Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro Review

Among a vast number of Pasta makers, the following article will present you with Cucina Pro pasta maker. It’s an amazing piece of machinery. Pasta maker Deluxe set by Cucina Pro includes spaghetti, fettuccini, angel hair, ravioli and lasagne tute attachments.

These attachments will let you make all these items of pasta. Not only this, but the machine also provides you with a great deal of Chrome metal Steel look. This build of this machine makes it capable for heavy duty. In short, it can last longer than you will ever expect from it. Moreover, this product is gently compacted in a modern outlook.

Pasta Maker Deluxe Set By Cucina Pro Review

The Machine

Pasta maker deluxe by Cucina Pro is one of the most reviewed on an electrical pasta machine. It has been rendering its service from 2007. By far, it is one of the best compact metal pasta machines which have the dimension of 8 x 7.8 x 6 inches. And the product weights almost 16 pounds.

It’s pretty hard to find a product which is completely suitable for a kitchen, decorates and enhances the beauty of kitchen and also be there the lightest item of all. It is cookware that every cook will wish to have it in the kitchen. And as for being on an electrical pasta machine, there is a saying that not everyone can operate an electrical pasta machine. Rather, some people prefer it to be in an old fashioned way.

Well, the manufacturing company also considers the choice of this old fashioned cooks. And thus, they have come up with a machine which can produce pasta as equal as an electric pasta machine.

This pasta machine includes hand roller and other accessories. Among these accessories, there are three types of a cutter, a holding clip, a cleaner and a mixer. Its accessories and product service throughout the whole world has gained so much appreciation that in, users have rated it almost 4 out of 5.Quite a great number of customer satisfaction, isn’t it?

Using the machine

Here’s some instruction on how to use this machine for the people who are using it for the first time. Use a clean, dry cloth or dry paper towels to wipe off the whole surface. Now sprinkle some flour on the rollers and cutters. You need to use a brush to work it into the edges and between the cutters. After doing that, clean the whole thing with a dry cloth again, and now you are ready to use your attachments.

You need to know the proper way of getting the attachments in their perfect position. Elsewhere your machine won’t work properly. It will keep disturbing you, and soon you will lose all the fun of making pasta with it. So before you do something inappropriate, please follow the instruction how to attach the attachments. Attaching the attachments is quite simple. Notice the sliding tracks on each end of the attachment. The tracks interlock with the tracks on the rolling base unit. Get them in started on a level and just let them seat themselves.

Functions to Know

Do not force them down. If the attachment sticks and is too hard to remove tap it lightly from the bottom of it with a wooden object, taking care not to damage any parts. When all the attachments are attached to with the machine, you are prepared for making raw pasta. You need to prepare the dough, and also you have to use the strips of #5 thicknesses. Don’t use thinner strips than this one. Otherwise, the pasta maker will not function correctly.

The dough must be dry but pliable. This dough will result in the best pasta. When the dough is made, use the roller to roll it. Keep rolling the pasta sheet and keep rolling until it gets the proper thickness. When the sheets are done, put one side of the sheet into the cutter and start rolling the handle clockwise. In no time you can see the result of this wonderful pasta maker deluxe machine by Cucina Pro. Now all you have to do is to add some spices and cook it.

Dirty cookware is unhealthy cookware

Previously this machine has featured some attachments to produce perfect pasta. And the attachments are very easy to remove. To clean this machine up, you have to remove all the attachments and clean them with a drive toilet paper or a wet napkin, or you can wash it up in the sink as it has a Chrome metal coated steel body.

Being a Chrome metal machine, it is quite Stainless which means that you can easily wash it up after using it or if you are more than a lazy man just dumped it underwater for soaking. It’s just “Easy to clean and easy to use.”

The Magic of the machine

Produced as a pasta machine, the Deluxe by Cucina Pro not only makes pasta but ravioli as well. A cook in a professional kitchen can make spaghetti, fettuccine, Angel hair or lasagne tute with this pasta maker. Why only a cook? A house wife or any college boy or girl can make pasta very easily with such a machine.

Not only these exquisite Italian foods but this pasta machine can do some miracles as well. Such as it can produce dumpling sheets for Chinese food or Indian bread called as roti or it can also spread a sheet for Pizza base. It has different shapes of cutters which can help her cook to make modified noodles, and one can easily make chocolate bars with this machine if he or she gets the proper recipe end user manual for this machine. So you can see, it’s a machine with a lot of talents.

Whom to thank for this amazing machine!

If you are thinking for thanking those people who thought of your ease in the kitchen, please thank Cucina Pro. This one company has been very helpful to all these cooks throughout the decades. CIBIL has been using their products for a very long time, and hardly there are peoples who have complained of their products.

So it is to be insured that their products are very long last able. The company is providing five years of warranty for this particular product and its accessories.

Customer Reviews at a Glance

Around 200 customers reviewed this pasta maker. In a word, the reviews are 15% very negative, 6% is not bad, 12% OK, 20% good, and 47% excellent. Frankly speaking, that 15% is our major concern, isn’t it? Anyone can talk positively, especially if they get paid, though nobody pays 150 people for reviewing a product.

LeeAnne called it Junk and suggested to buy Imperia Pasta Machine. She said it’s rather difficult to use. It makes pasta well, but her product misbehaved while making spaghetti. She also suggested Villaware Imperia Pasta Maker.

I cannot recommend this pasta machine, anyway, said Tim. It is well constructed, makes some pasta well, but not the Ravioli. The attachments for Ravioli was faulty.

“The spring broke,” said carbon filter. “Made in China, and junk,” said CBO. “Spaghetti maker didn’t work,” said R. Johnson. Well, these were there in the most negative reviews. Dear reader, you can check these reviews yourself, and you can look out for the authenticity of some of the reviewers with so strange name like CBO or carbon filter.

Some More Reviews on Pasta Maker Deluxe

Now it is a time we have a look at the positive reviews as well. Or if you have already lost your interest, you can go for Villaware Imperia Pasta Maker of course. M. Kubicek said that this pasta machine is great. It makes good ravioli and pasta. 28 people said that this review is helpful. Rhonda Dodson and MurseJeff wrote around 1000 words on this pasta machine. Both of them celebrated this love food maker, and around 150 people found their reviews helpful.

Rhonda Dodson confessed that he broke his first machine trying a pasta stone instead of dough (you know when dough goes stone, dried). So he had to replace it, and since then, 2004, he is using this machine with no complaints at all. Fortunately, Dodson knew how to make pasta, so his machine never broke. Wendy Lessard said that his Kitchenaid motor burnt, so he preferred a non-electrical pasta machine. He picked Cucina Pro, and he is happy with this change.

Dear reader, as you see, and we believe you know it too, not all the machines of an industry reach our home 100% unshaken. And not all of us know how to use a machine properly. If you find your product faulty the moment you open your parcel, just send it back. And if you do not know how to use it, please take some time before you curse the machine itself. Even the machine behaves, man, agree or not.

How much is it?

Getting interested? Want the best pasta maker in your kitchen right now? You can order it online through Amazon, or you can go to the market and buy it yourself. The price will always be the same, and it’s around $49 only. Isn’t it the best deal so far in this price? So what are you waiting for? Add this to your cart or grab it quickly from the nearest store.

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