in 5 minutes.  He is also very happy with how easily he can clean his machine and how easy it is to use.

Price specification and warranty

Gourmia, the complete electric pasta maker brand, making your kitchen life comfy. So, it provides you with the best product in an affordable price range. The Gourmia GMP500 is worth great quality for its price. Beyond belief, isn’t it? Yes it costs only around a very cheap price.

Now, you need a warranty over your product, right? We are offering 1 year warrant for this divine pasta maker and free shipping. So hurry up, place an order for your all-in-one electric pasta maker and make your kitchen dynamic.

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