Gourmia Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker Review

Homemade Pasta! Sounds itself amazing, right? When you are home from a hectic day, you want juicy and yummy pasta for your crazy hunger. A platter of luscious homemade pasta can make your tiresome day go crazy. Gourmia complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker for Gluten free, regular and whole wheat Pasta, and as the name says, it helps you making a pasta dish that is perfectly ideal for a wearisome evening. Dine any pasta you like. What you want? Regular pasta bowls of Spaghetti, Fettuccine, and wide noodles? Are in diet? You need gluten free pasta? Or you need whole wheat one? Gourmia presents you with such a pasta maker that will bring satisfaction to your all these needs.

Gourmia Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker Review

Now you can make regular pasta whenever you want. By the side, you can add nutrition to your food by making a bowl of gluten free or whole wheat pasta. So, homemakers, be ready with your all recipes. Because it is you time to make delicious food with added nutrition. Taste and health together, and this is the best combo ever!


It is your very own pasta time, and Gourmia GMP500 Past-amazing Pasta machine is for the fresh platter of amazing pasta. If you are a newbie and want to serve the family with delectable pasta dishes, then this is what you want. Gourmia, it is the solution to you pasta problems. It is straightforward and trouble free for anyone to use this device because when you need pasta, you are just one touch to go. Simply pressing the button makes all your work, and you just need to wait to see the “ready to cook” pasta before you. Making your all work easy Gourmia pasta machine helps you kneading, forming or extruding and drying. You need to select one of them.

If you need to knead only then select it. If you want to form the pasta dough then you have to choose extruding. If you desire to dry the dough then you can select the buttons for drying the dough. It is that simple! If you want to choose any two of them such as only kneading and extruding then you can do them together. Same thing applies in doing extruding and drying together. If you want to do them together, you are just one touch away. And what if you want to go for kneading, forming or extruding and drying – all of the three?

Yes. You can select all the three of kneading, extruding and drying. What you need to do? You need to select all the three of them, and hang around for a few minutes. And there you go! You get your tasty and lip-smacking pasta before you. Now the work you have to do it to cook the pasta as per your desire. So this easy appliance makes your cooking as effortless as boiling a glass of water.


The feature of this pasta maker will definitely make you interested to have this in your own home.

  • It efficiently creates homemade pasta with the all-in-one pasta maker that can knead, can form and can dry pasta together.
  • The customizable operation of the pasta maker allows you selecting from the three desired modes you want – Kneading, Extruding or Forming and Drying. Use any one of them you want. You can choose any two of them also as per your needs. And if you need three of them then also you can select all the three.
  • This machine includes automatic timer. So you do not need to worry about if not maintaining time will ruin you pasta or not. And the best part is you do not need to stand still for your pasta to get kneaded, extruded or dried. You can easily set timer and do all you stuffs in your room, being not worried about your pasta. Because your pasta is safe and perfect with the best ever pasta maker.
  • You can now make artisanal pizza dough. Dough for baguettes, cake and biscuit can also be made by this machine if you use the kneading mode.
  • The machine is vertically designed. That means for minimizing breaking or bending vertical extrusion will happen. Finished pasta will appear before you pointing downwards. For this, cracking or breaking of the pasta is less likely to be happened as the pasta emerges before you.
  • Includes 8 different pasta shapes, 2 cups for measuring, 1 recipe book of 10 pasta dishes and a cleaning brush for the machine.


The design of the Gourmia Pasta maker will surely impress you because the meticulous design is not only perfect to look at, it is far more durable than any other pasta maker in the market. With this best pasta maker, you get such attachments that will make your pasta making life easier. The pasta machine includes 8 different pasta molds to make different size pasta for any dish you want to make. In any other pasta maker, you could have made only two or three shaped pasta, but this different mold ensures that you get your desired pasta shape in a few seconds. With this pasta kit you get two measuring cups to measure the amount of ingredients to make the dough.

So it becomes uncomplicated for you to measure the amount and you do not get the chance to mix less or more ingredients. And so you get the perfect amount of ingredients that makes the perfect dough for the day. And think what if you could not measure the amount of ingredients? You dough would not be perfect! How can you think that the imperfect dough can make a perfect plate of pasta! It cannot, right? You want more? Yes, if you order a Gourmia GMP500 Pasta Maker, you will get a recipe book of 10 easy and splendid pasta recipes with photos included with them. Linguine, ravioli, sesame bread, pesto pasta, pizza, and what not! You get every recipe with the recipe book along with the total guidelines to make a wonderful pasta dish. It is interesting to make

pasta dishes, but when you start cleaning it then you may face many problems. All you difficulties end here. With this pasta equipment, you get a cleaning brush which is only made to clean this pasta machine, to cleaning from now on will seem easier to you than before!

The other food items:

What you want from a pasta maker! To make homemade pasta easy as pie, correct? But hold on. We have something more for you. Who does not like delectable snack such as pizza? And when you make it in home, you get the real taste with healthy ingredients. Let us tell you that you are not only able to make different pasta dishes by this Gourmia Pasta Machine, you can also knead pizza! That is something that will surprise you. And another surprising fact for you is not only pizza kneading, you can make biscuit dough and baguettes also. And you will be amazed to learn that even cake battering is possible by this pastamazing maker. So let Gourmia make your cuisine healthy and succulent.

Comparison with the others:

No other pasta maker will provide you 8 discs for making different shapes of pasta. You can make any pasta dishes by the help of this maker. Lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti, linguine, angel hair, udon, vermicelli, rotini, penne – whatever you want, the only way to get in touch of the pastas is Gourmia Electric Pasta Maker.Moreover, this pasta maker has a high power motor that makes you pasta quicker than ever. This maker has an incredibly strong and durable mixing arm that makes your dough perfect.

No other pasta maker will serve you faster than this pasta maker, so if you do not get enough spare time then you should at least try this once in a lifetime, as it provides lifetime support to the home makers. You can only get to add herbs and all other ingredients to create flavorful dough. And the finest part is – it is just a push and you get your dream pasta.


  • High power motor
  • 8 different pasta molds
  • Makes diet pasta
  • Makes dough for other food items
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Has LCD touch panel
  • Durable and strong mixing arm


  • Has no warranty
  • Extra attachments are difficult to fine
  • Expensive

Wrapping up:

End is always not the end, and search for the best pasta maker can never end without having the best device in your own home. You know that – the sooner the better. So grab you own Gourmia GMP500 pasta maker as soon as you can. Making pasta with low noise, making pizza and cake dough, having a LCD display with one touch, getting sturdy mixer – together? Only the brand Gourmia can do with all of your needs. We have always facilitated you with the best products of the market and along with the qualities no other Pasta maker can provide you such comfort.

We just want to show you the right path, walking in it is you own choice. We hope that you would like to invent one time and would love to enjoy the facilities lifetime, and that is us. You do not do business, we build trust.

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